People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

On the Prowl in SLC

Location #1: The Gateway

Now, this journey sounds like a lot of fun on paper but in reality…it’s a lot of work! It’s hard to know where to even begin. 40 guys?? Are there even 40 single men worth dating in this town? If so, where do I begin to find them? Well, I’ve tried the internet and while that is still a work in progress, I need to explore several other avenues of meeting if I want to actually make my goal. Enter…my Saturday night activities! Are you ready for this? I knew that in lite of my new goals, I could not spend two weekend nights at home as my first instinct was to do. So, last night I begged some single friends to accompany me to the foreboding, yet waiting downtown Salt Lake City! Every girl needs a wing man, right?

Having just finished the holidays, my wallet is a little empty. Great, another challenge, as if finding a husband wasn’t enough of a challenge to last my entire lifetime of challenges! Anyway, finding something to do with no money…I did some research and made a list. I came to the conclusion that I was more likely to have something happen, anything, if I was out of my house and that meant that I had to start somewhere. So, my friend and I headed out on the long dark road to the Gateway around 7:00pm. The night started off with no let downs. The parking garages were full so when I finally found a couple leaving I decided to pull back around and wait for their spot. Upon my return to their parking stall, I  found them not leaving, but goin at it in their truck. I backed up a little to give them some privacy and I think they must have seen me because they finally decided to leave. Probably best anyway.

Well, going to the Gateway last night turned out to be a jackpot of an idea. It killed two birds in one stone because guess what…there was a Jazz game last night! If you recall, one of my goals is to follow our local sports. So, I figured that even though I didn’t go to the game, being near the Jazz game, makes me automatically a little wiser on the subject. I felt completely prepared to approach any guy at church today and say, “so…how about that jazz game?” I mean, I know they lost…that’s certainly a start.

Okay, back on subject. The local basketball team is the Utah Jazz and there are a lot of male fans of basketball that go to these games. Since the Gateway is right across the street from the venue where the Jazz play, there were all kinds of wandering hotties on the streets of downtown Salt Lake City…or at least near the Gateway where I was. My friend and I worked several of the corners planning our moves and scoping out the potential. As it turned out…the pickings were actually a bit slim. I had a goal however and that was to at least talk to some men. So…what did I do? (First of all, don’t put anything past me. I’m a weirdo and crazy ideas come naturally to me.) Well, there was a group of men, who looked fairly respectable, working the valet parking. So I approached them and began to ask them about the special skills necessary to perform such a job, etc. The thing is, when I was within speaking range with them, I could see them a little better. Remember, it was dark out and I also didn’t have my glasses on (I was trying to look pretty). This is a detrimental combination when the object of my designs is to find a good lookin man to date. Anyway, as it turned out, they weren’t much to look at. When they began to speak, I also realized why they were in this line of work…it doesn’t really require great speaking skills. While it was fun and all and I practiced my approach, in the end, all I got was a number for some guy named Buzz. Seriously, doesn’t anyone have a normal name anymore?? Buzz, Yofo, Skip…

Well, the main thing that I learned from this little outing was that I don’t even know how to approach guys. In my head everything seems like it’s going to go really well, then I get out there and look like a fool. The point though is that I was out there. I was not at home and I’m sure with more practice I will get better at this. AND…someday, maybe a man will actually approach me. Hmmm, there’s a nice idea!

Some Updates
On that note, some people have requested for an update on some of my online lovers. I’m not sure where Mr. Family man is…maybe with his family. I wrote him back what I thought was a pretty witty response to his “just wanted to say hi,” but maybe it was too creative for him…who knows? I’ve continued to ignore the weirdos and have made some progress in the invitations to date me! Haha…okay, I usually don’t just say “do you want to date me?” I write much more creative emails than that. So…I have had a few write backs and last night….wait for it….I actually got a request for my number! I had written this guy back and forth a few times and then I whipped out the, “you should hang out with me” line.Wow, it totally worked. He said, “okay, what’s your number?” He even looked at my profile so whew!! I didn’t get his response until late though so I gave him my number in the middle of last night. We'll see what happens this week.

Pretty exciting for sure. He’s definitely potential #2. As for long term potential however…I’m really not sure. I’m actually pretty sure he just wants to make out with me. Remember my issues with online dating?? Yeah. I am so torn though because it’s not every day that a hot guy wants to make out with a 30 year old girl. I gotta take it where I can get it, ya know? Okay…don’t even worry about me. I’m smarter than that. But still…

Finally…all is right in the world again!! Yep, gentleman #1 finally decided to make an appearance church today and he even smiled at me and said hi. We joked around for a minute and it was great. Whew…now I feel like things can get back to how they were before, when we were at least friends. It feels fabulous! I feel like a dark cloud has finally been lifted off of me. It’s probably a good thing he didn’t show up until this week anyway since my brother was with me last week and stared down another guy (who he mistakenly thought was this one) with a look of death. That’s right, he’s got my back! Anyway, gentleman #1 is a good guy and I have no hard feelings toward him. I know that I have to forgive him for hurting me but it’s not something that he set out to do or even necessarily knows that he has done. This is something that I have to just do for myself, without his knowledge. Meanwhile, I hope that we can be friends!


Mariel said...

Good work! I'm proud of you for chatting it up with the parking attendants!

Livin it up said... gotta start somewhere right? I decided to start at the bottom and just work my way up from there!

Heidi said...

You go w/ your bad self! Talking to the valet guys! Sorry they were lame... I think you are much to smart for them anyway;-)
I would say come to Vegas on your hunt for a guy, but I am not sure if there are any guys here that you could bring home to your parents!! lol:-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure you should be "working the corners" Downtown. I've heard that's not the way to find the kind of men you want.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure you should be "working the corners" Downtown. I've heard that's not the way to find the kind of men you want.