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Saturday, February 6, 2010

What's Goin Down in SLC...

For some reason, figuring out what to do on a date is one of the hardest parts of dating. I’m not really the kind of person that is okay with all of the weird ideas suggested in date idea books around here. Maybe if I knew the guy well, or were still in high school… I’m not though. I want to have fun of course, but I also want to be a little more mature. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Look up dating ideas and you should find some pretty cheesy ones. Me…I like to explore the town, find out more about what it’s all about. I have found a few great websites that keep people apprised of the goings on of Salt Lake City, as well as some places of interest that would be fun to take a date. I already went to the Clark Planetarium which I thought turned out great. The guy didn’t like me so maybe it was the Planetarium?? Just kidding, it so wasn’t the Planetarium, we just aren’t right for each other. Anyway, here are a few places that I think would be cool to check out and some of the websites that are also useful pieces of internet space in finding out where all the action is.It doesn't matter if you are married or single or are just looking for something to do in town, it's just a small list of what our fabulous city has to offer entertainment wise. In the summer time I will have way more ideas, but for now, these will do:

The Living Planet Aquarium

(I mean...who doesn't want to see this, right??)

Keys on Main ( A dueling piano bar that on some nights also offers karaoke)

Discovery Museum at the Gateway (Sure it’s a children’s museum, but I hear it’s pretty cool)

Desert Star (A dinner/playhouse. They serve dinner and do cool plays that I hear are pretty funny)

Fast Kart Indoor Speedway (A little pricey but guys love this kind of stuff and I think it’s pretty fun too)

Comedy Sportz (They serve food and have some funny people that entertain you…I have a friend performing their next week actually. I think I’m gonna try and snag a date for that)

Jazz Game (This is the local basketball team…just in case you were unaware)

Art Museum (There are several)

Hale Center Theater (Also pricey but sometimes a play would be cool to see. The two I have seen were definitely legit)

Heber Creeper (They always have fun events going on and who doesn’t like trains??)

Also, I found a few really helpful websites for what is going on in town.

Hopefully these are a good start. They definitely give you some options. Some of these things(or all of them) are fun to do with your other friends as well. They might be good places to meet guys…if you need to do that. I might be looking into some of them for that purpose, later on down the road.


Christine said...

Great date ideas! I would also like to include Thanksgiving Point as a good date location. The gardens are AMAZING in the spring and summer!

PrincessKatie said...

I agree Thankgiving Point Garden is awesome! And there is also the INternational Peace Gardens. Or best yet why don't you tour a mortutary ahha!

Livin it up said...

Hahaha, as long as I have a hot man to hold on to when I'm scared, I will go anywhere! I forgot about those places so thanks girls. There really is a lot to do in this place!