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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Institute Saga Continues...

Despite the fact that most of you did not comment, I still knew before setting out on my way to Institute last evening that you were holding me accountable, waiting in anticipation for a full report of the night’s events. With that in mind, I picked up my friend and with determination in my step, I set out for institute. Class was great as always. My teacher is such an inspiration to me…so perfect for me in my life right now. I’m glad that I found her and have the opportunity to learn from her each week. Looking around my class, I didn’t find too many prospects for #5 so I thought I would just wait for the treats and visiting afterward.

Speaking of the mingle, it consisted of…food, boys, friends, hunting, and bold acts of courage. Let’s start with the food then, shall we? Tonight they served up rice crispy treats and hot chocolate. After my weekend of dieting purely on sugar, I decided that I needed to put my health plan back in place this week, and that sugar once a week would suffice plenty for my future needs. Therefore, the treats this week were sadly unacceptable for me. Oh well, what can you do?

As I stood around with my friend taking in the scene before me, the prospects were pretty undesirable. My friend decided to take the first leap and talked to a boy who slightly resembled your stereotypical serial killer. I know, she’s a bold and brave woman. Almost as soon as he opened his mouth she wished she had been a little more shy. I didn’t join the conversation and saw almost immediately that I needed to separate myself from this catastrophe. I left the room in search of other mingling opportunities. All I came up with in the end however, was my friend, who had found a way to ditch the creepy guy, and another friend who had just showed up.

After perusing the room several times, I was beginning to feel desperate. I made a goal; I promised you that I would do it! I had to talk to at least one guy, even though my goal was two. I saw a lone man near my group of girls. We exchanged several glances. For quite some time I contemplated my move. He was half way between us and the treats. I finally decided to sacrifice one goal for another and headed for the hot chocolate to break away from the safety of my girl group and talk to the lone man. Almost immediately upon breaking from the group, I realized that my sacrifice was going to be in vain. He had apparently decided that he had waited long enough and took off in the same direction I was headed. I didn’t want to run after him calling out, “WAAAAIIIIT!!” He was too far in front of me. The only thing for me to do was to obtain the hot chocolate and circle the entire group once again, hoping for someone I had missed.

When nothing new caught my eye, I returned to my circle of friends, dejected, depressed, and discouraged. I knew however, that I could not admit defeat just yet. When I set my mind to something and determination moves me, there is no stopping me. Just as I was contemplating what to do and considering (only slightly) accepting defeat, a fairly good-looking guy came, dropped off his Ensign right by where I stood, and left just as soon as he came, to play the great sport of basketball. I could not even get one word out. His friend then came and dropped off his Ensign as well.

A thought, a crazy thought, entered my mind. What if I wrote him a note in his Ensign?? I ran it past my friends who thankfully didn’t think (or at least didn’t express aloud) that I was too crazy. So I finally decided to take a leap and do it. Just as I was about to however, my old friend that I had run into the first week came by. We chatted with him for quite awhile. As we did so, the room emptied out significantly. Yikes, what was I supposed to do….he could totally see me stalking his Ensign now. I decided to take my chances anyway and write a quick note. Wow…just in time too. As soon as I put the pen down, suddenly he and his friend appeared, right there. I just walked away into the hall. My friends stayed and watched him though (where were they when they were supposed to be keeping a look-out for me?? Apparently we forgot to establish a code word for when they (the guys) reached close proximity…oh well). As it turned out, I had the Ensigns mixed up. His friend said, “I put my Ensign under yours.” Dang it!!! Wrong guy! And as my friend pointed out, what if it’s his mother’s Ensign?? I hope some mom doesn’t call me up wondering why I wrote in her Ensign, “Hey, I wanted to talk to you but you were playing basketball,” signed with my name and phone number. I guess we’ll see how this all turns out. What a mess!

I was about ready to give up and go home after that little stunt but as we walked out into the foyer, we noticed a large gathering…and food. Where there is food…there are men. There seemed to be plenty of them so we scoped out one or two who might be safe to meet. They were preoccupied however, so I continued my hunt until I spotted a few guys sitting together in the chairs on the side of the room. I decided to take ‘em all on! That’s right, 3 in one shot. I was definitely getting my quota last night. I told you, when I’m determined, I’m determined! It was fun chatting with these nice fellows. They weren’t much younger than me and were good conversationalists. When I finally concluded that the conversation was going nowhere productive however, I said my goodbyes, see ya arounds, and headed back toward my friends, elated at my success of overcoming my fears and putting myself out there. I don’t know if I’ll see those guys around again but they were nice and I wouldn’t mind. At the same time, I don’t know that I’m willing to put much effort into making it happen with these ones.

Wow, what a crazy night. Crazy, but I feel like it was productive. Thanks for pushing me, even though you didn’t comment! Feel free to leave your comments in the future and to follow me. It makes me feel like I’m doing this for a reason, more than the ultimate reason of course, which hasn’t worked thus far in my life. Plus, it makes me feel less alone in the process and we all know that the process can feel very lonely at times…most of the time!!


PrincessKatie said...

Yeah for taking a big leap and putting yorusel fout there. And I relaly hope the boys mom calls from teh Ensign! That would be aweosme. Just kidding.s orry I haven't been reading its been a cxrazy week. Keep posted and keep up the hard work. I am sure your efforts at institue will help pay off somehow!

Shanny said...

You are a brave, brave woman. Good work!

Tacy said...

That note in the Ensign kinda reminds me of a note we left on a napkin for a cute guy at Chuck-O-Rama! Ha ha ha. I'm glad I can laugh about that now. Maybe this one will be more succesful! That really is great that you got out of your comfort zone to talk to those guys. I think that is making progress. Maybe eventually it will just come naturally to you!

Mariel said...

Nice work, Teresa!

Livin it up said...

Thanks girls! Wow Tacy, now I feel like an immature young girl again! Haha, oh well. I had forgotten about those stupid boys. They were immature!! I haven't had any mothers call yet but I will keep you posted!!

PrincessKatie said...

So i got on to read about this upcoming date ?>WHERE IS THE INFO? hAHA!