People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Are you over my girl drama yet? Here’s my question to those who are married. When you are married, is it the end of the stupid girl phase? I mean, do you still have girls judging you all the time, like you were in high school? Does high school EVER end?? I can’t get away from it! Maybe that’s motivation enough to move on to the older singles though. Part of my problem is probably the crowd I associate with, who associates with an even younger crowd. So, here’s the story of the day, and my latest frustration. Then we will move on to better things, promise!

I was on facebook and noticed that my friend who is good friends with Gentleman #1, was basically asking for dates on his status. He asked if anyone, or their attractive friends ,wanted to go out with him. Then, this girl who used to go to my single’s ward, and thought rather highly of herself, commented. She told him she would go out with him but that she was too far away. She suggested that he go to her old single’s ward (my ward, which he is in) because the girls there are ridiculously attractive. It was obviously sarcastic and he said, “haha, good one.”

Okay, after the last incident a few weeks ago, I couldn’t stand by and let her get away with that, without standing up for myself, and my girls. This girl never gave any of us a chance and therefore did not see the beauty in any of us! Of course my comment back to them was totally immature and stupid but it had to be done. Sadly, I think I hurt my friend’s feelings in the process. He apologized many times to me for his bad choice of words. The thing is, what did he mean to say? It wasn’t a bad choice of words because he was obviously thinking that. It was just a bad choice to express them…especially in a place where we could all see it.

THEN, this other girl who has to be like 19 but she is all married and therefore all-knowing, commented on my comment and told my friend that he needs better friends. Once again, another girl sticking her nose into something she knows nothing about. Anyway, I feel totally ridiculous for even being a part of any of this but here I find myself. I hated high school and I can’t escape it. Moments like this make me want to run, but run where?? There is nowhere to go. And seriously, am I truly that appallingly ugly? Why do girls keep saying this????


In the man department, I have been online quite a bit more lately and received several views. Not too many guys write though. I decided to take the initiative and write a couple of them the other day though. They actually wrote me back…amazing. I replied and haven’t heard from either one since. My new strategy is to look at all the hot guys, copy and paste their, “what I’m looking for” section, and make that the section on my page that says, “about me.” Ha, it’s genius huh. I also need some new photos because I am very un-photogenic. I’m working on my photo taking skills however, and am sure I will find an acceptable one soon.

This weekend is my last YSA conference. I don’t know if it will produce any solid finds but I am going to give it a try. Every meeting opportunity is also an opportunity for future networking so I am going to keep that in mind. Also, I finally signed up for a hike next week with my hiking group. I’m way excited to meet some new people and get outdoors again! So, more dates and fun mingling are on the horizon. Now if I can just rid myself of all the negativity that I seem to be surrounded by!!


Mariel said...

Stay focused! Try and shut all that crap out and put your thoughts and energy into accomplishing your goals :)

Livin it up said...

Thanks. I think I will. I need to have an Old Testament read-a-thon or something cause that was a nice goal that hasn't gone real far! And other things of's good to have them to be focused on.

PrincessKatie said...

Dude you aren't goign to liek my comment but the dumb girl drama never ends. It really sucks that I am at a point in myh life I thougth I woudl be away from it but honestly in the past year I feel like its worse then ever. I try to avoid it but it still sucks and is hard. keep your head up. You are better offw ithout people causing drama

Livin it up said...

I suspected that might be the answer Katie! I'm going to do my best to ignore it and just be who I am, and be okay with that. I looked at my truths from the dating coach website, listed above, and it gave me perspective. I just don't need people like that in my life! So grateful to have you and all my fabulous friends and strangers on here though!! There are also a lot of super fantastic women out all of us!!