People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hide and Go Seek

The dating game is really just a game of hide-and-go-seek. The problem however, is that there is a lot of hiding and a lot of seeking, but not a whole lot of finding. Okay, obviously some lucky seekers have found their prey but it’s rough. This particular game of hide and seek involves an entire world of places to possibly look. Seriously, what if my next man is currently vacationing in Australia? In that case, I hope he picks up the accent because men with an Australian accent are h-o-o-o-t!

Anyway, I’ve been seriously contemplating my next move and lack of finding efforts recently, trying to analyze the problem and develop a more effective strategy. I guess part of the reason I’ve been out of the game lately, is because of being out of town and prior to that, having family in town. As a result, I did play a few mini games of hide and seek with my nieces but didn’t get a whole lot of ‘search for men’ time. If only we played like the nieces do. They hide and you can hear them giggling or see them in the most obvious places. Then you just pretend you don’t know where they are for awhile and try to sneak up on them when they aren’t expecting it ,or wait until they just can’t stand it anymore and reveal themselves to you. Men…here’s a lesson for you…start playing the game like you were a little girl, that would be very helpful to me…thank you very much.

With that, this weekend is shaping up to continue the dry spell. Last night I was just tired and so were my friends. All this visiting, and roaming the country, and working, etc…has left me completely worthless to continue the rain dance. Besides, my dancing skills have always been lacking really. That’s why I don’t go to dances to meet guys. I don’t want to find one that actually likes to dance in public and expect me to do the same. That leaves me to wonder though….where do I go??? Where can I find a grown man, established in life that wants to date me? Well, thankfully I had a long chat with my friend last night who promised to become my most devoted and effective wing man, who gave me some wonderful ideas to try in the near future. When I started this blog, I thought of some of these places but as I became lost in the jungle, I forgot where to look. Institute was nice for awhile but while I still love my class…the guys there are just not for me. That’s okay though.

In an effort to save some of my weekend, I do plan on making tomorrow a day for finding. Obviously this is not going to happen at church as I already know everyone there and have dated the only one I wanted to date and now I am done with him. I guess it would be super fantastic if some random new guy showed up though. And by random new guy, I mean, random hot, normal, older, well-established, just my type new guy showed up. What are the chances? I’ll let you know if it turns out to be my lucky day. Just as a back-up though…I will head to the region YSA choir practice tomorrow night and try my chances there. I do like a man that can sing. Of course, sometimes you have to be careful in situations such as this, but I fully plan on breaking out my newly found womanly lures to attract a man willing to talk to me and maybe, maybe even want to get to know me more…maybe say, Friday night??

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Cindy Lou said...

Hey, I swear to be a wingman now that I am over the crappy sickness I have had this week. I have seriously missed you for the last 2 weeks and we need to do something. Also I am missing our manhunts as well. With both my baby sisters and my cousin getting married it is making me far more aware of my single status. See you tomorrow!!