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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day of Men

You doubted me when I revealed my goal to meet ten men yesterday didn’t you? Sure I’m a little behind on my goal to date 40 but I have mentioned my determination in the past, and this goal was no different. I knew that I would not leave the conference until ten new males had been introduced to me. Of course, when I walked in with my friend Belle, we found some open seats and headed directly for them. Apparently at the same time, #8 had his eye on us and met us at the chairs we had scoped out. He appeared out of thin air, all alone and ready to hang with us. No complaints, he is such a nice guy and way fun to hang out with. So, he sat and I plotted as to how I would handle this predicament. I mean, it’s a little bit difficult to meet other men when you are with one, ya know? Sometimes guys who don’t know you get the wrong idea.

When the keynote speaker finished his high-speed address (it honestly sounded like a tape-recorder on fast forward) we decided to split for the first workshop. Our classes were near each other so we agreed to meet outside of them for lunch afterward. Being separated from #8 for only a brief sliver of time, I knew that it was essential for me to make the most of that time. As Belle and I entered our class, I found the nearest lonely man and took a seat right next to him. I didn’t waste any time; I introduced myself immediately. He was nice and that was that. One down and nine to go. Most of the rest of my day sounded just the same…one down, nine to go.

At lunch we met up with two more gentlemen from church (one of which being THE gentleman). They continued with us through the next two workshops so all hope of meeting new men was out of the question just then. I didn’t mind so much though, we had a fabulous time, the five of us. The boys were hilarious and Belle and I even somehow managed to get the three of them to the “Communication and Dating,” workshop. Before it began, I was sitting by Gentleman #1 discussing communication in dating. I’m not sure how it came up, but he said, “What do you want me to tell you?” Hmmm, I don’t think he wants to know so I quickly tried to come up with a witty answer and finally settled on, “you are supposed to read my mind.” Oh, if you only new Mr. Gentleman, if you only knew.

Okay, moving on. At dinner we were again accompanied by #8 and Heidi joined us by this point as well. The luau food was delicious and we enjoyed some fine Polynesian dancing as well. Afterward there was a concert which I would like to forget because I wasn’t impressed by the group even a little bit. I won’t mention it because you might be a fan and that is okay, just not my style I guess. The comedian show that followed wasn’t much better and there really isn’t anything significant to report about either of these events.

Finally, the part of the evening we have all been waiting for, and I was somewhat dreading. Yes, it was time for the dances! They had two dances, a top 40 dance and…dun dun dun….a country dance! Oh yeah, a chance to practice my newly acquired lack of skills!! I knew that this was my chance. My chance to redeem myself and make that goal happen…and I did. I country danced several times as men took pity on me and showed me around the dance floor. It was just as fun as I remember. Wow. I slow danced a few, met guys on the side lines and finally found myself chatting with #10! He by the way, denied me when I asked him to dance, but that’s okay. He was pretty cute and totally friendly, just not a dancer…kinda like me.

The men I danced with were each a little different. I met super young and super old (seriously, this Brazilian guy that asked me for a slow dance had to be in his late 40’s…maybe he didn’t understand that it was a YOUNG single adult conference). Oh well, I didn’t mind so much because I am on the older end as well. Some of the guys were a little shy and awkward, and some had strange tales of getting their thumb bit off by a mountain goat??

There was one guy in particular however, that I had my eye on throughout the night (Besides #1, who I did try to teach a couple of moves to by the way). This guy was wearing a pink shirt so we will call him…The Man in the Pink Shirt. Anyway, I noticed him almost immediately upon entering the dance hall/cultural hall at the institute. He was quite the dancer. He was neither unfortunate looking, nor super hot (although I do love a man in pink!). He seemed presentable, strong, and definitely knowledgeable in the country dance arena. I knew that I needed to dance with him. The problem however, was that he was quite popular…of course. He was dancing almost every time I spotted him. Finally though, finally, I caught him alone, praised his skills, and begged for guidance. And he was good! The Man in the Pink Shirt was #9…the last guy I danced with for the night. What a way to end the night. He made me look good (so I hear from my friends who I’m sure were being generous as friends do) and I hopefully didn’t make him look bad. So, so, so fun!

So, I’m happy. My last single’s conference was a success but it’s not over yet. Tonight is the fireside at the tabernacle where I will sing with the choir! Afterward there is a mingle. I probably should set a new goal for that. Maybe I can even give a way my number this time??

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Cindy Lou said...

Yay, I am so glad that you completed your goal!!! Can't wait to hear about how tonight went at the Fireside and mingle. :)