People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Encouragement and Advice From Those Who Know

Research really has come to be one of my friends. Who knew? There is nothing like some good finds to pick you up though. In this case, while doing my research for this project, I came across some fun advice and ideas as well as some much needed encouragement. As we all know, this is no easy process. Putting yourself out there takes work. As Mr. Steve Ward (Mr. Tough Love) says, “Dating is training. It’s conditioning. And practice makes perfect.” Now, I don’t know about you, but I have participated in a few sports and have seen a good football practice. That kind of training is intense and brutal but necessary to bring about the desired results. Just as I do with a good workout, the more I throw myself into this project, the more beat down I feel at times. Words of encouragement along the way are little blessings that motivate me to get up and put myself through it another day.

I was reading something today in Mr. Ward’s book, “Crash Course in Love,” that I just loved and helped me to better place myself in this whole dating mecca. Here’s what he said, “At some point in life everyone gets rejected somehow. Learn from each experience and move on-you will be a better person for it. There is someone out there for you, so don’t give up! When you do find love, you will realize it was worth all the effort along the way.” How great is that?? The best part about it is that it is so true! We are not alone and our experiences do make us who we are and hopefully that is a better us if we choose to let them.

Another helpful hint and pick me up from Steve was this. “Learn to let things go. If a potential relationship doesn’t work out, a guy doesn’t call you back, or you’re otherwise disappointed by men, you have to learn to let it go and put it behind you. Don’t be negative. Put the effort you would take to complain about it into finding another relationship if you’re ready, willing, and able to be in one.” That’s right…and that is what I am trying to do. So…tonight it’s institute, once again! I’ve been a little lazy the last few weeks. I’ve had friends there and I get too comfortable with them. I hope you will forgive me ladies, but I must exit our circle from time to time explore the realm of the male gender. Who cares what they think of me for talking to them? Seriously, I do not know them and though I might bump in to them weekly, I really don’t think that going up and introducing myself to them is a bad thing or that it will offend them. If nothing comes of it, then at least I tried, right? Besides, Steve says, “Don’t take yourself too seriously. Learn how to make light of situations that might make you uncomfortable or seemingly look bad. Learn to laugh at yourself.” This could apply to some many of our life’s situations.

Finally, my friend was kind enough this week to share some super awesome articles that she found online. I read ‘em and I loved ‘em, so…you get to enjoy them as well. The first one is very interesting and informative. It reviews myths and facts of dating. Very helpful because sometimes, how to act on a date, or what to think, can be soooo confusing! This clears up a few mysteries. Here’s the link:

The next is so fun. It lists 40 questions that you can ask your date. Some of them I already listed, some are a little out there, but many are fun and interesting. I like it! Even if you are married, maybe there are some interesting things that you can find out about your S.O that maybe you don’t already know. Have a look.

That’s all for today. Time to go get my cute on!


Christine said...

Love that you found a picture of Steve! I would take advice from him any day!!! :) He does tell it like it is and gives tons of encouragement. We all need little packets of sunshine to get us through our days of singlehood. Thanks for doing the research, I thoroughly enjoy it!

PrincessKatie said...

Sounds like some awesome information you are finding out there. good luck!

Livin it up said...

Thanks! I am getting some good info. Just like with the dieting advice though, I take some and leave some...depending on what I feel comfortable with and what I feel is best. Good times!

N for Fila said...

Nice, I'm reading that book too...I love his show on VH1, I was totally addicted to it...I would DVR it and then watch it...he's totally right and his mom too...well keep up the great work, you're truly inspiring to me!!! Heart you tons girl...

Livin it up said...

It is a good show! You can learn a lot from other people's mistakes in life...that's what I have learned. I love that he quotes his mom frequently in the book too...great pair they are! Thanks Nila...I heart you too!!