People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Little Man #25

This is a little bitty post about a little bitty man. Okay, he wasn’t that small but I hate that pictures online can be so deceiving. Plus, I’m pretty sure that this little man that I met in my cyber world claimed a few inches taller than he really was. It wasn’t just that though…he was slightly taller than me…just somewhat feminine in nature, or something. My point: I’m gonna cut to the chase and just tell you, I liked him better cyber. Here’s our story….

We’ve emailed a few times online and then he asked for my number. It took him a few days but he finally called. When he did, I wasn’t impressed. I was actually pretty bored during the whole conversation. He asked me out though so I accepted….especially since it involved ice cream. I figured maybe in person things would be different. It’s always nice to give someone a chance anyway. We chose a place between us to meet and there we went for ice cream. When I saw him, I was immediately un-attracted to him and wished that he was someone else. I know this is horrible of me….but sometimes I’m on dates and I wonder what others around me are thinking and I get a little bit embarrassed. I was kind of embarrassed to be with him. How shallow of me right? Shallow but true…

Well, we sat down and ran out of conversation after about 5 minutes. It was kind of awkward. I also wasn’t really feeling the ice cream sadly! He just wanted “something small” but it ended up being as big as mine so I was secretly glad. I barely touched mine then asked for a box. He quickly finished and we didn’t mess around wasting time. He asked if I was ready to go so that my ice cream wouldn’t melt. I immediately replied in the affirmative. He paid, we walked out, and since our cars were in different directions, we parted ways without so much as a hug. I think we were both relieved to be on our way. Shortest date of my life. I think it lasted about a half an hour. And yet it was the longest half hour of my life. Sometimes, you are just not meant for each other and you both know it. We are very different people. And so…on to the next one. I’m on a roll…

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