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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Men Like These

Boston was fantastic! I absolutely LOVED it, and really hated coming back! Here I am though, and I guess I’m just ready to move on. Before I left for my trip I was watching Rachel Ray one morning again. She said something to the effect that if you don’t forgive people, you are only hurting yourself. You know the line right? It’s true though. I realized that I needed to move on, otherwise I was letting those girls win. Those girls happen to be friends with one of my good friends as well. I like her! So, I realized that they must have some good qualities, otherwise she wouldn’t be friends with them. So, instead of stooping to their level in a stupid and thoughtless moment, I have decided to stop judging them, try to stop judging myself, and move on. Boston was a great way to get that started!

I must say however, that upon my arrival in the good city of Boston, as I walked in to the apartment where I was to stay I was a bit intimidated. The girls that were putting me up seemed nice, but were really pretty. I couldn’t help being worried that they would be judging me. It was hard to put aside my fears and not act like a little girl. With great effort, I took a deep breath and put on my best face, ignoring the negative feelings that kept trying to keep me from having a good time. The trip turned out wonderfully and I eventually forgot about those girls, Utah, and the life I had left behind. I had fun!!!

One particular part of the trip was quite amusing and wonderful…Sunday. Church day. We attended church at a single’s ward, right by Harvard. I absolutely loved Cambridge by the way. I kept wishing I had thought to be smart enough when I was younger to go there. Nice place for sure. Anyway, the ward was fun. People seemed pretty nice. They were all very well dressed which was kind of fun to see. I love that fashion is so prevalent in Boston. Anyway, at church they announced that later that evening, the elder’s quorum would be feeding the girls for dinner that evening. Yes…free dinner and a chance to mingle!!

When we arrived at the house where this dinner was to take place, two of the nice young gentlemen in the elder’s quorum were standing out on the street in front of a very official looking, “Valet Parking” sign. Yes, that’s right, they thought of everything, including a valet. Inside there were a great number of men slaving over pots of varying sauces and pastas in the kitchen. Outside it was one of the most beautiful days I have ever witnessed and tables and chairs were in abundance in the back yard. Girls were everywhere, mingling and preparing for the much anticipated meal.

We soon found a seat and it wasn’t long before another nice elder’s quorum member came by to take our order. They had quite the variety for this Italian feast. It was fantastic. Along with the pasta, they also served salad and homemade bread (seriously, made by a man). I put in my order for meal and drink and sat back to take in the whole picture of the event. It was fantastic. Men walking around in aprons, wearing dish towels, doing their best to make each woman feel well taken care of and happy! When the meal arrived, it did not disappoint; it was delightful. While cheesecake, or any dessert for that matter, would have really finished off the meal and made it perfect, I have to give these guys props for successfully pulling off such an event and making a lot of women happy. When we finished eating, they came around and bused our tables, taking our garbage and making sure we enjoyed our meal. Good times!

Jealous! Really, it seems like the boys respect us enough here but how awesome to have them cheerfully go all out for the women. I took pictures to bring back to Utah. So that I will always remember that there are some great guys out there, and just in case I ever have an opportunity to whip out one of ‘em around our elder’s quorum! Haha. Just kidding, it was really fun though.

The best part…I let myself be myself. Annoying or not. I had some fun with the guys. I even got snapped with a dishtowel by the hottest guy there. I’m a little sarcastic and may have let that come out a slightly. This particular hot man asked if we needed anything else, well after our garbage had been collected. I was like, “yeah, we didn’t get any food yet!” He looked shocked! I quickly laughed and let him know I was kidding, hence the dishtowel maneuver he pulled. I had a great time! Hoping to find more good times like these with men soon. Men who have style and class…like these ones!


Cindy Lou said...

It sounds like you had a great time Teresa and I am so glad that you did. Congratulations on your graduation!!!

Christine said...

I wish there were dinners like that in Utah!!! Sounds like a ton of fun! I'm so impressed that you let yourself be yourself! Sometimes that's really hard for me. I'm so happy Boston went well for you!

Livin it up said...

It was fun...the only thing missing was you guys! Woulda been great with friends so we def should plan a trip together or something!