People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Obviously the men are hiding, right? From what I hear, they're out there somewhere. I guess in order for me to find them I have to get out of my house. Next week, after the holiday's sizzle and things get back to normal, I will have more time to hit the town in search of my true love! The magnitude of this experiment has been weighing down on me today. None the less, I am committed and will take on this city, one man at a time! As I have been thinking about how to execute this clossal undertaking, some ideas as to where to find these men have come to mind. Soon they will be lined up and awaiting their chance with me.

Okay, maybe not, but hopefully I can find a few. For starters, I am going to ask the people I know...and trust...if they know anyone they can set me up with. I know, nobody wants to be set up. At the same time, it's more fun to go out than to sit at home dreaming about it. And...if the date is bad, it definitely makes for a good story later. Oh man, I have some good ones!! It's a win/win situation really.

Next on the list, I am planning on just putting myself out there. When people invite me out, I go out, whether I want to or not. If I'm out, I'm more likely to run into a hottie, right? As much as I'd love him to show up on my doorstep, I'm thinking that the possibilities of that happening are slim to none. Tonight I am going to a party at a friends house. I'm not sure who will be there. She knows some people that I don't so there is a slight possibility that I might meet some new people. Even if they are not options for dating, networking is always a possibility right? goal tonight is to talk to everyone there and make sure that they know who I am. See, I'm following Dr. Phil's advice already...being noticed. I'm usually pretty funny once I warm up to people so I am just going to try to let loose and have some fun! Not sure where it will get me but at least I won't be hangin out with my parents! (Love them but they aren't really helping me out in the EC department).

Finally, by putting myself out there, I am going to explore some places around town and popular hang outs, take institute classes, go to any activities that I know about and continue in the single's ward...for now. Wow..2010 is sure to be filled with some good times, or at least some interesting stories. Either way, I'll keep you posted and you won't be disappointed!


Tacy said...

Okay, so you are probably sick of my constant commenting, but I think you may have missed your true calling in life--a journalist. No, you are awesome at music, too, of course, but I would say you have a natural knack for writing. How'd the party go? Anymore dates coming up anytime soon? I think that will be really great if you can get yourself involved in as many things as possible. If anything, it does definitely beat staying at home. It's good to have a fun time. Once you get married and have kids, you won't be doing it so often so it's good to live the funnest and fullest life you can right now!

Livin it up said...

I love comments! Then I know that people are actually reading this. I also love feedback so thanks! Haha, I have always secretly liked writing too so this is a great way to bring it out of me!

Emilie said...

You are the best, Teresa! The guy that lands you will be one lucky guy! You're beautiful, hilarious, smart, talented, and a great friend! Best of luck!

Livin it up said...

Thanks Em!! Especially for giving me the idea in the first place...I guess you are really the best!!