People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

#'s 28, 29 and 30

Tomorrow I have another date so I thought it might be wise to catch up on the last three. Last Saturday night I met #28 Mr. Brains. I had absolutely no expectations going into this one. To be honest, many of his pictures weren’t that attractive. I saw potential though and thought I’d check it out in person. We had planned the date way in advance but at least to me that meant he was serious about a date, not just a make out or something. We met at an Ice Cream place, Coldstone this time around. As soon as I saw him, I was immediately pleasantly surprised! You never know, it can really go either way. We ordered some ice cream, found a spot to sit, and sat and chatted awhile while we ate. The conversation flowed nicely and we got along quite well. 

When our ice cream was gone, we walked over to the Barnes and Noble in the same parking lot. We had talked a little bit about our mutual love of reading but it wasn’t until this next excursion that I really valued that commonality. We explored many sections of the store and I often pointed out books I had read and enjoyed, including my very favorite book, “Their Eyes Were Watching God.” We discussed many non-fiction books that we had both enjoyed, as well as authors. He showed me around to some of his favorites and we just ended up having a conversation with depth that was exciting for me! 

This man is divorced and it hasn’t been super long since that was final. As a result, he is not looking for a serious relationship. Oddly enough, this brought me comfort. He seemed to completely respect who I was and I knew for sure that he was not just lookin for a piece of this fine bod! In the book store he was amazed and said, “wow, you really HAVE read a lot!” On the way out to my car, after they finally kicked us out so they could close, he said, “I really like your attitude! A lot of girls complain a lot but I like your attitude toward life!” I let  him know that it is important to me to make the most of whatever comes my way. He liked that. When we got back to our cars he didn’t hug me or anything but he did sincerely say, “let’s keep in touch.” And that we have done. I can really see him as a becoming a good friend. I don’t think that a relationship is ever in the works for us but I would totally value his friendship.

Next up, we have Mr. Traveler #29

Monday was a holiday! I always love getting a day off of work. Also however, there was a man I have been texting a little who lives in North Dakota. He drove down to Richfield for the weekend to visit a brother. On his way back through he texted and asked if I’d like to meet him for breakfast at IHOP. He said he’d be there in like 45 minutes. I was sitting in my pj's, un-showered or ready for the day in any way. Still, I worked my magic and arrived in plenty of time. He was late. I was nervous to meet him because from our texts, I seriously thought he just wanted to make out with me. I know, I bring it up frequently because it comes up frequently. Hence the reason I hate the internet. But anyway…

Once Mr. Traveler arrived it was kind of awkward at first. I wasn’t super attracted to him and I didn’t much enjoy talking to him. Still, it turns out that we have several mutual acquaintances. Strange for a foreigner I know. At first when we talked I was super bored! I was listening to him go on about things that honestly I had no interest in! When the conversation finally drifted to books I perked up a little. On a good note, my omlet was delicious, as were his pancakes, and the date didn’t last long as we was just passing through. He did give me a good hug at the end and we parted. We have continued to text but I doubt I will see him again. He lives far away and….I’m just not that interested. 

Finally, we arrive at the number 30! 

Let’ s just call him Weed #30. So, last week this guy started messaging me. He was 27 years old. I am 32. No big deal though right? But he was a little weird at first. He was persistent though and so I texted back. It came up that I was watching, “The Office” one night with some friends. He asked if I had ever seen “Arrested Development.” I had not. He was appalled and said we needed to have an “Arrested Development” Marathon. I said okay to the kid. One other day he asked when we were going to do this and I told him that we would as soon as he invited me. So he did, for today. He told me he has a roommate so I figured that was probably a good thing. He doesn’t live too far away from me so I left the address with my parents and set out on my way. At least we had talked a little beforehand right? 

Well, when I arrived I was kind of disappointed. I was hoping that this would turn out more like Mr. Brains and that I would actually be attracted to him in person. Turns out I really kinda wasn’t. He was okay though. He gave me a tour of the place and then we watched the show. It was kinda weird at first. Not the show, just him. Oh…and he took his socks off and I was sad he did. Sometimes I am grossed out by feet. This has gotten better over the years but his were seriously some of the most unattractive feet I have ever seen! Ewww! Also, he kinda had girl hands and his fingernails were longer than mine. That isn’t generally hard because I keep them short but mine are in desperate need of a trim! Ugh! Eventually though, we cuddled and I just tried not to think about what he looked like. I didn’t stay too incredibly  long; I was glad to use work tomorrow as an excuse to go. He gave me an awkward hug when I left and then sent me out into the dark night to walk to the “visitor parking” where I had to park my car….on the other end of the parking lot. I thought that was slightly ungentlemanly of him, as well as a few other things, but what can you do. I won’t see him again. In fact, I have a date tomorrow but at the moment I really feel like swearing off of dating for awhile. I am almost up to 40. Do you think I will actually find my man within that number?? I don’t. But you never know. There are a lot of weeds to pull out there! 

Ps…I still talk to Mr. Active though I haven’t seen him in a week. We went mountain biking last Thursday for date number three. Then I didn’t hear much from him through the weekend. Yesterday and today he randomly texted me but, it just hasn’t been quite the same. I don’t think he is interested. I think he might be slightly, but I think I got B-listed. Oh well. I have a couple other decent guys I am interested in meeting….I think..


Growing Up Skye said...

I still love reading your blog! You are such a good writer! And I can't believe you are almost to number 40! Keep holding out hope that you'll meet "the one" by that time. Or hey, maybe number 40 will be that one! You do have a great attitude and I am always impressed and inspired by you!

Livin it up said...

Thank you Tacy!! All along I joked that it would be number 40 but I never really thought I'd get to that number. It is quickly coming though. I know I will be there soon and then I will have to change this to "50 First Dates" or something! Haha. There is one guy that I am kinda liking right now though. :) I haven't met him yet and he could very well end up being number 40...and maybe even that "one." who knows. He seems cool so far but you just never know! More tomorrow on the last two dates. They come quickly!

Growing Up Skye said...

I know, you are so on a roll! I can't wait to hear more!