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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get Busy!

A few days ago, as I was working out at the gym and flipping channels on my t.v, I happened upon the Rachel Ray show, just as they were announcing their guest of the day. This particular guest and story caught my attention immediately and I knew that my channel surfing was at an end. Have you ever heard of the millionaire matchmaker? Personally I have never watched the show but from the clips played on the Rachel Ray show, she seemed a little harsh. Either way she was the guest of the day and ready to give advice to three young, na├»ve, teenage girls who were having relationship concerns. As it turns out however, their concerns were timeless; concerns that most women, not matter where they are have. Therefore, the advice given them was also timeless advice that would do any woman well to follow. It certainly wasn’t new, but it was true.

Each girl had a different concern but what they each boiled down to was that guys were non-committal in their relationships and hard to read. The girls wanted to feel like they were important to the boys…important enough to be called their girlfriend, or receive attention, even when he is around his friends. Valid concerns of course. The matchmaker advised each of them to get busy. Every expert I’ve read says the same thing. She stressed the importance of getting busy making something of their lives and if the guys were interested, they would pursue.

I myself, continue to remain busy…too busy sometimes…but it feels good. This insight is important for me to constantly be reminded of, that I am building who I am, and learning to be happy with that, and a guy will eventually come in to the picture and also appreciate who I am. Plus, why not enjoy life every possible minute? Time flies, more and more the older we get, so there is no time to sit around feeling sorry for myself.

As you know, one of the ways I get out and get involved is through the choir I am currently participating in. Each Sunday night practice proves to be more and more rewarding yet more and more frustrating. It’s rewarding in that new guys seem to be showing up each week. This last week in fact, there were two new possible possibilities. I’m trying to keep an open mind here…a real open mind! Both were pretty attractive fellows, though one was a little short. I’m not exactly tall, but I’m not short either so a middle sized man would be great for me! It’s frustrating because no progress ever seems to be made. There are not car windows to lick (refer to previous post comment by Emilie) so I yet remain unapproachable.

Anyway, I had the best view of one tenor near me who was much better looking when he wasn’t singing…but then who isn’t? My interest in him was high at the beginning of the rehearsal but dwindled to hangin on by a bare thread by the end. There is still hope though, no worries. It wasn’t necessarily the alarming length of his mouth as he opened it wide to sing...

...or the few times (yes, there were more than one) that he was caught singing a solo because he thought we were starting but really weren’t; it wasn’t his lack of what I thought to be appropriate dress, or his random weird comments, I just think that by the end of the night, after so many small incriminating deeds, the battle was slowly dying for me. After being pushed out by my bench partners quickly after the closing prayer, I had no time to visit with anyone anyway. Still no luck with the Bass who has a sister either…maybe it’s just not meant to be…except for at a certain stop light where we met once again.

I’m going out tonight. I’m going out with some girls I haven’t been out with before. It’s good to switch it up and switch up the scene a bit. I’d forgotten this. At the same time, I must admit that I am terrified. We are going dancing. I have a fear of dancing. Seriously, I feel physically ill at dances. I think it’s the way everyone is sizing each other up, and the fact that I can’t dance of course. I’ve decided to try something different and keep these fears a secret from this group of girls and see if I can pull off a fake confidence that will get me through the night and hopefully to a new set of potentials. So, while I feel like a little girl with absolutely no self confidence within me, I will try to remember the woman that I am and hope for the best!


Christine said...

What are you talking about?! Your dance moves are INCREDIBLE!!! I think you should share them with the world! I hope dancing goes well for you! You are one brave girl to face your fears and go dancing. I hope all goes well and I look forward to hearing how it goes!

Livin it up said...

Ahaha...thanks! I tried out there was super fun. I will be posting about it soon!

Mariel said...

It's fun checking up on you! I'm glad to see you staying positive and motivated. I think this is a fabulous project your doing, give it all you've got!

Livin it up said...

Thanks Mariel! I'm trying...sometimes I wonder how much I do have. How old am I anyway? Not that old, I just feel like it sometimes cause I'm tired!! Glad to know that you are still checking in keeps me motivated!