People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Me...It's All About Me

Help me! I need more motivation, seriously. Maybe my goals are too lofty. Sometimes I do this to myself and then I don’t want to work on any of them because I am so overwhelmed by my high expectations. That’s how I feel now I guess. It has been a seriously lazy year so far. Despite that, I have still been reading several self-help type books, one of which was on weight loss. I found it very interesting and informative in fact, so I thought I’d share a little bit about it.

Basically, this is not a diet book but rather a psychological perspective about being overweight. I don’t believe in following any specific diets but rather in just learning what I can from different sources and trying to find a healthy way of life that I can stick to forever. That said much of what Jon Gabriel shares in his book rang true for me. He focuses a lot on positive thinking and visualization to become who you want to be, but his main plea is to add things to your diet that are going to give you the nutrients you need to become healthy. In doing so, he says that you will eventually stop craving the foods that are unhealthy for you. Anyway, he was over 400 pounds and after much research of his own, lost his extra weight and is currently ripped, happy, and he doesn’t have excessive skin hangin around. Obviously his method worked for him so I think he’s worth learning a lesson from. As a result, I am sort of in the process of revamping my weight loss plan. I’m trying to think it through and decided what’s best for me. I’ve started to add some of his ideas but I need a little more contemplation on the subject to come up with what works for me. In the meantime, I just started a weight loss competition with a friend and a bunch of people she knows so hopefully that will get me a little more motivated to stick to this goal. If you want to know more about the Gabriel Method, you can check out his website at

Update on 40 Men: The Online World

I recently browsed the people on my online dating site who are viewed the most often. I tried to analyze why it is that they are the chosen ones. Well, I didn’t come up with anything great other than the fact that most of them have somewhat trashy pictures up. So, I took matters into my own hands and changed my profile pic. Don’t get any ideas people, mine is totally appropriate, I just look a little better in it than I did in the one I had up. Suddenly my hit list has gone way up. By hit list, I of course mean that a significantly greater amount of males are checking me out. A few of these men have even been bold enough to inquire after me. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. One guy was average and seemed somewhat normal so I sent him a short reply. It said, “Hello.” I know, pretty lame, but all he said to me was that he just wanted to say hello so I really wasn’t feeling any more of a reply. Oh, before I move on…some of you are dying to know about Mr. Family Man and Mr. Broadway. They have both turned into Mr. MIA as I haven’t heard back from them. I think they are done with me. Well, that was fun.

Okay, now on to the next male who dared to leave a mark on my email inbox. First of all, I’m not even sure where he’s from but I think it’s India?? His ward is Islamabad. It doesn’t matter but I’m not looking for someone on the other side of the world, I’m looking for a date…right here in Utah. Secondly, he titled the subject, “hey precious.” Yikes, I feel dirty already. Okay, okay, an open mind. I opened it and read on. It was quite lengthy, with an incredulous lack of grammar. No worries though, he wrote me some poetry to make up for it. I won’t copy the whole ridiculous message but maybe just the poetry. What do you say? Okay, here it is by Mr. Crazy:

Friends smile at you.

They like your face.

They want to be with you

Any old place.

Friends have fun with you.

Friends share

They’re glad when you’re happy---

When you’re sad, they care.

If you’re a friend

Then you care, too.

That’s why your friends

Are glad you’re you!!!


Well, that was nice…and touching huh! Anyway, he called me ‘dear’ and told me I was pretty. I guess I should be flattered. I am but why is this the only kind of guy I can get?? Those verging on crazy!! Seriously! This obviously calls for another self reflection session to find out what it is about me that attracts strange women who want babies now, and weird guys verging on crazy, to talk to me….and that’s all!


Allison, Dave and McKenna said...

haha that poem is awesome! I really want to read the rest of the email!!

Livin it up said...

Ummm, well, I'll think about it! it's pretty entertaining, believe me.

Sam J. said...

Nice poem, that's the friends are for, yes. Thank you.

Livin it up said...

Haha, I guess it is!

Tacy said...

I haven't read your blog in forever so I just read all the posts I've missed and I love it! I'll say it again--you are such a good writer! And yeah, you should problem forget about Mr. Crazy--he sounds just too crazy! But I hope your lunch date turns out good or that you can at least learn from it! I can't wait to read about it!

Livin it up said...

Thanks!!! You can say it all you want, it always makes my day! I hope tomorrow goes well too...

Science Lovers Anonymous said...

India could be nice, that's all i'm saying.

Livin it up said...

Hahaha, I'll keep that in mind!