People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Friday, February 12, 2010 Provo

Location: Center Street and Comedy Sportz

Yesterday, while stalking random people on facebook, I came across a conversation between two 18 year old girls. One said to the other, “The weather has been pretty nice so far actually no -30s quite yet. We are in the single digits though....Haha, I’ve never heard that joke before!!” So I wonder, is this a joke made to make fun of those who are single and 30? Maybe it was the already self-pitying mood I was in but that’s how I took it. I secretly cursed those stupid girls and hope that they end up 30 and single and try to make the most of it. Just try to live it up and be as strong as the rest of us are!! Someday you will see… Okay, I was totally frustrated with my life and how I never seem to get the dating game right and I don’t know, I just started tearing everything about myself apart. I was just hangin out alone and I guess it was just one of those days. Everyone has ‘em right? It’s okay to have a bad, off day once in awhile.

Anyway, after my bad day of self pity, and loathing the stupidity of the young, I decided to go out to see a friend perform at Comedy Sportz in Provo. It seemed like a good time to check the place out and scope out the crowd that frequents the place. I set out with a good friend in tow, not knowing what we would find, but committing to be bold if any opportunities with the opposite sex arose. When we arrived, we were a little early so we decided to take on the streets of Provo…or at least go for a walk anyway. There were actually quite a few other fellow wanderers roaming the street as well. One wanderer in particular definitely noticed us. He headed into a nearby bar and while just inside the door, looked out as we passed and gave us ‘the nod.’ We simultaneously returned the nod and kept walking on our way. Sure we didn’t talk to him and he wasn’t who I was looking for, but being noticed never really hurts my feelings. Just the kind of self esteem booster I needed…despite the fact that he was probably, in reality just checkin out my beautiful friend. That’s okay though, a little recognition in our direction was all we needed.

After a few minutes of brisk walk and interesting companionship, we decided to head back to our original destination and find a seat. We walked in and immediately took in the place. It’s pretty small so finding any prospects took no time at all. Just our luck…most people were there with a date! Come on, doesn’t anyone ever go out alone anymore, or with people of their own gender? Or is everyone actually hooked up….besides me?? Well, we did find a couple of guys sitting alone. While we thought to talk to them later, their boyfriends showed up. Picture me just shaking my head right now. Well, despite the lack of possible male companionship, the show was actually really funny. By the time it was over I think I had definitely cried from laughing so hard which also gave my cheeks a much needed workout…they were pretty sore as well.

Speaking of cheeks, after the show was over, I decided to go talk to my old friend who was had just performed. I haven’t seen him in years really so he was pretty excited to see me. He greeted me with a huge kiss on the above mentioned cheek, and a hug that I thought would never end. He’s just a friend but hey, I’d say a nod, and a little man contact from an old friend makes the night successful enough. Besides, he had one other friend who performed in the show that was not so bad looking himself. Maybe a possible, future hook up of some sort? Anyway, fun night, fun friends, happier me!


Christine said...

Did you know that "self-pity" is a thinking error (a way of thinking that gives you permission to behave in a certain way-there are like 50 of them)? I'm not trying to call out your thinking errors (we know I have PLENTY of them) but it's really interesting to me that our minds have a way to trick us into believing we can act a certian way. We can usually stop our thinking errors by recognizing them and change our thought process thus changing the way we behave.

Emilie said...

"Hunting" . . . I love it--so Twilight-esque! Keep up the good work! It really is great for the ego to have someone nod at you--even if you are only remotely interested.

Livin it up said...

I definitely have some thinking errors! I try not to, there are just same days where it is harder to love yourself than others. Life is good though...I'm grateful for what I have.

Thanks Emilie!! Any positive attention is nice for sure. I survived the first contact with nice guys mother since that hook up. We had a meeting today. I was sooo nervous but I didn't even talk to her. I just tried to act normal though...I can do this!