People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Am I Doin?

Waiting…still the worst part of this dating game!! It’s been a few days since my date with hopeful #4. Am I surprised I haven’t heard from him? No, not really. He warned me before I went out with him that he is, “the most frustrating guy” and that he isn’t into dating. I emailed him tonight though. I hope that we can build some sort of relationship because I really want to get to know him better. Like I said before, there is just no real great part about dating. No matter how things go for you, there is always some struggle involved. I am so beyond tired of it. Who isn’t though? I know that I have to stay in the game though. I know it but of course my instinct is to pull back, to hide, to be okay with being alone and never have to deal with any of this. The problem is…I KNOW that greater blessings and happiness await me. I have to make it through this struggle first. I have to fight my way through it to find the prize on the other side of this dark, painful, laborious, path. It’s there…I know it!

While I wait, let’s talk about me on my other paths. I have lost a few pounds but am still struggling to find balance there. Today I wanted to update you on my goal to learn more about sports and to further participate in them. As in all of my goals, I feel like I’m a little bit of a slacker here too, but I have made some changes in my life. Often when I am working out at the gym, I will find a sports channel and watch it to educate myself. I have watched, “Sports Jobs with Junior Seau” a few times and have found it very interesting, informative, and entertaining. This is such a great show because it shows you the behind the scenes of sporting events. Instead of just watching a game, I get to learn a little more about what it’s all about, who the players are, and what it takes to pull off some of these events. It’s been fantastic! I also recently watched something about a former basketball star who died the night after he was drafted to the Boston Celtics. I learned a lot about drafting and basketball from that. Finally, when my friend was going to set me up with the boy who likes baseball, I researched baseball terms and facts online and completed more extensive research about his favorite team. Now…if only he would call!

As far as playing sports, I haven’t gotten out to do much. I work out regularly but have found myself to be so incredibly busy lately that I haven’t made time to improve my sports skills. Some things are in the works though. I have talked to the boys at church and told them that we need to play sports more often. They decided that we should play basketball a couple times a month. I agree. Hopefully we will start this soon. I would love to improve at that sport. It’s one that I definitely enjoy. Other than that, I’m still working slowly at my other goals. I’m gonna pick it up soon…as soon as I find a way to make the days a little longer. For now, I’m just going to go back to my waiting…


Christine said...

I'm impressed that you have taken your sports goal seriously. Maybe when it gets warmer we can play more sports outside.
Man, you're on a posting spree! Three days in a row! :)

Livin it up said...

It's because I know you are checking and I don't want to let you down! :)