People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Perusing in Salt Lake City

Location: Private house party of several fellow single ladies in Sugar House.

Company: Mixed…eventually

Though not always successful, I still put myself in situations where meeting my next date could be a possibility. That is why this weekend I went to a game night party at a friend’s house. We will call this particular friend by the alias name of, ‘Faith Hill.’ Now, she’s not actually THE Faith Hill but is just as gorgeous and her singing skills are certainly of a fairly comparable nature. In fact, I hope to see her perform someday…maybe she can get a gig singing our country’s National Anthem sometime…and then I can say to you, “look, there is my friend Faith Hill, who normally goes by a completely different name altogether, but there she is!” Anyway, enough about the whole alias thing, she was gracious enough to host a party last night for several young single partiers to mingle and laugh and make merriment.

After a day of craziness and running around, I finally took a moment to get ready for a night of fun. After keeping my friend Heidi (who is not actually a Heidi but will be known by the alias name of Heidi for anonymity purpose in my blog…also not to be confused with the Heidi who actually is my friend and follows the blog….this one is more like, ‘Heidi Ho neighbor,’ ya know?) waiting for quite some time, we finally left our homes, stopped at the market for some treats, and headed Eastward toward the location of the soon to be hopping night life awaiting us at the home of our good friend Faith Hill.

Upon our late arrival, it was clear that we were not the only ones who decided to show up a little late to the party. In fact, we just added to the homogenous gender pool that was beginning to gather. That’s okay though, it gave us time to catch up with Faith and get settled before the real excitement began. When it did begin, fun times were had by all. Seriously, I just want you to sit back and think for a moment. Think about when was the last time you played the game, “Clue.” I know…it’s been forever right? Well, after one of our male friends finally showed up, a few of us decided to solve our own murder mystery and whipped out the novel game of clue, with its missing and substitute pieces and all. It was pretty fun, despite Faith and our other male friend (my #7) teaming up and totally cheating to win. Just kidding, I think they just won by luck.

Well, it was hard to really beat the excitement of ‘Clue’ but we definitely still had an enjoyable time with other games as well. In fact, we played ‘Apples to Apples,’ a real classic. I really do love this game, especially when I win…which I did. As we played, several late arrivals showed up, constantly increasing the number of players. That’s okay though, I fooled them all. At one point, I chose the card of a guy that I didn’t even realize was there, until I chose his card. I quickly decided (after hurriedly scanning the room) that he was the best looking unknown male there. He seemed nice enough. After more mingling, watching others play twister, and eating some treats, we decided to bring out the karaoke to really finish out the evening with a bang.

During Karaoke, I was able to further observe this mysterious male party-goer. He was willing to participate, seemed friendly enough, but not necessarily my type. Actually, I’m really not sure how old he was, he seemed pretty young. While we certainly brought down the house with an ‘All American Rejects” duet, I wouldn’t say that there was really anything there. Unfortunately this realization left me out of luck for the night as, really, he was the only option.

Despite the lack of desirable male company, I still had a really enjoyable night. Thanks Faith Hill! As Heidi and I discussed, being out there meeting new people is part of the networking that has to occur to eventually get us to the right one. Besides, it was just fun to hang out with other people in the same boat as me and have a good time. I like people…sometimes.

Speaking of people, it’s Sunday. You know what that means right? Tonight…choir practice. I’m a little nervous about my plan to hang with the sister but it can’t be that bad right? Wish me luck…I’ll let you know how it goes later!


Christine said...

Wow that was hilarious!!! That Heidi girl sounds great! You must have some amazing friends!

Livin it up said...

Ya know, I really do! Haha, we always have good times, that's for sure!