People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Friday, March 5, 2010

All the Small Things

I knew right away this was going to be a better week than last when some friends and I came up with a new project to fill our time. That’s right, us single ladies really know how to party it up in this town and let me tell you how. Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned my new love affair with the frozen yogurt joint called Spoon Me? Well, my friend and I who fell in love with the place to begin with, decided that to be fair we needed to try all of the frozen yogurt in town. We couldn’t just blindly say that Spoon Me is the best because we hadn’t tried the others. With this goal in mind, we added a few recruits, tried our first establishment, and came up with a uniform criteria for rating each place. Now, since you are my faithful readers, I will share whatever knowledge I gain about this important inquiry with you! Count yourself lucky!

To begin our quest, we headed out to an establishment on the west side of town called, Yogurt Vibes. It is located on 10400 S. and Bangerter Hwy. It was a fun place, self-serve, and fairly tasty. Of our 5 start rating system, it received at 3.2. So, if you live out that way, take your next date or group of friends out for a fun treat after your other amazing dating/social life activities. It’s a great way to end the night.

Speaking of ending the night with frozen yogurt, did I mention my latest experience at Spoon Me? I must share because Spoon Me has more than just a great atmosphere and delicious frozen yogurt….it has a name that you can do sooo much with! So…last week I was with a small group of friends at Spoon me. Two of these friends were male. One was Gentleman #1 and the other was his friend. As we were parting ways after our delightful frozen yogurt feast, I tried to say goodbye to the boys. I said, “Thanks for coming to Spoon Me.” They immediately started laughing which caused me to quickly rethink what I had said. It did not take long for me to realize what had actually escaped my lips and I began laughing as well. The place is good for everything, including laughs. Okay, more to come after I try our Red Mango tomorrow night! (Seriously, it’s the small things in life that add joy and meaning to each day and joy and meaning are a must for an over 30 single female. Okay, they should be a must for everyone…but especially for me!)

Before I sign off…do you want an update on any male progress?? I guess you don’t have any choice in the matter because I’m giving it to you. Let’s start with institute and the man in skinny jeans. Wait…let’s start with the guy sitting next to me in class first. This man has sat by me the last two weeks in fact. It was completely by chance I am sure. Anyway, class was amazing as always…seriously, it was. The place was packed; it was a full party and counting. There were people sitting on the floor. Afterward, the man next to me turned to me and said, “does it feel like you’re in your car with the windows rolled up in the middle of summer?” It took me a second and then I responded with, “Oh, I guess I hadn’t noticed which is really weird because I’m usually the hot one.” Okay, I really didn’t mean it that way (just like the spoon me comment) but he started laughing and said, “oh really? Cause I’m usually the hot one.” Hahaha, he was funny. We had a good little convo and then headed out to the meet and greet.

My friends and I stuck around for awhile waiting for more people to show up in the foyer. Then we began scoping out the prospects. After a few failed attempts at approaching a group of men, I finally wandered over to where a couple of local musicians were jamming out on their guitars and singing. I noticed another lone man standing and listening….the man in the skinny jeans. We stood near each other listening when I decided on a good approach and took the plunge. We talked easily and he was fun to meet. A few other people came to talk to him while the weird girl from week one approached me as if she had never met me. I blew her off…said goodbye to him…and rejoined my friends. No numbers but definitely some fun and interesting contacts made.

As for other men, I have emailed a few more of my friends, begging for them to set me up. I’m trying to get guys on my own, I really am, but I’m not very successful. Anyway, tonight I am off to visit some of my favorite people in the world. They have invited their man friend over as well, so we’ll see how that goes. Check in later for an update.


N for Fila said...

Sounds like you have a future in successful pick up

Heidi said...

Love the update w/ all the funny pick up lines!! Very cute! Hope you have a fun weekend!!

Christine said...

Love you, love frozen yogurt, and love scoping men with you! (It's probably the most hilarious thing ever! Guys in skinny jeans...what the heck!?)

One more complaint...what's the deal with men that are married but don't wear a wedding ring???

Livin it up said...

Hahaha, a talent I apparently did not know I posses! Thanks girls! And seriously Christine, these things are important to know!! Weirdos!

PrincessKatie said...

Go to yougurt stop its my favortie