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Saturday, January 9, 2010

4 On the Line

Waiting…every girl’s nemesis. Yet, this is my current state. I have four possibilities for a next date but nothing is happening too quickly. Is it really so hard to just get a date?? Okay, it’s always been hard for me but I feel like I’m giving it my best effort and still, no promising results. I’m not sure whether to participate in further finding methods, or to just wait a little longer to see how the situation with this small group evolves. Certainly it’s nice to have a pool of possibilities but I’m ready to move forward. Is it the men?? I feel like I am really pulling everything out of me just to get one date. And…I’m only on number two! This is the story of my life really…a story which I am trying endlessly to change.

Today, while I wait, I have been trying to catch up on my life and do a few things for myself. My goals are being neglected because I have been so behind in my work. There are a few things that have been on my mind constantly and I think that they are hindering my progress in all other areas. So, maybe today is a blessing in disguise…a day given to me for me. I’ve worked out a few times, given myself a facial and pedicure and caught up on some much needed work. As a result, I feel slightly better about the rest of my life although stressed about the status of my dating quota. Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk about these four men that keep me waiting.

Number One: Mr. Broadway. I haven’t mentioned him previously because I was writing him online but not about anything significant. In fact, the only thing that we have really discussed is “Les Miserables.” His profile name caught my eye because I recognized it as something from this play. I asked him about it, not actually hoping for any kind of response. He did however reply and we have written back and forth several times since. Now that I have found that he is willing to continue communication with me, I am trying to move the conversation to something more meaningful. I have a feeling this one may take awhile but he’s here and certainly a possibility.

Number Two: Mr. Family Man. Really, I don’t have anything else to report about this guy other than his lack of emailing skills. Really, if you are going to write a girl, respond to her when she writes you back! I am still waiting for a second response from him as he admittedly procrastinates in the area of email. I hope this isn’t a trait that is common in all of his endeavors.

Number Three: Sketchy Set-up. Another man I haven’t mentioned because mostly, I kind of forgot about him is, another set-up. This one was unsolicited however. I work with a lady who looks like she must be in her 80’s. Nevertheless, one day, she decided that she would like to hook me up with her son. She’s a nice lady and all but quite different, I’m just saying. My co-workers are often annoyed by her. She is nice to me though…mostly because she wants me to marry her son. Apparently he is 38. Okay, not the worst thing in the world but I have always leaned more toward younger men than older so this is definitely a stretch for me. Also, why is he 38, still single and needing his mother to set him up? She keeps assuring me that he will call. She said he was going to call for this weekend but he hasn’t. So…we’ll see if this guy ever decides to take his mother’s advice and give me a shot.

Number Four: Hopeful Set-up. I told you the other day about a friend of mine that responded to my plea for help in the dating genre. He assures me that his 30 year old friend is way cool. He refuses to tell me much about him because then, “we wouldn’t have anything to talk about.” Apparently he does not remember my speaking skills. Oh well. I do know that he likes baseball and his favorite team is the Cardinals. Other than his first name, this is the only info I have on him. Of all things to tell me however, this was actually pretty important. Since I have a goal to learn more about sports, I studied up today on the Cardinals…now you can ask me anything you want about ‘em! It was actually pretty fun and I learned a lot about baseball in the process so now I feel a little more fulfilled in this particular goal area. Well, he has my number so hopefully he will call soon. You will be among the first to know when he does…he sounds like a winner so stay tuned! Don’t give up on me yet…I’m trying!!


Allison, Dave and McKenna said...

Nice work! Sounds like you are doing your share of work, now we will just hope that someone calls soon!!! So since you know so much about the Cardinals now....... What is the name of their pitcher??

Livin it up said...

That would be...Adam Wainwright. Ha!