People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Life is an Adventure

I’m alive! Very alive in fact! One good thing about me being rejected by boys is the push it gives me to live life and love it for myself. It causes reflection about where I’m at and where I want to be. So, the last several weeks for me have been all about how I can make my life fun right now for ME. Also, the good thing about being interested in many different boys is that it opens your eyes to different types of activities that you may not have been interested in before. I am always looking to be more involved with life and what other people are doing. It has led me to many new interests of my own and is helpful in social situations so that I don’t always have to be the one who “hasn’t done that” before. Okay, that usually is me, but I’m fixing that.

I have had some great adventures since last time we caught up. This last Monday, President’s day, I went snow shoeing for the first time ever. Wow, it was amazing! The snow was freshly fallen and the world up there was absolutely beautiful! It was so healing for me to be back in my mountains again. I’ve missed them. I always dread winter and curse it for its’ never ending length because I get that itching to be in the mountains hiking. Well, I think I’ve found my solution. Lately I’ve decided to embrace winter and enjoy it while it’s here. So, snow shoeing came up first on the list. It’s a lot like hiking, only WAY more exhausting! I love getting a good workout that way though, and enjoying the beauty that I am surrounded by as well! Also, it gave me a chance to hang out with a few of my guy friends, which is always fun. I like being able to hang out with guys and not worry about whether or not we are going to date because well, we are just friends and we know that’s all it will ever be. In fact, one of them was my #7 I think…which is actually #13’s brother but anyway, it was good to have it like old times with him again when we used to go do stuff, like hike.
(Look at this!!)

(The boys I was with)


The last few weeks have also found me back at the country dancing club! I hadn’t been in months since my friend went away but, I decided it was time to get back into it. I’ve been twice the last few weeks and had so much fun! Of course I’m super rusty but I’ve met lots of cute guys and had fun just trying to dance. I love it! It feels good to be out, to mingle, to feel young, and to do whatever I want to do.
(Random Internet picture but...sweat happens! haha)

In addition, I recently went to a show in a shady part of town where local musicians show off their stuff. I think it was #4 that was playing there so I took another guy with me (just a friend) and we checked it out. It was super ghetto but that’s half of what made it so cool. Number four was awesome and the other bands…they were okay! I had a good time doing something different and ended up having a much needed great talk with the friend who agreed to be my wing man.

This week also took me ice skating. I decided that after years on solid ground, it was time to try my skills on the old ice again. At first I wondered what I had just paid for because I was pretty positive that once around the oval was enough for another several years on solid ground but…I persevered and after an hour of almost straight skating, I was getting pretty good. Sometimes people like to go ice skating, so I figured it was a good idea to brush up on my skills, or to find some to begin with, so that next time an ice skating party comes around I won’t look so silly out there.
(Me after a little practice. Jk!!)

As for my other adventures, I have many planned and some keep falling through due to weather, or other inconveniences. Hopefully tonight’s fun adventures will be a go one way or the other. I’m also hoping to learn how to snow board tomorrow, depending on the weather. We wanted to go last week but, it was raining. So, maybe before winter is over I will get out there at least once. Either way, next winter I will be much more prepared for fun, and maybe it won’t seem so long and horrible!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Social Circles

As I get older, I increasingly see the importance of a variety of social circles in my daily existence. For starters, different people bring out different sides of you. It is always fun to explore these multiple facets of one’s own personality, but it is also important in that you show the world who you are and you can figure out where you fit best…where you most feel that you belong. Another valuable reason for keeping many circles is of course the opportunity to meet a much larger group of people. When you aren’t getting any younger and marriage is on the brain, you are more likely to meet that “one” you are searching for if you actually take the initiative to search. As with anything good in life…it takes work and effort.

This weekend’s adventures only reaffirmed my belief in the social circle theory. Friday night I went on a most adventurous and fun filled outing with two of my female friends. A friend of a friend of a friend was hosting a huge party out in a small town with a large house! The adventure began as we decided to use a GPS device to guide us to our destination…instead of the given directions. We stopped for dinner as we thought we were getting close to the previously mentioned shenanigans. Soon after our pit stop, we came to the end of our road…literally. The road was blocked due to a huge snow mound. We stopped and debated what to do for quite some time before deciding to go ALL the way around the other direction…where we were supposed to go in the first place.

As a result of our several hour detour, we did not arrive at the party until midnight. It’s okay though…the party was still going strong with over 50 people there playing games, watching movies, singing karaoke, and enjoying a nice big bonfire in the great outdoors under the vastly lit, star filled sky! I decided upon entering the party, to be as outgoing as possible, and to make the most of the situation. I made my way around the various groups, feeling them out, and letting my presence be known. People seemed generally into their own groups however, and hardly able to break out of them to meet somebody new. No worry though, I kept trekking on despite.

I finally decided to brave the bitter cold outdoors to enjoy that big fire they had ablaze. The group out there seemed slightly more socially welcoming, if not a little awkward in their hickish ways. Immediately a young man made room on his bench for me. The wind seemed to be blowing in my direction causing more than a little irritation to my eyes from the smoke however. I complained about it light heartedly and he said, “I’d tell you to move but you are too pretty to leave.” Well, while that was funny, it still gave me a little bit of confidence to bring on the flirty side of me. After some time, a bench across the fire opened up and he asked if I wanted to move over there. I replied in the affirmative and we both moved to the bench just big enough for two. He kept trying to sit real close and put his arm around me. The fire was nice, the stars were beautiful and the company was…okay! I even saw a shooting star.

It didn’t take me long however, to deduce that the average age of this group was…well, young. The boy making his move on me? Yeah, 22! So, after some quality time enjoying the fire, my friends decided to stroll on back into the house. I told my new friend that I had better follow the masses. He seemed disappointed and said, “really?” Then, he whispered to me, “I hear there is mistletoe in these trees…when there are shooting stars.” (Wait, wait…insert a good hearty laugh here and an award for cheesiest pick up line of the year!!) Okay, now that that is out of the way, I replied with a flirty, “oh really? I just saw a shooting star. It went THAT way.” He said, “ohhh, so maybe it is in those trees over THERE. I should go find it!” Haha but he was 22 and I was not interested, so I went in the house. It gave me a good laugh however, and the confidence to go in and meet the rest of my fellow party goers.

It ended up being a late night with little sleeping time, but that’s what parties are all about, right? In the morning we had a nice big breakfast, I mingled some more, and then went out to play in the snow with my friends. The snowmobiles were taken so we set out to find a good hill to sled/tube down. While we were mostly unsuccessful at this endeavor, we still had a good time. People were snowball fighting, four wheeling, snowmobiling, and when my party and I had to leave, they pulled out horses for a sleigh ride. Good party. Still however, I left a little disappointed. More than anything, I guess I was just discouraged at the wide array of people, yet lack of social variety. I wondered for the billionth time in my life how I would ever find a husband among such crowds. I don’t think I will quite honestly, but it makes me feel better to be out there trying at least.

After arriving home I realized I was pretty exhausted. Even still, I had more partying to attend to that night so I tried to get a few things done and visit with family. The Saturday night party was held by a friend of my down in Provo. It was a game night with a bunch of her peeps. I thought it was super fun and rather refreshing after the previous party. Why? Well, these people are just chill. They were friendly, fun, and not afraid to just be themselves. I was pretty low key but I had fun being in the atmosphere, and knowing I was out and about, and not wallowing in self pity at home. Good weekend. Good indeed. Many more such adventures are on the horizon with planning already in the works. Tomorrow night should be packed with fun, social opportunities, and lots of entertainment. Stay tuned!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Square Zero

I know I’ve kept you waiting…some things are just hard to post. So, I guess I will come right out with it. Mr. Keeper is no longer a keeper. Okay, he is a keeper…just friend style. That’s what we’ve worked out to be and that’s okay. From the short time we spent together, I learned A LOT about myself and relationships, etc. It was valuable and to be honest, that was all I was hoping for from the relationship in the first place. I just happened to get so caught up in the excitement of it, and of feeling secure knowing somebody cared about me and what I was doing, that I lost sight of my ultimate goals. No worries however, I know that things have worked out for the best!

Now it is easy for us girls in these situations to go back in our minds and over analyze every little thing that was said or done! I am trying my absolute hardest to fight against that. I know that there are things I could have done better and I vow to learn from those for the future. But tearing myself apart over being who I am is not doing anyone any favors. Instead, I choose to focus on the positive. Mr. Keeper and I had some FUN times together! He said and did so many things that were really sweet for me. I know that he meant them. As I continue my research in the relationship field, I am constantly reminded of the simplicity of men and their differences from us. They say what they mean and generally don’t hold grudges and over analyze as we do. These are comforting thoughts that help me to move forward and to be at peace with the situation. (ps..I am currently reading, “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands,” by Dr. Laura)

So, what now? Well, I have a couple of awesome parties to attend this weekend. Tonight is an overnighter in the mountains not too far from here. There are sure to be many in attendance and good times to be had by all. Snow…toys…men…how much better can it get? This fun time will take us through tomorrow morning. Then, tomorrow night I have another engagement down south with some old friends that I haven’t seen in way too long, and lots of strangers just waiting to meet me! Besides these parties, I am refocusing my life on all of the things I have been neglecting over the last several weeks. Yes, yes, I know this is one of my major problems with the whole relationship thing. It is helpful to know that now though, and it feels good to be ME again and to be responsible and get caught up with life. I’m back! And with that, I am more ready than ever to find Mr. Right!!