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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Maybe Next Week

Crazy, crazy, crazy week! It’s the last week of school which means that it’s my last week of work for the summer. This is a good thing! As a result however, I have been running around, between all eight of the schools I teach at, trying to get things organized and shut down for the year. Every night it seems I have also been occupied with other things like my institute class (which I have continued for the summer), and volunteering. Between things, I have done my best to get in some good workouts. There has hardly been a spare second to think about me…or men. Let’s look back at the week though, and see where we are, men wise.

I guess we could start the week with Sunday right? I wrote a little bit about Sunday when writing about #8 but didn’t go into much detail. Sunday was a pretty good day. There were people at church which always makes me happy for some reason. One in particular, I’m just sayin. I had a good time mingling with a lot of people Sunday. Some old friends came back and we had a huge feast after church. No lies, it was huge. Most popular for the boys though, was the deep fryer outside. Are you kidding me? The person providing such disgusting ‘treats’ brought everything you can think of to deep fry. There were oreos, candy bars, twinkies, etc. It was like boy Heaven. It was fun to mingle with many of them (lots of laughs and smiles with #1 during church), and my girl friends as well.

Sunday night I went to Heidi’s ward prayer. She hosted so it was a good opportunity to go and see what her ward had to offer. It quickly became apparent however, that what her ward had to offer, was not for me. The first few guys that showed up couldn’t have been much older than 18. If they were, they didn’t look or act like it. While I love being reminded of just how long ago 18 was, I’m thinking that a lifetime of it probably wouldn’t be the best idea. They were out.

So, I was talking to my friend Faith about my prospects. I told her that there was a new guy in my institute class that I was definitely going to talk to this week. As I was telling her this, I turned around and he was right behind me! Weird!! Who knew that he was in my friend’s ward. And that she knew him. Anyway, I told Heidi and she revealed his name to me. She later spoke to him but I didn’t meet him. I had to leave fairly early on to get to choir practice. No loss though, my friends were fun but the guys….

That brings us to choir. Interesting rehearsal. I was quite late and ended up just behind choir boy’s sister. Great, she had me singing in her ear all night. I didn’t have a chance to talk to her. Afterward I did hear her mention her brother to someone. Ha!! I told you it was her brother. I walked past him waiting for her on my way out and I smiled at him. He smiled back. They walked out just behind me. I realized on closer look, that maybe I wasn’t all that interested. I’m not interested enough to pursue him anyway. If he wants to approach me, that would be cool.

The only other instance this week where men were involved was institute. The boy was there sitting in the same place as last week. He smiled at Heidi and then class began. Afterward, she talked to him for awhile and we all decided to head up to the mingle. As we did so, I found myself alone with him and her. I finally took the chance to introduce myself. After hearing him converse both nights, I wasn’t so sure what I thought of him. Then, on the way up to the mingle (or the see and be seen) he mentioned that he and his girlfriend of one year had just broken up. It was kind of weird when he started talking about that and I was quickly over it. So, there ya have it. Nothing!

I’ve been waiting and waiting to find this jackpot of older men with depth and establishment, as well as direction in their lives. The thing is, I don’t think they are all hanging out together after all. In fact, I’m pretty sure they are all spread out, so I am really going to have to get my detective skills on to find some of them. I am headed out of town once again this weekend but next week I plan to hit the streets extra hard. I have a lot of ground to make up for months of slacking off!!

P.S...I'm going to my niece's baptism this weekend. I'm pretty sure that's where I'll meet my soul mate so don't even be surprised if I get married while in Vegas over the weekend, or just come back with a new man on the list. Just kidding, but maybe...

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Mariel said...

Maybe...just, maybe...a niece's baptism could be the perfect place to meet Mr. Forever!! I wonder if it's easier to find "older guys" by being set up. Cause, you're seems like they may have moved past the stage of frat boy life and don't get out as much in social situations. Hmmm...I don't know. It can be pretty crappy being "set up" but, ya never know...lots of people have success that way too.

I'm keeping tabs, keeping tabs...hey, email me some of your favorite places in the Boston area. Going there next week!