People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friendly Man #7

It all started last week when my bishop asked me if I wanted free tickets to see “Fiddler on the Roof” at the Hale Center Theater. He frequently has free tickets for the theater but has a rule that you have to take a date. So typical of a single’s ward bishop huh. Anyway, my home teacher was standing nearby and expressed interest in going as well. I said, “Hey friendly man…why don’t you come with me and be my number 7.” Okay, that may not have been our exact conversation but he did say he would like to go with me. I told him we would talk later and he said, “okay, I have your number” and I replied with, “and I have yours.”

A few days later he called and we made all of the arrangements. He was a little embarrassed at his lack of vehicle but I assured him that I would be happy to drive. So, last night I showed up at his house at 6:15 dressed up and ready to go. We talked easily on the way there and met a few other couples from church at the theater. Because my bishop knows people and kind of works for the theater, we got an in depth back-stage tour. If you have never been there, it’s a theater in the round and the stage does cool stuff like move up and down and spin around, etc. Anyway, I tell you this because we went underneath the stage to see how it works. Very cool!

The play was excellent! Being a fiddle player myself, I was impressed with the fiddling and the overall effects. It’s amazing what you can do to make a story come so to life. Friendly man enjoyed it as well…despite its 3 hour length. We had fun. I told him about my friend and I’s quest to find the best frozen yogurt in town and he was impressed. He is also a big fan of Spoon Me which is a plus for him. So, we had previously decided to get ice cream after the play but after finding out about my project, he thought frozen yogurt would be delightful instead.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any worthy frozen yogurt establishments near where we were so we headed off to Leatherby’s instead. There, we ate some wonderful ice cream and talked some more. Most of our conversation was pretty typical of most first dates. He was slightly appalled at my lack of exposure to many popular musicals but what can you do. Who knew that the man would be interested old school musicals like, “Singin’ in the Rain?” Here I’ve been studying up on sports and I go out with a man who’s into musicals and Jane Austin. It’s all good. We had fun and that was that. On to #8…seriously…one of these guys has to be a match sometime, right???


Tacy said...

What was this guy's name? He sounds a little like a guy I went to high school with. It's probably not the same guy, but it sure would be funny if it were. But it just goes to show how varied people are. I know one of these men need to get their act together and ask you on a date now, but I'm impressed at how far you've come. I know reaching that goal of forty may seem a long ways away, but I think you're doing great and learning so much along the way. You go girl!

Livin it up said...

Thanks Tacy!! He is actually from where I live so I don't think you know him. That's funny though. And thanks for the's so helpful! I do feel like I'm making progress so that's good, even though it's discouraging sometimes!

PrincessKatie said...

Yeah for a good pleasant date. i9 am sure you were glad it went well.

Anonymous said...

So I was just reading over some of your posts and I want you to know I know who #7 is. He was supposed to be in Vegas with me at the Brittney Spears chapel. When I realized he was late I sent him a text to make sure he was ok. That DANG Almond Joy replied that he had found someone better. There I was in my red dress standing alone with an Elvis impersonator. I had to head back to the heart shaped bed all alone.
Thanks for that, I know I can never compete with you.
-- A broken hearted Mounds