People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mr. Smooth # 23

The last couple of weeks have found me consumed with a new online dating site. I’ve had quite a few responses from the men. Actually, I generally don’t contact them first so it’s more accurate to say that I have been contacted by many of the men. Some of them aren’t so bad either. Others? Well, we will get to them! Just like life, you get all kinds on the internet. 

One day last week I was informed that I was someone’s favorite. I get this quite a bit but I always check to see if it’s someone decent. Well, this particular man was HOT! I was seriously surprised I made his list but feeling suddenly optimistic, I decided to go ahead and write him a short note. He seemed to like it because he responded and even laughed a little. Always a good sign. His response was short however and I gave him a little bit of a hard time about his “detailed” response. He said that we should meet up and talk and then he would give me more detail. He added his number so I thought, why not? I texted him with mine and when he responded I let him know I’d be down for a meet up, to just let me know when. He said, “how about 9:30 tonight?” Hmm…I thought it through for a few minutes and decided to just go ahead and go for it. I wanted to feel like I was really out there dating again and moving on from Mr. Manly. 

After texting Mr. Smooth a few times, I was slightly put out that he wanted to meet up at his place but I decided to go for it anyway….even though it was against the rules. I thought I’d just be careful. So, I went and texted him when I got there but he was still on the freeway. He had just dropped off his kids back at their mom’s house far away I guess. I forgave him a little then for making me come to him since he had already been out doing a lot of driving. We went up to his place and since he was still in his work clothes, he changed while I watched t.v. Well, he turned the t.v on for me anyway and I was flipping channels. I got stuck on one that revealed on the menu strip at the bottom that it was a really inappropriate show. I freaked out and tried to change the channel but it wouldn’t change!!!!! I was praying he did not come out!! Finally, I got it off of that and right after, he stuck his head out and asked if I was getting it figured out. Whew!
When he finally got all changed we decided to watch a movie. It took awhile to find one but thankfully I didn’t actually hate his movie collection. It was decent and he was respectful of the fact that I didn’t watch rated R’s. We chose this Chris Farley film I had never seen before. It was goofy but kinda fun. So, right away he cuddled up to me and I thought…who needs Mr. Manly anyway?? 

As the movie progressed so did Mr. Handsy…I mean Mr. Smooth. He was good. I mean, smooth at putting on the moves. By the way, in person he was super HOT too. I was worried he wasn’t going to like me. No matter. Soon we were makin out so I wasn’t too worried about that. I know….horrible! But I was glad to forget about the other someone for a few minutes and to pretend like someone wanted to kiss me. It was fun but the whole time I knew that this was going to go nowhere because that is no way to start a relationship and well, I’m pretty sure that was all he wanted from me. And I was okay with that. Kind of. 

I left when I needed to. I mean, I was a little nervous cause the man had successfully made 4 babies in the past so I know where he’s been ya know? But I was careful and yeah….I eventually went home. I do not expect to hear from him again. I haven’t so far and that was a few days ago. Too bad cause he was actually pretty nice other than that and well, really, really good looking! But that’s not the kind of guy I want or the kind of girl I want to be. I thought I would feel a little more validated since the last couple of guys I dated never wanted to kiss me. It was nice to be kissed but I don’t feel any better about myself. Worse really so yeah, I hate where I am at right now.


Krissa said...

yeah but you did get rebound out of the way right... i understand now why rebounds are important... gets your mind off the other guy... its ok girl, have fun, feel wanted... i would of done the same thing!!!!
wishing you luck with the online thing.. it seems like its either raining or its a drought with that least it feels that way to me haha

Livin it up said...

Yeah...I think I'm over that. It was fun. :) And yeah, that's the way the internet is for sure! Good luck to you also!

Anonymous said...

I know you don't want any motherly adivice but NEVER go to a man's house, especially if you don't know him. Being "careful" may be your plan but you never know his. Just lookin' out for ya. Love Mom.

Livin it up said...

I know. Is this my real mother? Cause I didn't think you got on here? :) I won't do it again..

Anonymous said...

Of course this is your real mother. Do you think I would write "love mom" if it wasn't me. You better believe I get on here. I need to know what my little eresatay is up to. I wish you could just go back to wanting to be rainbow brite for Halloween. Those were the days. Life was so much easier when you had less to worry about. I wish you all the happiness in the world.
Love, Mom. Now go to bed! No more butterscotch chinese watch madness!

Livin it up said...

Imposter!! I know who you are but thanks for looking out for me. I feel kinda awkward right now but yeah. I've got some better stories coming your way

Anonymous said...

Dang! I'm caught. Tell your mom I'm sorry for impersonating her. LOL.