People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Friday, January 1, 2010

In Reflection...

You are dying to hear some updates on my week aren’t you? Okay then, I guess it’s time. Let’s start with last night and then move back from there.

The Party

Well, the party turned out to be….not much of a party. Even still, I had a great time. Only 5 of us showed up but for me, this was an ideal hangout. Okay, maybe not ideal for my ultimate goal or this experiment per se, but come on, everyone needs a break from time to time right? This manhunting is exhausting! As it turned out, I still got out of my house and didn’t spend the evening with the parents. I practiced my Rock Band skills which really are non-existent but can be useful for situations such as these. Also, I see any social situation as an opportunity to hone my skills at conversing and mostly….trying not to make a fool of myself in front of other people! Anyway, good times at the party….no perspective dating opportunities. Oh well, we tried.

The Internet

Yep, I am talking about the internet again. Well, I have definitely received some interesting messages from Skip and some guy who calls himself YoFo. Hmmm, this is very reflective of the kind of men I get in real life. Is it me?? Okay, maybe I should tell you more about them. They are what we call, “interesting.” I don’t mean this in a good way either. Let’s just look at Skip for example. He writes me a message that looks like this:

Are you timid

Then, a few days later he writes, “Are you or I?” What does this all mean anyway? He professes to be some sort of teacher of small children, poor kiddos! Anyway, as far my endeavors go, I have had a few responses. I honestly think I have written 20-50 guys at least though. The few who have responded only did so until they looked at my profile. So…they think I’m funny and then they see my picture. I guess it’s time for new pics?? I did just get a short email from a half normal looking male however, so we’ll see if it goes anywhere. He is divorced with children though…something I have been avoiding. Oh well, I think I’ll keep an open mind on this one and just see what happens.

As for the rest of my week, I’m still reading the books and mostly just enjoying hangin out with the fam during the holidays. I’ve had some good workouts which help me feel better about life and keep me sane. I think it’s really important to do things for myself often to help me just feel good about who I am and the way I look (even if the guys online are obviously blind and dissin my profile pics!!).

One more thing…if you are reading, I would love for you to be my follower and I always love your feedback and comments so keep ‘em coming! It’s nice to know that I am writing this for more than just myself…even though that’s fun too. Tell your friends about the blog and spread the love…the more the merrier! Thanks for your support so far, you make me really want to do this, even when it seems impossible! Don’t forget to keep reading to find out what happens with Mr. Family Man…


Mariel said...

Yea, SKIP sounds like a serious weird-o. Steer clear. Great posts, Teresa! Give me just a little bit and I'll start working on you's been a little crazy!

Livin it up said...

That's okay...I figured with the holidays and all. Don't worry, when Skip wrote the first note and said, "are you..." I responded, "not interested." Just kidding, I didn't respond at all but that's what I was thinking. I'm excited for the new background!

Jill said...

I'm really looking forward to reading ALL YEAR. I love your objectivity and look forward to in depth analisis of the experiment ;)
I sure wish I knew some single guys...

Livin it up said...

Yay Jill! Thanks!! Hey, if you meet any, just keep me in mine :)

N for Fila said...

Well I love your blog, this is great and I think you've motivated me to try what you're doing...perhaps we two thirtysomething's can find love I only wish we were in the same city to do would be a lot easier that's for sure. Anyways...I'll be sure to keep reading! Heart you tons!!

Livin it up said...

That would be so fabulous! Dang it...we'd tear this place up for sure! Well, it'll happen, for both of us...hopefully soon!!