People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Story of My Life...Today

So here’s what’s happening for me in the man scene and the rest of my life right now. Wow, for starters it has been a tough week. For the most part I try to avoid being bitter but this week was a party in self pity for me. I had a huge set back in my self esteem and general progress in life. Sometimes it’s like your thoughts just attack you from every bad angle, ya know? I started questioning my purpose in life right now and my ability to fit in where I am at. It was so silly really but I’ve emerged from the dark depths of self deprecation and I’m ready to be human again! I’m also ready to get back on this man hunt wagon and move forward with my life. Just as a side note though, moving on with my life doesn’t require a man, it just so happens that this is my current project in life so that is what I am referring too. I can move forward with or without them if that is what I am supposed to do. I’d really like one though!!

Here’s what I’m doing to add a little meaning to my life and hopefully create another venue for meeting people. I’ve decided that it’s time to explore the many vast volunteer opportunities that Salt Lake City has to offer. Did you know there are so, so many? I was doing some research this morning and found countless ways to help people. Some of them require more time than others. There is one thing that I was really interested in that I would like to sign up for on a regular basis. I emailed a lady named Bunnie about it so when I find out more information, I will fill you in. There are other things that I would like to serve at here and there as well. How fun to be able to help people out! It’s going to be just what I need right now, I can tell.

Other than that, my week has seriously been full of ups and downs in the man department. Sunday I was so happy about my man friends but then as I mentioned, I started questioning my fitting in with them because they are so young. I wondered if I was just making a fool of myself. The last couple of days have been better though. One of those men is Gentleman #1 and yes, he is quite a bit younger than me. Sometimes I feel silly about this even though I can think of a million reasons why it should be okay. Let me just tell you a few. First of all, women typically live longer than men so why not marry a younger guy so that you have more time here together. Secondly, this life is such a short time in the eternal perspective that age difference on Earth shouldn’t matter too much in the larger scheme of things. Just a few things to contemplate.

With that in mind, last night I hung out with Gentleman #1 and his friend. We were going to play basketball. I practiced for about a half an hour on my own before they finally showed up. By that time other people were arriving at the church and were going to use the gym so we were kicked out. We hunted for another church for quite some time and then decided to drive to Tooele. I was driving and we went out to Grantsville and then Tooele and all over the place on some back roads and things. It was pretty fun, despite Gentleman #1 playing with everything in my car such as my wipers, flashers, steering wheel, and horn. That was nice of him to help me drive like that. Haha. Anyway, I feel like I got to know them better and we were able to laugh and have a good time.

This morning I went to meet some people from church to go running. We decided to start a running group. One of the guys showed up with a soccer ball and he and Gentleman #1 went off to play that, so I joined them. I love soccer! I played when I was young. Anyway, the girl who headed up the running activity joined us after awhile and she and the other guy played against Gentleman #1 and I. We totally kicked trash. It was so fun!! Then we were so, so tired so we just fell over on the grass. While the other two went out for some more torture, Gentleman #1 and I just hung out on the grass and talked awhile. It was so, so great! Ugh, I know that I need to get over it and in your head you are thinking, “he’s just not that into you.” Yeah, I’ve seen the movie and the book is in my possession. I know it, it’s just easier said than done. He is so cute and fun and weird in a way that is weird like me so I like it! Well, I guess that brings us to this very minute when I am writing this post so it’s time to put this on the blog and share it with the world. Thanks for stopping by to peek into my personal life!


Heidi said...

Don't get to down on yourself! It will all work out! I see nothing wrong w/ dating a boy that is younger! I am older then my hubby ( only by 6 days.. but still!) Anyway, I love reading your blog! Hope you have a fantastic week!!

Livin it up said...

Thanks Heidi!! Haha, I love that you can share in my love for younger men! 6 days, 6 years...what's the difference? Lol!!