People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Searching: Turning a New Leaf?

With the quick approach of my 31st birthday, I’ve been thinking a lot about my finding options and where they are going. I’m not 31 yet, I still have a couple of months, but still…I want to be prepared and ease myself over this weird transitory period of my life. So, the other day, in one of my freak outs over the whole thing (seriously, this is so, so much harder than 30 was!) I decided to join every mid-single’s group I could find at this end of the state. After more contemplation and some investigation, I have decided to hang out between the two groups for now…the older and the younger. This gives me every possible meeting opportunity because I really don’t mind younger guys…some of them anyway.

In my new quest to become a part of the older single’s crowd, I ventured out on my own Sunday night to what I thought was a mid-single’s fireside. Mid-singles are usually defined as those ranging from ages 31-45. Perfect right? So, I drove all the way across town, feeling rather alone and somewhat nervous, but determined to put on my feminine confidence when I arrived to get all the men. I looked pretty dang good that night, I’m not gonna lie. I was feelin hot and awesome because I knew I’d be the youngest one there, which is always attractive to the men, right?

When I finally found the church where this fireside was to take place, I was a little disappointed and worried about the lack of cars in the parking lot. I hoped that the few there, had brought some good looking, interesting males which I would shortly meet. As soon as I walked in the building however, I knew those chances were going to be pretty slim. I was surrounded by some really old people. I thought maybe there was a funeral and I had the wrong church?? I decided to venture on anyway. The people were gathered in the foyer and there were rumors of a fireside passing through their teethless smiles and reaching slightly deafened ears. I was horrified to note that the only other person there that could possibly be under the age of 80 was another girl!

After a few minutes of debate as to whether or not this so-called fireside was going to take place, I decided to approach the other girl. After all, life is all about connections and reaching out to others. So, I used my practiced confidence and asked her about herself and her usual habits of attending such functions. She informed me that she was 31 and usually came alone to these type of things, but rarely to this particular fireside function because the group we were looking at, were the typical participants at this such event. I took a deep breath and tried to make myself realize that all was not lost.

We eventually made our way into the chapel and upon passing several of the men I was slightly disgusted at their lack of hygiene. They were old yes, but they kinda smelled bad. I’m not judging, just stating the facts…and the other night I learned that guys like girls who don’t smell, so they should show us the same courtesy right? The women made me want to go home and never come back. I wondered if I was looking at my future and sincerely hoped and prayed that I wasn’t! It was really terrifying!

Anyway, then event itself was quite unorganized but someone finally got up and led us in an opening hymn. When we finished singing, they announced that the fireside was cancelled. Nice. I drove all the way across town to hang out with a bunch of old people as dating potentials and then, not even a fireside. Oh well, I was just as happy to get out of there as fast as I could. I did not leave however, before getting my new friend’s info and giving her mine. She is more in the know about these older single events and I could sure use a friend or two at them.

The next day, Monday, I set out to try again. I don’t want to give up; I want to find these mid-singles that I know must be out there somewhere. So, I noticed on the same calendar where I found the fireside, that there was to be a family home evening in Pleasant Grove that night. I looked up the address, google mapped it, and set out once again.

When I finally arrived at the address given, there were a few ladies there with children planning some sort of stake relief society meeting. It was not the mid-single FHE that is for sure! They led me across the street to what we determined was the ‘correct’ building, however, as I tried to enter, I found the door locked. Once again, I traveled far to no avail! I’m really annoyed that they have this seemingly fabulous calendar yet no one updates it! How rude! Now I am just frustrated and ready to stay where I know my way around and where I am comfortable. So, tonight I am going to institute. My institute class that I have been attending since January!! I know how to get there, what to expect, and that I will if nothing else, at least be uplifted!

*Note: I like old people. I just don’t want to date them.

**Note 2: I just got home from institute and there was a new hot man there! My prayers were answered, I know it! Except, I didn’t meet him. I sure hope he comes back next week because I will be there with my flirt on!

***P.S...Check out this awesome article from's like exactly what I said in one of my very first posts!


N for Fila said...

I need to introduce you to my friend Gina. She lives in PG/Lindon and is all about the scene and goes to all kinds of YSA functions...Perhaps you have met her but I"m not sure. But she has TONS of guy friends and I think she would be a great source for you to get outside your SLC circle...she's on facebook...I'll facebook her and tell her to look you up or something...she's way cool and a lot of fun and like I said she's got TONS of guy friends!! :)

Livin it up said...

Oh my gosh I did meet her once...she is from Vegas right? I think I met her one night when our friend was up in the mountains all night or something and we were stuck at some strange guys house! Anyway, I didn't know she was still out here...that would be sweet if you could hook that up. I like it! You're the best...wish you were here too though!!