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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Great Man # 8

Great rhymes with eight and that is mainly the reason I chose to label this date as such. Wow, date also rhymes. Forgive me. As I write, I have just come home from a long day at church in which I played a violin solo, taught the relief society/priesthood lesson, and then filled up on treats afterword, including a taste of deep fried peanut butter cup. The last was hardly by choice I can assure you. Gentleman #1 and Great #8 ganged up on me and made me do it. So I did. It was pretty gross, I don’t recommend trying it at home. Anyway, as a result of the relief of being done with my priestly duties and eating large amounts of sugar, there’s no telling what may come out in this post.

If you did not read the last post, do so now. If you did read, then you are caught up on my life and may continue. After much trial, it finally came to be the time for my date. Thankfully I had a date to take with me to this pre-planned event! Faith really is the key, despite my sometimes bad attitude and impatience. Anyway, I picked up #8 promptly at 6:46pm and headed toward the freeway and Hale Center Theater. I first had to apologize for making it sound like he was last on my list when I asked him to come with me. See, I have no tact and really need more dating practice. That’s why this project is so good for me. Anyway, he was fine and we easily slid into comfortable conversation.

Number eight is a friend from church. I talk to him there frequently and we have shared some great laughs in the past so I really wasn’t worried about hanging out with him. We talked about our lives, work, school, and all the normal little things you talk about with a friend or a date. We arrived at the theater a little early and were the first of our party of six to get there in fact, so we obtained our tickets from the will call, and waited for everyone else to arrive. We anticipated what we might see and observed other theater goers as they arrived. Finally the other four of our friends and neighbors showed up and we chatted some more, made introductions, and headed into the theater.

Somehow we were separated from the rest of our group. Oh yeah, that’s right, I have the smallest bladder ever and had to make a quick stop before sitting down to view a long play. No worries, nothing about the protective toilet seat covers, or anyone’s unsettled gut made its way into the conversation. No, I just took care of my business and headed for the play. Thank goodness I took care of the bladder though. When we found our seats, they were right in the dead center of an already packed row. We climbed over the old couples and other viewers, and took our seats, waiting to see what the night would hold for us.

Honestly, I was a little skeptical about going to see, “The Three Musketeers.” I knew there would be sword fighting but that’s about it. As a true woman, I was honestly dreading a night of just sword fighting. The opening didn’t disappoint either. It opened with a big sword fighting scene, who would have guessed. Honestly though, it got better and better. The play was hilarious! The night flew by with lots of laughs and smiles. I would highly recommend renting the movie if you haven’t seen it. Well, I haven’t either but I totally plan on renting it myself now.

Number eight and I’s favorite line was when one of the Musketeers was being very serious and dramatic, explaining to another young man about love. He said, very seriously, “love…is the death of all hope.” It was funny, I promise. The best part about our favorite line, was that today in church, our branch President was speaking to us and counseled us to, “never give up hope.” I looked back at him and we both just started laughing. I could seriously hear him trying so hard to keep it in, as was I. It was such a serious moment, as he (the branch pres.) was being released today, but that was just so funny! To us it was funny anyway, and I like that I can come away from a date like that, and still be friends…to be able to look back at the date with fun memories. It was good times. Afterward, I was thinking about all of the things I had to do for today, so I decided just to take him home. I had thought about grabbing some dessert or something, but I was a little stressed so I headed straight for his house.

On the way home, we enjoyed more good conversation. He brought up the subject of dating in fact. We talked a little bit about it and he shared some of his concerns with the pressure put on him in the dating scene. He is young, as I mentioned yesterday, and goes to BYU. He’s pretty focused on his studies and doesn’t appreciate the pressure he feels to get married. I enjoyed hearing his perspective because it is always enlightening to me, to learn where the men are, ya know? The other young man that I was interested in recently, is probably in the same boat. And can I wrong them? No. I like the fact that they are doing the things they need to do with their lives to be successful, and to become the adult they want to be. I have loved the time I have had to grow myself, and to enter the professional world. I cannot wrong a man for wanting the same things.

Don’t get me wrong, once they reach a certain age, they really should have figured it out by then and should be actively seeking a companion. Also, these boys don’t shut out dating opportunities and I know that if the right person came along, they would act on it. I’m just saying that men have their concerns too and I like to know them so I can better appreciate what they are going through. So, we had a fantastic chat and as I was about to his house, I was a little sad I didn’t grab that ice cream, but it was kinda late at that point. Oh well. He really seemed to enjoy himself, as did I. Yay for another date and learning experience. On to more good ones next week, right?!

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