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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Men, Men, Men...They're Everywhere!

I had a different post in mind but since I decided to go on some sort of leave of absence for the week, I think a little catching up needs to take place. Why? Because suddenly, the men are everywhere and I don’t know what to do with them all! Today, in my little world where I think about things, I even made up an analogy of sorts between this vibe thing and my weight loss. Jon Gabriel talks a lot about how our bodies (those of us that are a little overweight, or a lot) have our fat programs turned on. Our bodies basically want to be fat. They think that we need to be fat to be safe. Anyway, I’ve heard from several varying sources, not just Mr. Gabriel, that dieting often makes our bodies believe that we are in some sort of famine and they can in fact start storing fat to save up for the famine, instead of burning the fat. It is imperative therefore, that we get enough calories each day without having too many, as well as get the essential nutrients our bodies need. Anyway, Jon says that we shouldn’t starve ourselves but should try to convince our bodies that we are in feast mode, not famine. It’s complicated but you get the jist right?

Okay, you are probably wondering how this relates to the vibe. I might be wondering at this point too but it really worked earlier, in that little world I told you about. Anyway, I was thinking that the same type of thing applies with guys. Remember the vibe we talked about last week? Well, Jill posted a link to a website that talked about the vibe in great detail. It was fabulous. Anyway, the vibe is what we give off to men to make them want to talk to us and date us, etc. For me, I feel like sometimes I got it and sometimes I don’t! What I’ve noticed however, is that the more I talk to guys, the more the vibe comes to me. I started out small, just talking to the boys in my single’s ward. I became friends with them and then we became more and more comfortable with each other. Eventually, their attention gave me more confidence which in turn, gave me more ‘vibe’ which helped me to get a little flirt on. This then translated into further interactions with the male population wherever I go. I’m starting to feel it more fully consume my life and I feel like I am beginning to feast and the famine has passed. Somehow this relates to weight loss, it really does!

Moving on: where is this feast? Well, I went out with nice guy #2 last Saturday. He has called me back twice and both times I was occupied in meetings and missed the call. He left a message once but didn’t say anything about calling him back. He also never gave me his number. Nevertheless, I will eventually have to face his mother so I need to grow up, or man up, or something, and talk to him. Okay, let’s be honest, I’m still planning on taking the easy and slightly immature way out of this, but at least it will be dealt with. The plan: tomorrow I will call him back while he is hopefully at work. At that time, I will leave him a message thanking him, praising him, and dumping him (in a very nice way…letting him know that I am just not interested).

Next on the list, Mr. Superman. Last week this guy who claims to be Superman, emailed me on my online dating site. He is pretty cute in the pics and a really nice guy, from what I can tell so far. As I mentioned however, he is divorced with a 6 year old kid. Even so, we emailed for a couple of days and then I suggested that we hang out sometime this week. I gave him my number and we have texted and emailed every day since. Also, I found out that my cousin’s husband actually went to high school with him and he claims that he is a really good guy. Whew, I feel way more legit now. We are going out tomorrow night so you can get a detailed report right here, in just a few days.

Number three….yes, there is three and counting. Where to start with this guy? I really hate to reveal this about myself but here goes. A little over a year ago, when I moved back to SLC, some friends of mine told me about a guy they went to high school with that they wanted to hook me up with. They had heard that he was still single but didn’t actually have a direct connection to him themselves. Whenever anyone wants to hook me up, or if I like any guy for that matter, I like to do what I call, “research.” I think we may have talked about this before but let me refresh your memory. Sure, some may call it stalking, but I call it important investigation. Anyway, I thoroughly investigated, researched and maybe stalked this guy a little. Not really, I just found a lot of info about him online. He was super good looking which caught my interest immediately! I also found some videos of him and found out that he had a nice voice, was funny and still good looking! Usually I don’t pursue hook ups too much but I really wanted to meet this guy. Everything about him intrigued me. Plus, he was referred by some of my favorite people in the world so you can’t go wrong there right?

So, what’s the story? Well, on the road trip last week, I showed my girls some of his pics and videos. Don’t think that I seriously have looked at these everyday for the last year and a half; I just look at them from time to time and wish that somehow things would have worked out so that I could meet him. Well, the girls I was with said, “why don’t you just add him as a friend on facebook.” The thought had certainly crossed my mind but how many random people do you accept as your friend? After receiving permission from my friends who knew him however, I added him and let him know that I knew them. He accepted and I emailed asking him more about himself. He gave me a great reply in which I found him to be so, so hilarious, as well as very honest. He was flattered that I want to meet him and is willing to have dinner and a movie with me. At the same time, he is super, super busy and also very, very guarded. As it turns out, he was married for a little while and now has a hard time trusting people. Something obviously went very wrong. He did his best to warn me of his character or current state of mind, but was still willing to hang out with me so I decided that I would like to take my chances. Seriously, he seems like a really great guy and if nothing else, could be a fun, fun friend. His schedule is really busy but I think we will hang out sometime in the next week or two. Don’t worry, you will be notified as soon as I know!

Other than that, I still have two more guys that my friend is setting me up with so we will try to schedule those soon as well. I don’t think I will be participating in any more finding activities too soon. I need to feel it out with these guys and see what I really think. It’s only fair to them and to me. I can’t handle any more right now anyway!! Stay tuned, lots of fun details soon to come.


PrincessKatie said...

YEah I love yoru updates and I am glad to hear that Superman did set a date and tiem to go out. I will be crossing my fingers and hope these dates and guys go well for you. I can'tw ait to read all about it!

Jill said...

Go, girl!

Tacy said...

Yay! All that sounds great. I can't wait to read more!

Livin it up said...

Thanks you guys...your support means A LOT to me!!