People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

#'s 28, 29 and 30

Tomorrow I have another date so I thought it might be wise to catch up on the last three. Last Saturday night I met #28 Mr. Brains. I had absolutely no expectations going into this one. To be honest, many of his pictures weren’t that attractive. I saw potential though and thought I’d check it out in person. We had planned the date way in advance but at least to me that meant he was serious about a date, not just a make out or something. We met at an Ice Cream place, Coldstone this time around. As soon as I saw him, I was immediately pleasantly surprised! You never know, it can really go either way. We ordered some ice cream, found a spot to sit, and sat and chatted awhile while we ate. The conversation flowed nicely and we got along quite well. 

When our ice cream was gone, we walked over to the Barnes and Noble in the same parking lot. We had talked a little bit about our mutual love of reading but it wasn’t until this next excursion that I really valued that commonality. We explored many sections of the store and I often pointed out books I had read and enjoyed, including my very favorite book, “Their Eyes Were Watching God.” We discussed many non-fiction books that we had both enjoyed, as well as authors. He showed me around to some of his favorites and we just ended up having a conversation with depth that was exciting for me! 

This man is divorced and it hasn’t been super long since that was final. As a result, he is not looking for a serious relationship. Oddly enough, this brought me comfort. He seemed to completely respect who I was and I knew for sure that he was not just lookin for a piece of this fine bod! In the book store he was amazed and said, “wow, you really HAVE read a lot!” On the way out to my car, after they finally kicked us out so they could close, he said, “I really like your attitude! A lot of girls complain a lot but I like your attitude toward life!” I let  him know that it is important to me to make the most of whatever comes my way. He liked that. When we got back to our cars he didn’t hug me or anything but he did sincerely say, “let’s keep in touch.” And that we have done. I can really see him as a becoming a good friend. I don’t think that a relationship is ever in the works for us but I would totally value his friendship.

Next up, we have Mr. Traveler #29

Monday was a holiday! I always love getting a day off of work. Also however, there was a man I have been texting a little who lives in North Dakota. He drove down to Richfield for the weekend to visit a brother. On his way back through he texted and asked if I’d like to meet him for breakfast at IHOP. He said he’d be there in like 45 minutes. I was sitting in my pj's, un-showered or ready for the day in any way. Still, I worked my magic and arrived in plenty of time. He was late. I was nervous to meet him because from our texts, I seriously thought he just wanted to make out with me. I know, I bring it up frequently because it comes up frequently. Hence the reason I hate the internet. But anyway…

Once Mr. Traveler arrived it was kind of awkward at first. I wasn’t super attracted to him and I didn’t much enjoy talking to him. Still, it turns out that we have several mutual acquaintances. Strange for a foreigner I know. At first when we talked I was super bored! I was listening to him go on about things that honestly I had no interest in! When the conversation finally drifted to books I perked up a little. On a good note, my omlet was delicious, as were his pancakes, and the date didn’t last long as we was just passing through. He did give me a good hug at the end and we parted. We have continued to text but I doubt I will see him again. He lives far away and….I’m just not that interested. 

Finally, we arrive at the number 30! 

Let’ s just call him Weed #30. So, last week this guy started messaging me. He was 27 years old. I am 32. No big deal though right? But he was a little weird at first. He was persistent though and so I texted back. It came up that I was watching, “The Office” one night with some friends. He asked if I had ever seen “Arrested Development.” I had not. He was appalled and said we needed to have an “Arrested Development” Marathon. I said okay to the kid. One other day he asked when we were going to do this and I told him that we would as soon as he invited me. So he did, for today. He told me he has a roommate so I figured that was probably a good thing. He doesn’t live too far away from me so I left the address with my parents and set out on my way. At least we had talked a little beforehand right? 

Well, when I arrived I was kind of disappointed. I was hoping that this would turn out more like Mr. Brains and that I would actually be attracted to him in person. Turns out I really kinda wasn’t. He was okay though. He gave me a tour of the place and then we watched the show. It was kinda weird at first. Not the show, just him. Oh…and he took his socks off and I was sad he did. Sometimes I am grossed out by feet. This has gotten better over the years but his were seriously some of the most unattractive feet I have ever seen! Ewww! Also, he kinda had girl hands and his fingernails were longer than mine. That isn’t generally hard because I keep them short but mine are in desperate need of a trim! Ugh! Eventually though, we cuddled and I just tried not to think about what he looked like. I didn’t stay too incredibly  long; I was glad to use work tomorrow as an excuse to go. He gave me an awkward hug when I left and then sent me out into the dark night to walk to the “visitor parking” where I had to park my car….on the other end of the parking lot. I thought that was slightly ungentlemanly of him, as well as a few other things, but what can you do. I won’t see him again. In fact, I have a date tomorrow but at the moment I really feel like swearing off of dating for awhile. I am almost up to 40. Do you think I will actually find my man within that number?? I don’t. But you never know. There are a lot of weeds to pull out there! 

Ps…I still talk to Mr. Active though I haven’t seen him in a week. We went mountain biking last Thursday for date number three. Then I didn’t hear much from him through the weekend. Yesterday and today he randomly texted me but, it just hasn’t been quite the same. I don’t think he is interested. I think he might be slightly, but I think I got B-listed. Oh well. I have a couple other decent guys I am interested in meeting….I think..

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mr. Elusive #27

I went on another date tonight. Well, I went on one last night too but that was a repeat so we will talk about that in a few minutes. Tonight’s date was another online find. His profile is kind of weird but he sent me a flirt so I decided to respond. This time around I am really trying to be open minded about anyone that may have any kind of possibility. This does not include the creepers or men over 40 though. Some I think might have potential in person however…and I try to give them a shot. 

Mr. Elusive was from Orem. We decided to meet for dinner at a place he likes in Provo. So, I made the drive down just to find out that the place had just closed for the next week. It also turned out that for some reason he thought that I was from Provo. He felt bad I had driven so far (since I live in the Salt Lake City area). I followed him to Noodles and Company instead and there we ate. We sat outside where it was nice and live music was playing. The whole time it was just kind of awkward. I really didn’t know what to say and just felt like there was something off about him. Maybe it was the fact that a few times he made comments and I’m pretty sure he was Andy Bernard (The Office) and not my online find. It was uncanny really. Anyway, don’t get me wrong, he was really nice and probably a very good guy. That’s not what I mean. I just wasn’t feeling any sort of connection there. He did however look better than I thought he would. He wasn’t too bad actually. Still, I just wasn’t on the same page. 

After dinner we went two doors down to the Red Mango. Remember my frozen yogurt establishment adjudication a few years ago? Well, that was on the list and I haven’t been back since. In fact, Spoon Me is no longer in Utah so I haven’t had any frozen yogurt in quite some time. I remembered liking it before though so I was excited to go back. Unfortunately however, I was pretty full. I got the smallest size and did my best to finish it off. The problem was that all that food began to make me feel a little sick inside. I quickly became way too full and quite sick really. There wasn’t anyone sitting close to us and at one point I may have let a little gas slip out and oh man….it was BAD. Pretty stinky! Haha. Why write this on the internet? Well, we are all here for a little entertainment right? Yeah, it was gross. I really needed to go to the bathroom but I didn’t want to right after that cause then, if there was any chance he may have thought the smell came from elsewhere, he would know for sure it was me! Soon, I had to just go though. Things were a little more pleasant after that. 

We didn’t stay too long which I was grateful for. He walked me to my car, talked some more, gave me a hug and sent me on my way. I think he enjoyed himself. He seemed to be kind of into me anyway. I just wasn’t feeling it back. That’s fine though. I need to narrow my list down because right now, I am talking to WAY too many guys! It’s not really my thing. 

On that note, I went out with Mr. Active again last night. We just went for a walk down by the Jordan River. It was quite nice! We walked about 6 miles total, just talking the whole way. At one point we had to climb on a wall to avoid a flooded section but he nicely helped me up there like a gentleman. Afterwards we went back to his house to drink some water. Then we stood there awhile and talked and then I left. When I first arrived he seemed excited to see me. He gave me a hug and said it had been forever. Cute…it’d been a week. Then when I left he walked me to my car and gave me a hug and said it was fun seeing me again. Later I texted him to thank him again and stuff and he said that he had fun and that I was easy to talk to. I think those are good signs but I’m not really about to read into anything anymore so, despite the fact that we have been talking almost every day since we met and that the day after our last hike he added me on the old facebook, I am just trying to date every possible guy in the freakin universe until one asks me to marry them.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

# 26 Mr. Active

Another day, another date. Are you keeping up? I hardly am. So, yesterday I met yet another online potential. This new site seems to be producing in abundance. Anyway, let me tell you a little bit about this one. We exchanged a few emails online and then he asked for my number. We texted several times and then he asked if he could call me. He did call me, when I was getting ready for date #25 the other night. We had been texting quite a bit so I was a little nervous. Why? Well, because we were all fun and flirty and sarcastic and I didn’t want him to be super weird in real life. The conversation went really well though. We talked for a long time and then I had to go on my other date.

After our conversation he texted me and said, “It was fun to talk to you.” I agreed. It was fun. His sarcasm almost matches my own…which is delightful. The next day I had a concert in the tabernacle. He decided he wanted to come and see it. I didn’t invite him or anything but I was kind of excited that he wanted to. He told me in a text that morning that he was breaking a rule with me. I was kind of surprised and asked what it was. He told me not to laugh and then revealed that he usually doesn’t talk to girls this much before he meets them. I completely understood why because I am the same way! I like to meet people because they are so often weird in person. Just like my friend and I decided…some people you just like better cyber. I told him about that and he laughed. :) He told me I better not disappoint and I gave him the same warning back.

After my concert I called him to find out where he was. I saw him first and was pleasantly surprised and relieved at the same time!  He was good looking! We had a fun conversation and it wasn’t too awkward. He also seemed really pleased with the concert. He liked it! Yay!! I sing in a women’s choir and afterward the men’s choir performed. I have a friend in it so I was staying for that. He knew this so when they were starting I said goodbye to him. He gave me a hug and took off. He soon texted and said it was nice to meet me. I replied the same back to him and we texted back and forth the rest of the night. 

So, finally we get to the big date yesterday. We had decided to go on a hike. How refreshing to do something different!!! I was way excited. We went up Mill B North in Big Cottonwood. We talked easily and I kept up with him really well. By the way, he is pretty darn in shape. My sister saw him the other night and thought I should name him Mr. Buff but I didn’t. Anyway, we hiked up a ways to this Salt Lake overlook. We sat and talked there awhile and then he asked if I wanted to hike some more…and I did. So, we climbed quite a bit further until we ran into some tricky snow where he pulled a muscle, causing us to have to turn around and head back down. All in all, we hiked about 5.5 miles and climbed over 2,000 feet! It was great! So nice to do that for a date, really. Well, except that I was all sweaty. We talked easily and just enjoyed nature and each other’s company. 

We were together for about 4.5 hours and we both had stuff going on after so we said goodbye back at me car. He gave me a hug and I left. Soon after, he texted and said, “That was fun.” I agreed and thanked him for taking me. He said, “Let’s do it again.” I told him I’d love to. So my friends, we have a new potential! He is nice, funny, a couple years older than me, has a job, and is doing things with his life. He is also divorced and has two children. I really don’t know what will happen but it’s nice to be thinking about other guys for now…

Friday, May 11, 2012

Little Man #25

This is a little bitty post about a little bitty man. Okay, he wasn’t that small but I hate that pictures online can be so deceiving. Plus, I’m pretty sure that this little man that I met in my cyber world claimed a few inches taller than he really was. It wasn’t just that though…he was slightly taller than me…just somewhat feminine in nature, or something. My point: I’m gonna cut to the chase and just tell you, I liked him better cyber. Here’s our story….

We’ve emailed a few times online and then he asked for my number. It took him a few days but he finally called. When he did, I wasn’t impressed. I was actually pretty bored during the whole conversation. He asked me out though so I accepted….especially since it involved ice cream. I figured maybe in person things would be different. It’s always nice to give someone a chance anyway. We chose a place between us to meet and there we went for ice cream. When I saw him, I was immediately un-attracted to him and wished that he was someone else. I know this is horrible of me….but sometimes I’m on dates and I wonder what others around me are thinking and I get a little bit embarrassed. I was kind of embarrassed to be with him. How shallow of me right? Shallow but true…

Well, we sat down and ran out of conversation after about 5 minutes. It was kind of awkward. I also wasn’t really feeling the ice cream sadly! He just wanted “something small” but it ended up being as big as mine so I was secretly glad. I barely touched mine then asked for a box. He quickly finished and we didn’t mess around wasting time. He asked if I was ready to go so that my ice cream wouldn’t melt. I immediately replied in the affirmative. He paid, we walked out, and since our cars were in different directions, we parted ways without so much as a hug. I think we were both relieved to be on our way. Shortest date of my life. I think it lasted about a half an hour. And yet it was the longest half hour of my life. Sometimes, you are just not meant for each other and you both know it. We are very different people. And so…on to the next one. I’m on a roll…

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Welcome to my Cyber World

Remember when I first reluctantly decided to try out the online dating scene? I was skeptical to say the least, it’s true. And well, I had good reason to be. That site was free and everyone on it thought that lovin was free too. That or they were seriously weird. I didn’t stay long. After trying so hard the last couple of years and searching high and low not only in the Salt Lake Valley where I live, but across the entire country, I have still come up dry on the husband search. So, last year of course I decided to try once again the only other thing I could think of….the internet. This time around I knew that payment was necessary in order to find the men that were serious. 

I plunged into the most expensive site I could find last fall. I did it on a whim. I answered a million questions about myself and my interests so that they could properly match me up with my Mr. Right. It wasn’t long before I realized that I could answer all the questions in the world and they still wouldn’t know me well enough to find me the right guy. A few months down the road however, I found Mr. Manly and I was pretty excited. He seemed like a good match to me so it restored my faith in the system. Obviously however, it didn’t last. I talked to him last night for about an hour and it just wasn’t there. I could tell that he is so done. You and I both already knew that though right? But, I learned lessons from my experiences with him and I know that for that short time, I was supposed to be with him and have the experiences we had. Now however, it is time to move on.

So, the other site just hasn’t been cutting it for me anymore. I have to wait for them to match me up and I honestly haven’t been all that thrilled with my matches. My friends have had better luck on another site which I again decided to join on a whim. Ever since I joined a couple of weeks ago, I feel like my life has been consumed with men! They are coming out of the wood work left and right. The nice part: they are for the most part actually contacting me. I like that. I also like that several times a day I am told that I am beautiful, cute, attractive, pretty, etc. I know they can’t see me in person but their flattery works wonders for the ego that was recently crushed to pieces by a manly man who didn’t want any part of this anymore. 

Well, despite the good comments and the fact that I am talking to and meeting several men, there are still some real interesting men out there in the cyber world. These are men that should never be allowed near women and have obviously been living in social Siberia their entire lives. Despite their lack of common sense when it comes to communication, they keep things interesting and well…entertaining, so long as they are not the ONLY guys trying to make a move. I’ve received some real treasures from these such men and I thought you might once again like to share in my humor and confusion at receiving such messages. 

First let’s look at the guy who has a handle bar mustache with a scarf on his head. He stalks me frequently. His best message to me so far went like this:

“Hi there!
I am: Ivan (name changed)
I am: Sovereign, LDS!
I like your profile, and you are VERY pretty! Your eyes totally own me! :-)
I would love to get to know you.
I was wondering,
What gives you the most fulfillment in life?
Do you work out?
What are You looking for in a man?
What are your Hopes and Dreams?
Please feel free to ask me anything!
I hope to hear from You soon!
Love, Ivan :-)

Wow…so there’s that. I didn’t respond. He later sent me a poem called, “Friendship.” It was fantastic. Ahh…good times. Well, then there was this older gentleman from Mexico, which is kind of far away. I won’t share the whole message because he honestly wrote me a book but maybe just a little? Here’s what he had to say:

“Hi, my name is Jorge and let me tell you more about me! Well what I can said, Im a dreamer and I still believe in real love, love like the one we see all the time in movies!! One of my favorite movies is the notebook, Im looking for love that kind!! And I know that kind of love exist! I have that example with my parents, they still love each other even after more than 45 years of marriage!! And because of them I learned marriage is not easy, but is a combination of so many things, of course Love is one of the most important parts of the puzzle, but there are so many other things like, trust, honesty, loyalty, patience, good coummunication and something really important, daily work!

…. I am really interested in you and I want to know more about you and get to know you better, so if you are interested in get to know me more, please, write me a line and we can move it from there!”
Yep, another winner. How about just one more? This guy was kind of a piece of work. I’m not sure how to describe him but he looks a little redneck to be honest. He’s from Michigan….this is important to know. He first sent me a “flirt” that said, “I like your profile. Feel free to send me a message.” Right after, he sent a real email, the subject of which was Gang Member #2 and in it he said:

“I know there is a lot of gangs in Salt Lake so I’m sorry if I offended you in any way by sending the flirt. I am very sorry. LOL Country line dance. WHAT? I wouldn’t brag about that. Just a joke homegirl. No need to call your peeps out to bust my legs. I think you are very beautiful and I would like to get to know you better. Take care. Your homeboy Sam.”

Wow!!! Really? Insult me and then tell me I’m beautiful? I’m flattered! Well, good times on the old internet. My friend and I have a new line for guys. We just tell them, “I like you better cyber.” Just kidding, not really but most guys are better before they open their mouths the first time. Still…I’m putting one foot in front of the other and dating to forget, and dating until I feel like dating. Meanwhile, I get to keep sorting through these winners! Wish me luck! I have another date tonight and one on Saturday…so far. ;)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mr. Excited # 24

You know how guys get freaked out sometimes at overly anxious girls? I totally get that now. Why? Well, because it seems that I have run into the same problem, only opposite, quite frequently lately. I feel that desperate vibe and it FREAKS me out! So anyway, I went on a date last night. Yesterday I was online and he started chatting with me. He was quite complimentary of my smile. One of my pictures really made his day I guess. I thanked him for the compliment because I am trying to be as open minded as possible in this process…without crossing the line to the creepers side. 

Anyway, we chatted awhile and then he got my number and quickly texted.  The more we talked, the more excited he was about this little connection…and he let me know. He asked me out and we made a plan for the next day. He kept texting me throughout the night and to be honest, I was feeling only so-so about him in the first place. He wasn’t bad looking, I just felt like maybe we were different. You never know about people until you meet them though. So, I was fully willing to give him a chance. We live near each other but I was determined to do things right this time around so we set a public place to meet up.

Last night was the big night. He was excited and let me know. I was excited for the Thai food I was about to devour. And I was a little curious. I got there and he met me at the door with a hand shake and a hug. Not bad looking in person either. He’s in the military so he’s pretty in shape! His cologne however, kind of overpowered everything and I wasn’t its biggest fan. As we sat talking about the menu, I just felt kind of detached. I tried to be there and I did stay there…but I just wasn’t feeling it. I felt like just the way we communicate and who we are is just different. He seemed super nice and I can tell he is a really good guy. At least I knew he wasn’t just after some lip right? There is just something different about our general style…does that make sense. 

I was really hungry and after awhile was getting antsy for me food, not only to eat, but also to have something else to do besides talk to him. I was worried however that my food might be ruined by his smell. When it finally arrived like manna from heaven, I was relieved and happy to note that either my nostrils had acclimatized, or the food mostly drowned out his scent. It wasn’t my favorite Thai food every but it sufficed. I ate until I could eat no more and then we sat and chatted a little longer. Thankfully he wasn’t one to linger forever so we eventually made our way out to the parking lot. He drove me the two rows from his car to mine. I think he just wanted to show off his sweet ride because it took a lot of convincing to get him to just meet me there and not come pick me up. Anyway, it was a nice car. He dropped me off and then made me wait in the car while he came around to open my door. Awkward! I mean, I LOVE a good gentleman but the waiting from the inside of the car has always baffled me a little. Anyway, he gave me a super good squeeze with sound effects and all (and by the way…he really was in GOOD shape!) and then we said goodbye. As I was getting into the car he kept saying things like, “call if you want to hang out again.” I probably won’t be if he calls me….maybe I will give it another shot? I dunno…