People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where is # 8?

Here’s what we’ve got to work with these days:

Choir Boy-He is a bass, very manly. Problem number one, he comes with a girl. Problem number two, he sits so far away from me that he is hard to snag to talk to afterwards in the throngs of people. What happened this last Sunday in fact, was that he and his sister showed up quite late. When I saw that they weren’t there and it was about to start, I just went ahead and took my seat near the front of the room. I know, total over-achiever. Oh well. I was disappointed some time later to see them come in and she to take a seat in the back of my section. There was no friendly bonding even possible. He and I however, did exchange several glances across the room. I gave him a little smile. Hmm, I really hope that it was me he was looking at and not some other girl near me.

After the rehearsal ended, the masses of people began to gather and file out. It seemed that people were more willing to linger and mingle a little more this week though. Unfortunately, my only mingle was with the guy from my ward. He sat near me and asked me questions about the music. Afterward he said goodbye to me quite loudly through a crowd of people. Well, I guess the Tenor’s now know my name. As for my bass friend, well, a Soprano snatched him up before I could even hope to get to that side of the room. He talked to her with her long flowing hair, while his sister waited in the back of the chapel. I left.

As a funny side note…while walking out of the building, I ran into an elder from my mission. I saw him a few months back for the first time in years. He was always a real strange one, that’s for sure. I honestly do not know how to describe this guy to you, other than pretty different. Anyway, we said hi and he looked me up and down and said, “well you’re looking good.” Hahaha, it was so funny…especially coming from him. Mostly coming from him. It was the way he said it and everything. I then said goodbye and went on my way, hopes dashed until next week.

The Lurker-This man comes from work. I teach at one particular school where he also works. I’m not sure exactly what he does because he is usually lurking around my classroom…which is actually the cafeteria. Sometimes he comes in to blow up his balls….basketballs, footballs, etc. The machine is pretty noisy but I let him use it anyway. I haven’t had the chance to peek at that left hand yet to see if he’s married but if he is, he’s awfully friendly. I don’t know if there is any potential here or not but he is fairly attractive and certainly seems interested. What do you do in this kind of situation though? I don’t know.

Other-Well, there really aren’t any other possibilities, other than the hopes that maybe someone will set me up. Grandma is still looking for me so I’m pretty sure I’ll have a date soon! Otherwise, I’m just hoping for some kind of miracle. If you know me, it would be super fabulous if you’d stay on the look-out for me. Thanks friends! Here’s hoping for some sweet, miraculous, male-encounters at the institute tonight!

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