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Friday, February 26, 2010

What About Me?

After a few months of thought and revision about my goals, I think that I have found what works best for me in the diet area. I had a few set-backs and my weight has fluctuated between the same couple of pounds for quite some time. I’m ready for it to just go down already! Anyway, as I mentioned previously, I like to take things from different places and learn what I can about being healthy. I’m pretty skeptical about most diets but I think that after quite a bit of research and education in the area, I’m fairly confident in my ability to discern between healthy and unhealthy. I also previously blogged about a diet book that I just read that is not really a diet book. It is titled, “The Gabriel Method.” I decided to give some of its principles a try despite the fact that what I had been doing for the last year was working for me. Suddenly I became confused and wanted to alter my diet because I thought that it would fit in better with my lifestyle over a longer period of time…like my whole life. Sometimes I struggle with the fact that my weight battle is a life-long endeavor. Anyway, I’m trying to make it livable.

After going nowhere with my weight loss goals, I have recently decided to figure out how to incorporate the ideas in The Gabriel Method with what I was already doing. I listed what I was doing on the sidebar but some of those things have changed slightly. For starters, I drink as much water and liquid as I can, but I don’t always get in 64oz. In fact, I rarely do. I just have a hard time drinking and I also seem to posses the smallest bladder on earth. It’s something unique about me. Anyway, I drink when I can. As far as multi-vitamins go, I am more selective about what I take. I usually have an Omega 3 every day, a Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc pill daily and something that Jon Gabriel suggested was taking a probiatic. This last one I purchased at the health food store for quite a large sum of money but I’m pretty sure it works wonders with me. What is it? It is something that helps you use the nutrients in your food. Most of our food is really lacking in nutrients and the reason we always feel hungry is because we don’t get our nutrients. This little pill of wonders just helps you to better digest your food and use it.

About the food, I haven’t been the greatest but have decided to go back to once a week with my sugar. It’s all I need really. Of course, if occasion permits, then I sometimes cheat during the week. I’m trying to be better though. Since our food lacks nutrients, I’m trying to go a little more organic. I have started with some produce, like organic bananas. I also buy farm-fed chicken eggs with omega 3 and less hormones in them. They are more expensive but better for me. I like the fact that my body is getting a little more of what I need and less of what I don’t need!

Aside from dieting, I also like to work out. Okay, some days I like to work out. Not all days! Most of the time I just go to the gym and do about 45 minutes of cardio and some weight lifting, mostly focused on my upper body where most of my fat likes to hang out. I’m what you called a ‘tomato on toothpicks’ shape when I get fat. Anyway, some days I also go for walks with my mom in the neighborhood. Some days I am just tired and lazy and do nothing…that is okay! I try not to make a habit of not doing anything but I don’t want to kill myself by forcing myself to have to work out 6 days a week for at least an hour. I try to get in good workouts when I can, which is most days. Relieving some of the stress also helps. I hate feeling guilty about not making my goals so I had to make them more attainable.

Finally, a little piece of the Jon Gabriel Method that I have incorporated is his meditation CD. You are supposed to listen to this when you are going to sleep at night. You can download it for free off of his website. I listen to it a lot of nights. It’s just about relaxing and visualizing your weight loss and things like that. It certainly can’t hurt right? For me I feel like it even helps. Sometimes I am okay with the way I look and other times I am so envious of the really skinny people. I need to be okay though, in case I am stuck here forever! Just kidding, I will lose some more…just not sure how much.

Oh, and one more thing. I have been feeling totally off this game this week and crappy about myself. I think it’s time for some intervention! Next week I have an appointment to get my hair cut…always a self-esteem booster. I think I will schedule a facial at the spa as well. My mom and I gave this to each other for Christmas so we are going to go together. Seems like good therapy to me! And if you know where #6 is hiding, please let me know! Thank you very much.


Tacy said...

I think your goals sound good and you are amazing for working on them! Lance started using this meditation CD that his mom gave him and he seriously felt like it made excercising easier and helped with weight loss a little. So that is cool that you found something like that too. Good luck!

Livin it up said...

Thanks Tacy...I'm trying!! The thing I try to remember is that I have bad days, we all do, and it's okay. That doesn't mean it is the end of the world or that I should just quit my goals and give up. I'm trying to keep picking myself back up and doing my best to continue on! That's cool that Lance has a meditation CD as well, it's really awesome!

Christine said...

Yay for a hair cut!!! Is there going to be a little coloring too??? I love getting my hair done and feeling a little pampared at the salon! You're amazing! Keep going and remember to take deep breaths! There is someone with a little more knowledge looking out for you, you know who He is :) Trust

Sam J. said...

I've got great results with The Gabriel Method and i just wanted to say keep doing it, it will pay off at the end. It's somehow unique and the CDs help a lot imho.

Livin it up said...

Christine! I so want to color my hair a little just because I never actually really have. My hairdresser says I have virgin hair...I want to tell her that's not all but at the same time...I don't. Haha. I don't think I can afford it right now though! Soon! Thanks for helping me get through this crazy week!!

Sam, wow, that is so great that you have stuck with The Gabriel Method and seen results. I think that Jon has some really great ideas. So far I am loving it as well!