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Friday, April 16, 2010

Let's Make a Deal

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any progress on my goals. Don’t think that this has been an accident. I told you, I’ve been a slacker all year. How to be more accountable though? You guys never say bad things about me not accomplishing any of them so I just continue my slacker ways. Anyway, my greatest goal, aside from dating lots and lots of men, is to lose this weight already! We know this. I have mentioned it often. As you also know however, I have recently recommitted to this task. In fact, I have totally lost a whole 5 pounds since becoming an avid blogger. Nonetheless, I decided I need baby steps along the way. So, with summer coming…I have a specific goal weight which is about 16-17 pounds less than last time I weighed myself (this morning).

The question is…when do we define summer? Well, I decided to call it June. What happens then? Nothing special, just school’s out…it’s getting hot and well, it seems like summer...the time for the clothes to come off and swimsuits on! I definitely need some new summer clothes though; some that don't involve hoodies, sadly. So…if I reach my weight, then I get to buy new clothes. Awesome huh. If not, well…then I guess I get to buy you a new outfit. Better yet, if I reach my goal, how about you each buy me a new outfit?? Sounds like a plan. Thanks for following me! Haha…okay fine, I will buy my own outfit, but I probably won’t buy you one. I’m not made of money…I’m a teacher!

To be honest, I am not doing anything super special to lose the weight. I’m just doing what has worked in the past, which is basically the plan I have outlined, although not quite as strict. I am also listening to the Gabriel Method Meditation CD every night and it’s totally helping! Also, because I am trying to be healthier, I am trying to learn more about natural foods and herbs. Eating foods that actually have nutritional value really do make you feel better and less hungry. It’s a crazy thing, I know. Anyway, so far so good. Let’s get skinny!


Heidi said...

5 lbs! That is wonderful! I wish that I could say that! I bet you will be in a yellow polka dot bikini in NO time!

Livin it up said...

Haha, you know it! Watch out Utah...could be scary!

Emilie said...

You looked so GREAT the last time you came to visit. I was really surprised! I am totally on board the buying new outfits when you reach your goal. Believe me, when I strike it rich we are going shoppin'! That will have to wait, of course. I'm an at-home mommy. I don't get paid much, either. Come to think of it--I've never been paid--what the heck?!?!

Livin it up said...

Thanks Em! And you should totally get paid! Maybe the government can work on that, paying mommas. When I am president, I will make it happen. Vote for me!

Mariel said...

Nice work, 5 pounds is still 5 pounds! I tell you what, I'm a fan (and all my buddies too) of doing the ultra-hard HCG's hard but it works SO fast. Obviously, afterwards you have to eat better/exercise if you don't want to gain it back...same with any diet. I would just much rather do that for 3 weeks than a year of steady dieting...I'm impatient. But, sounds like your doing great! Keep up the motivation!