People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Choir Boys

So, choir. Here’s what went down Sunday night. I went to choir and being the overly punctual person that I am, arrived ridiculously early. I was a little nervous though, and wanted to make sure that I found the correct location and obtained a decent seat…of my choice. I also wanted to make sure there was time to scope out the prey. Hmmm, that of course presents a problem. When you are the only one there, there is no prey to scope…no matter how hard you search the same empty room. Okay, I didn’t actually go in that early. I waited in my car for a few more singers to arrive. Not only am I punctual, but I am prepared…I brought reading material. I like to carry something around with me for any spare free moment of reading pleasure. As soon as the clock turned to ten minutes till starting time, I deemed it acceptable to open my car door and step out into the unknown.

The location of the choir practice was actually not new to me…I just wasn’t sure of the specific room where the upcoming practice would take place. I used my higher level thinking and logic skills and headed to the most obvious choice. I was not disappointed. While still a very early arriver, I wasn’t the first. I was the first in my section however, giving me the golden choice of seat. I chose carefully and planted my rear for an exciting hour and a half to come.

As the single singers began to gather, my anticipation slowly fell. Who are these guys anyway? Don’t any normal men sing? I know they do, so why do they not make it known in public? Not cool I guess. Anyway, the choices were definitely slim. In fact, even without my broken glasses on my face, I soon saw a familiar face across the room…the best looking male face in the room. Unfortunately, he is from my quaint little single’s ward and because I am already quite familiar with him, he is definitely not an option for me.

Well, things on the male side weren’t looking too great but I was still excited to view our musical selection. I love singing…especially when the music is enjoyable. Just as we were about to get started, I took one more glance behind me at the stragglers still approaching a seat. I did notice a male who could be interesting. He was with a girl. It is a choir for singles so they are definitely not married. As to any other possible relationships, I honestly think that she was his sister. I’m not trying to make excuses, I promise! They didn’t appear to be anything else but I have yet to find out…but we will get to that shortly.

First things first. As I finally decided that my scoping was over for now, I took a few moments to look through my packet of music. Fabulous! One of the arrangements is a piece that I was actually thinking about just last week, wishing for another opportunity to sing it. I had the awesome opportunity to perform it last year in a CES fireside. Very exciting. As the rehearsal progressed, I found that all of the music is quite delightful and I am happy to have the chance to sing it…and in the Tabernacle no less. Well, more about that later.

As rehearsal was wrapping up, I was so tired! It was nearly 10:00 p.m. Not that late I realize, but I have just been exhausted lately. Ready for summer vacation I guess. Anyway, I contemplated what to do after the prayer was said and we were dismissed. I did not come up with any good ideas so, I just decided to head home. Apparently that was everyone else’s thought as well. They scrambled out of there in record time.

On my drive home I considered the night’s events. Several blocks later, the car that had been behind me pulled into the left turn lane next to me. I looked over. It was the girl…and her ‘brother.’ Seriously! I looked away quickly. After some time, I felt brave and curious so I took a chance and looked again. This time they were both looking at me. He was driving. Maybe they recognized me. Maybe not. Anyway, I looked away quickly again and their light changed. A plan quickly formed in my tired but not completely dysfunctional brain. This little girl (she was pretty short…no offense to the shorty’s…I love ‘em!) totally sings in my section. Next week, we will become friends. I will conveniently wait to be seated until after her arrival. Then I can find out the real relationship between her and Mr. Family Love. So, Sunday it is. Until then, I am off for another inspiring evening of Institute.


Christine said...

Thanks for the shout out to the shorty's!!! What's Up!!! Ha ha
I think it a great plan to hit it off with the sister...if that's what she is :) Anyway, at least you have a new potential.

Livin it up said...

Haha...any time! I'll do my best next week...we'll just have to see what happens I guess. We need to try some new venues as well...

Emilie said...

I HOPE no offense to shorties! What the heck?