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Monday, June 4, 2012

Mellow 31 and Flirty 32

I have two more dates to report my friends! That means I am two men closer to finding my EC! Quite a few weeks ago I was invited on a date by another man I met online. To be honest, that’s where they are all coming from. Men don’t ask me out in person. They are apparently intimidated by my beauty because I am told daily how beautiful I am. So that must be it right? Anyway, this guy seemed pretty nice online. We emailed a little and then he got my number. When he called me, I wasn’t super impressed. I don’t mean that he was bad in any way…just that he seemed pretty serious. Still, we planned a date for maybe a week or a week and a half later. When the time came, we ended up cancelling for one, because the weather seemed ominous for a hike, and for two, because I had other plans for afterward so it needed to be short. It’s just that it was my very good friend’s birthday and I had forgotten that it was going to be the same day as my date. I didn’t want to shaft her just because I had a date. So, I shafted him instead.

He was very nice and accommodating and the day after I cancelled, I texted to apologize again. He said we could do it the next week. And so we did. We met up at the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon Friday night. I felt a little bad because on the way there, I was talking to another man who had called (I will tell you about him later… :)) and I didn’t want to get off the phone. I didn’t notice my date drive in and park like right behind me for a few minutes. Oops…he probably saw me on the phone. He was just standing outside his car waiting for me. I finally got off and went out to meet him. He was nice, if not a little awkward.

We drove up the canyon to the trailhead for Dog Lake and set out on our adventure. I’ve been feeling a little out of shape lately so I was kind of out of breath but kept up okay. It was also pretty humid so I was sweating like crazy! It made me realize that maybe hiking isn’t the best first date…unless he really wants to see me at my worst! By the time we made it to the top, I was a mess! I knew I didn’t look cute at all! I was kind of okay with that though. At the same time, he was actually easy to talk to and I enjoyed it, just didn’t find myself at all attracted to him….and I don’t necessarily mean that physically either. 

We enjoyed a few moments alone at the top and were soon joined by a middle aged couple who wanted us to take their picture. Mr. Mellow took care of that and we chatted it up with them for a few minutes. My date surprised me with a little subtle humor…but it made me laugh! The couple asked how long we had been up there because they had apparently seen us at the bottom. He told them we had just been there about an hour. Haha…it had been maybe 10-15 minutes but the woman kind of believed him. It was fun talking to them for a few minutes, then we headed down. 

At the bottom of the trail, we found several police, and ambulance vehicles, along with a Life Flight helicopter. We couldn’t leave the canyon until Life Flight took off. It was kinda cool to see. We didn’t have to wait long because they were ready to go. I don’t know what happened but that kind of thing always freaks me out a little. At the parking lot where he dropped me off minutes later, Mr. Mellow gave me the most awkward hug while I was still in his car. I had no hands to hug back and yeah, it was just altogether awkward….and he mentioned that it was as well. :) Overall, the date was nice…we hiked 5 miles and the scenery was absolutely amazing! The company wasn’t so bad either. I don’t expect a call from him…haven’t received one yet. That is okay.

The next day was Saturday. I had planned a hike with a friend (Okay, it was Mr. Keeper from last year. We’ve been hanging out a lot but I am completely NOT interested in that way…no worries.) for early Saturday morning. We ended up starting the hike around 7:30 am and headed up Mt. Olympus. Wow…it was brutal! I’m not sure if it was my lack of sleep or the hike the night before, but it was seriously tough. We climbed 4300 feet in 4 miles. The top part was basically rock climbing with no ropes which freaked me out considerably! He encouraged me along though and I made it….thankfully to enjoy the most spectacular view ever! It’s a must hike if you’ve never been! 

That evening I met up with Mr. Flirty numba 32. This was a random date in a way. He had started talking to me basically the day before. He was from out of town but came into town to visit a sister and to run the dirty dash. He let me know he was in town for the weekend and wondered if we could get together. So, we texted most of Friday and then met up Saturday evening at City Creek. We had some dinner at the Blue Lemon…always delish…and then decided to head to a bookstore since we both enjoy reading. Oh no…another man who reads…you know I am a sucker for those guys! It gets me every time! There was no such store at City Creek so we took the Trax down to the Gateway and headed for Barnes and Noble.

On the way there he was a lot more flirty, just poking me and such. As soon as we entered the store, I saw the book, “The 5 Love Languages,” and I showed it to him. He asked me what mine were and I told him: number one, words of affirmation; number two, physical touch. His he assumed were the same only the other way around. This was pretty obvious soon enough. :) He kept finding little ways to touch me or poke me or whatever the whole time. It was cute and fun and flirty. He bought my favorite book so that he can read it. How cute right? Anyway, it was a good time. Then we headed over to the Planetarium for a super awesome laser show! We looked around a bit first and as we walked he held my hand a little and stuff. I kinda liked it. We walked on the moon and mars and he commented later that I took him out of this world, haha. It was purposely cheesy! Throughout the night he randomly added in things like, “I like your eyes” or “you are really pretty,” etc.. What girl doesn’t like to be told that?

The show was great but there was that whole huge arm rest thing in between us. Still, he found his way around it and held my hand and such. Actually, it wasn’t long before he kissed me. I know…first date…but he was from out of town and I knew I wouldn’t be able to see him again anytime soon. So, whenever it got dark, he would just kiss me a little. And I kinda liked it. So, afterward, we took the Trax back over to the other mall and then took his car up to the Capitol building. We just hung out on the grass and made out a little and then went home. He was super fun…a little too forward/handsy…but I had a good time. The next day he left for his home far away. I’ve heard from him a little since so we will see if anything else comes of it I guess. Generally I don’t expect to hear from guys who make out on the first date… I probably shouldn’t want to either. I don’t think this one is going to go anywhere, mostly as a result, but I guess you never know. I like a lot of things about him. I’ll keep you posted…

Meanwhile, there is another guy that I am kind of liking but haven’t met yet. Did I tell you that? He also lives far away but will be here soon for work training. He will be here for a few weeks to a month. We talk on the phone all the time and he is super sweet and seems like a good guy! I hope he is! I hope he doesn’t want to make out on the first date! I might see him this weekend…I will let you know.


Krissa said...

dang girl!!!! haha... this is awesome!!!!
umm i wanna hear more about this new guy... sounds like its going well...!! YAY!

Livin it up said...

I forgot one of the best parts!! When we were at the Gateway, there were children playing in the fountain that just randomly shoots water up. We decided to take our chances and walk across it....both times. It was so fun! We didn't end up getting wet but the possibility made it exciting! Haha