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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mr. Excited # 24

You know how guys get freaked out sometimes at overly anxious girls? I totally get that now. Why? Well, because it seems that I have run into the same problem, only opposite, quite frequently lately. I feel that desperate vibe and it FREAKS me out! So anyway, I went on a date last night. Yesterday I was online and he started chatting with me. He was quite complimentary of my smile. One of my pictures really made his day I guess. I thanked him for the compliment because I am trying to be as open minded as possible in this process…without crossing the line to the creepers side. 

Anyway, we chatted awhile and then he got my number and quickly texted.  The more we talked, the more excited he was about this little connection…and he let me know. He asked me out and we made a plan for the next day. He kept texting me throughout the night and to be honest, I was feeling only so-so about him in the first place. He wasn’t bad looking, I just felt like maybe we were different. You never know about people until you meet them though. So, I was fully willing to give him a chance. We live near each other but I was determined to do things right this time around so we set a public place to meet up.

Last night was the big night. He was excited and let me know. I was excited for the Thai food I was about to devour. And I was a little curious. I got there and he met me at the door with a hand shake and a hug. Not bad looking in person either. He’s in the military so he’s pretty in shape! His cologne however, kind of overpowered everything and I wasn’t its biggest fan. As we sat talking about the menu, I just felt kind of detached. I tried to be there and I did stay there…but I just wasn’t feeling it. I felt like just the way we communicate and who we are is just different. He seemed super nice and I can tell he is a really good guy. At least I knew he wasn’t just after some lip right? There is just something different about our general style…does that make sense. 

I was really hungry and after awhile was getting antsy for me food, not only to eat, but also to have something else to do besides talk to him. I was worried however that my food might be ruined by his smell. When it finally arrived like manna from heaven, I was relieved and happy to note that either my nostrils had acclimatized, or the food mostly drowned out his scent. It wasn’t my favorite Thai food every but it sufficed. I ate until I could eat no more and then we sat and chatted a little longer. Thankfully he wasn’t one to linger forever so we eventually made our way out to the parking lot. He drove me the two rows from his car to mine. I think he just wanted to show off his sweet ride because it took a lot of convincing to get him to just meet me there and not come pick me up. Anyway, it was a nice car. He dropped me off and then made me wait in the car while he came around to open my door. Awkward! I mean, I LOVE a good gentleman but the waiting from the inside of the car has always baffled me a little. Anyway, he gave me a super good squeeze with sound effects and all (and by the way…he really was in GOOD shape!) and then we said goodbye. As I was getting into the car he kept saying things like, “call if you want to hang out again.” I probably won’t be if he calls me….maybe I will give it another shot? I dunno…

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Anonymous said...

Hi, yes, I just wanted to be the first to comment on this post. My name is Pedro and I think you are HOT! I'm going to have to shave my head cuz I'm feeling the heat from your HOTNESS! Phew girl! Maybe we can meet up for some dang quesadillas sometime! I promise not to wear my stinky cologne ;)