People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Funny Man # 6

That’s right…I am 6 down! Last night’s ‘date’ was a little more unusual than the others because really I was just hanging out at my BFF’s house playing games and stuff. These friends know a guy that they thought was pretty cool so they decided to get us together. I’m just kidding, he was pretty cool. Anyway, here’s how it went down. I went to their house a little earlier than when he had planned on coming so that I would already be there. It was fun to catch up with my friends anyway. Honestly, I hadn’t really given this hang out much thought. I just figured it would be great because my friends would be there and that would make things easier. When #6 arrived however, I think the cat got my tongue. I knew I hated cats! (Sorry for you cat lovers…just not a fan) My social skills went out the window and I suddenly felt kind of shy and stand-offish. I really didn’t mean to. He was super nice and easy-going.

We ended up playing a few games, the first of which, he won. I’m pretty sure he cheated. Just kidding, I am always sure that the winner must have cheated. It was really fun though...losing or not. The next game was delightful as well, mostly because I set the record for highest roll ever (we were playing a dice game called Farkle). I am from Las Vegas so that was no surprise. Okay, you wouldn’t know it with the rest of my rolls but whatever. The record is all that matters! Anyway we laughed and had a lot of fun. Turns out this guy has a well developed sense of humor. I’m not sure if when he laughed at my sarcastic comments they were courtesy laughs or not, but at least he laughed. Yeah, the only side of me that came out was my sarcastic side…great! Oh well, that is kind of who I am.

I’m not sure why I was all of a sudden shy but I think it may have been (quick insert/disclaimer: friends who hooked me up…don’t be offended okay…I had fun!) the fact that I was suddenly aware that we were not alone and that maybe my dating skills were being watched and judged. I promise I did not think this at the time and I love my friends so much and I am sure they were not judging me…I think that I was just a little bit self conscious. At the same time, without them, some of my more fun personality never could have come out so I’m glad they were there. I just felt a little stupid for a minute I guess. That was only for the first 5 minutes or so, then I got more comfortable and it was just like a bunch of friends hangin’ out having a good time.

Overall, I had a fabulous night! Love my friends to death! I can totally see why they like this guy too. I can tell he is a good person and really nice and funny. I’m sure he thinks I’m an idiot but that’s okay. Honestly, not sure how I feel about dating him but he was cool to hang out with and I would totally do it again. Good times were had by all (well, by all of me anyway).


N for Fila said...

Just so you know...I adore your sarcastic's why we meshed so well in the MTC...LOL...but it sounds like a good time by all!!

Livin it up said...

:) Ha, yes, yes we did! Well, I hope everyone sees it the same way. If not then I guess they are!