People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sometimes life just gets in the way. This week, this month, life has certainly been a little bit in my way. I can’t complain really, despite my abundance of stress this week. See, I own house in Southern Utah. It’s been empty for a year and a half. I’m not in it because I decided that I’m not ready to be a small town girl just yet, despite its many positive aspects. If you thought my dating game was a little on the non-existent side right now, you should have seen me there. Being the only young single adult in town made for an interesting dating life. I dated myself. I am grateful for the time I had to get to know myself better. Actually, it gave me a chance to really learn a lot about me in a way that I needed in order to make me more successful at relationships in the future.

Anyway, my point is…I finally got renters! This my friends is a day I have dreamed of for years now…the day when the complete sum of my monthly mortgage does not solely rest on my shoulders as I receive nothing in return but an unforeseen end to a life in my parent’s basement. It’s great to be 30 and living with the parents! Okay, it has its advantages but is seriously embarrassing at times. Anyway, this week I had to run down south and take care of a few things in my house before these heaven sent (hopefully) renters took over my palace.

My reason for this long, but hopefully entertaining, explanation is that I have been so occupied with the preparation of my home that I haven’t been blogging this week, or even really considering it. That’s not exactly true; I think about it daily and wonder what to write. Today in fact, I just want to further explain my recent dilemma. I don’t think that this was fully explained previously but as Heidi and I were talking this week, some valid concerns were brought to the surface so I thought… let’s share them with the world…on the internet!

Every single expert on the subject of dating and relationships has strongly advised that men are the ones to do the pursuing. That means that they should be approaching me and asking me out, not the other way around. While this was my policy prior to beginning an experiment to date 40 men in a year, I am now feeling stunted once again in my dating endeavors. I’m not sure if I thought that starting a blog would suddenly make me more desirable to the male population, but I guess I hoped! Haha! So, the question that Heidi and I have is ‘Why am I not approachable?’ ‘What do other girls have, that are approached, that I don’t?’ Well, I’m working on this one. I’m learning some stuff and just going to try some different things. I will let you know what works. Meanwhile, I am dateless! I’m trying to stay positive though, and realize that I have just been extremely busy lately. I will get back on track soon and have some fun dating adventures to share yet! I’m hoping for better luck tonight at choir!

PS…Where are you? Are you still with me?


Christine said...

Umm, wait a minute. I think you forgot to mention that you were approached at institute last week! Did you forget already! In case you forgot his name was Tom and he was brave enough to approach three gorgeous girls! But you were the one that he talked to first! Don't give up hope yet! You are totally approachable and Tom is evidence of that!

Livin it up said...

Haha, I may have chosen to skip over our institute experience this time! He was nice though....and brave to approach a group of girls so props to him!

Shanny said...

I'm here, and waiting for some updates about choir boy! Though, really, I think you ought to trust grandma, and see who she finds for you ;)

Livin it up said...

Thanks Shannon! Ya know, I really am just holding out for what grandma has to offer! Haha...

Emilie said...

Teresa--I'm lookin' and lookin'. I wish I knew some good single guys. The only ones I know are 6 years and 2 years. Very suitable. Very adorable.

You are right about southern Utah, though! Not a single fella in sight! I'm glad that we had you to date us, though. Our Friday night dates were fun, don't you think? I'm sure you would have preferred a young, attractive single male instead of two weirdy married people with poor tastes in movies.

As far as being approachable? Next time you are at a stop light, look over at the guy in the car next to you, wink, and lick the window. That, my dear, is approachable.

Livin it up said...

They are very adorable boys! So was that one guy I went out with that you used to know once. You have certainly done a good share of lookin for me and I appreciate it, thanks!

As for your taste in movies...what can I see, even you fall asleep during them! Haha, just kidding, your movies always invoke deeper how one uses the bathroom from a very high pedestal. I love em!! I wouldn't trade those nights with you guys for anything!! And since I refuse to take your last piece of advice...ummm, it looks like we might be in for a long future of them!!