People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nice Guy #2

Date #2…here’s how it went down. Well, nice guy #2 came to my house to pick me up. I thought that this would be a good idea because, even though it was the middle afternoon and just a lunch outing, I thought it would seem more like a date. I forgot to take into account that yes, I live at my parent’s house. I own a house in another part of Utah and can’t afford to live anywhere else right now as a result. Anyway, having a date pick me up in daylight at the parents house started seeming more and more awkward as the time drew nearer. Nevertheless, he came, did not honk but came to the door and off we went. He was very gentlemanly throughout the date which is always nice. He opened my doors for me, let me walk in front of him, etc. No matter the guy, it’s always nice to be treated this way.

When I walked out to his car I was excited to find that he drives a big truck. I don’t know what it is but there is just something about a man that drives a big truck…makes him seem more manly I guess. As for him, I thought that he was not terribly unfortunate looking but that his mom may have exaggerated a bit when she kept telling me that, “he is VERY good looking.” Haha, that’s okay though. He is super tall, which she warned me of, so I wore by biggest pair of shoes. Anyway, I thought that he could maybe turn out to be okay, not in the hottie category, but seemed like a decent gentleman, ya know?

For the date, which was just a lunch date, we went to Chili’s. That’s always a safe bet right? Anyway, I like the place so no complaints. We talked and ate; he paid so that was nice. Actually, I didn’t even offer so I’m glad he took care of that. As for our conversation, I felt like the only reason that it kept going…most of the time…was because of me. He didn’t offer much in that area. As it turned out, I’m pretty sure we covered all of the basic information that you need to know about a person on a first date. None of it really seemed exciting though. We didn’t really laugh, just talked. I feel like maybe I have a little more spunk than he does or is used to being around. It went fine and we agreed on a lot of things as far as our interests go, I was just a little bored. I didn’t find myself in any way wanting to be near him or spend much longer with him.

Anyway, on the way home, I found out just how fancy his truck is. It’s loaded with all the cool stuff right? He turned on my seat warmer and I can’t say that it was a really pleasant sensation for me. In fact, it felt a lot like I had just peed my pants. I couldn’t wait to get outta that thing! Well, when we got back to my house he walked me up and I was so nervous that my parents were watching out the window or listening to me, it was awkward. Anyway, he didn’t really seem like he wanted to leave and I think that I was maybe a little rude because I might have had that look that said, “please just let me go in the house!!” He asked for a hug and it was LAME! Partly my fault though. It was a one-hander, you know how those go right? We kept saying “thanks” and “bye” and then he would bring up something else to say. He finally let me loose however and I escaped to the safety of the walls of my parents house as quickly as I could.

Analysis: I’m not sure how I feel after coming home. I’m trying not to hate myself for not being interested. Why do I give myself this kind of guilt trip anyway? I guess because he is a nice, really good guy, I just didn’t feel any sort of connection with him. In fact, the more I was with him, the more I wished I wasn’t. I tried to keep an open mind, I promise!! Not having any interest makes me question this however and wonder if I really am being open-minded, or just too picky. Can you be too picky though? Shouldn’t you feel something…anything for a guy that you are going to be with? I don’t want to just settle for someone. Boring conversation with lack of excitement for life sounds like an eternity of torture for me! So, I’m home, I feel like a bad person and I don’t want to talk to any men for awhile. I like my bubble!


PrincessKatie said...

Well at least he didn't call you Precious! Thanksfor updating I wanted to hear all teh details. I think there should be omesparkthere or something so I woudln't worry about it. At least he helped you get one step closer to your 40 right?

Livin it up said...

Seriously huh! Yeah, I feel sooo bad but at the same time, shouldn't I feel happy after a date instead of sick and unhappy? I'm just glad that my ticker no longer says 1 men done. Ha, I couldn't fix it to say man so now I at least look like I know English!

Tacy said...

You don't always feel a spark immediately with the guy you are meant to be with forever. I didn't with Lance. We were just friends at first and it was later that we found that spark together. But if he was boring, then he probably isn't your type so you shouldn't feel guilty about not liking him or not wanting to see him again. You should NEVER settle for someone or else you'll be unhappy the rest of your life. It's alright to go on a date (that's your goal) and not be interested in the guy. As soon as you can put it behind you can get working on date #3 with someone else!