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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm Still Here...Are You?

It’s just been a weird week…that’s all. I don’t even really know how to describe it…it’s just been very up and very down. I guess I’ve been trying really hard to be up, but have had to also go through a lot of struggle this week as well. Anyway, I can’t really explain it all, it’s just been one of those moments in life that you have to do a self evaluation and figure out how to put your best foot forward; mostly by putting one foot in front of the other until you end up in the right position. Anyway, some of the highlights of my week will follow I suppose. Then maybe I will get back on track with my normal schedule of blogging and boys and change.

I tried to do a little bit of service every day this week. That included helping a young girl pack for college, helping an old lady paint her house, taking my little sister out, and going to the temple a couple of times this week. The most fun was probably painting the house. It was a completely disorganized event but two of my guy friends volunteered to come along and help. We had a fantastic time, despite the circumstances. They sprayed me with the hose and tried to put paint on me. I painted one of them and threw water on him. He threw berries and twigs at me and dumped Gatorade all over me. I tried to steal his truck…he smoked me out all the way home as I drove behind that truck, etc. So much fun!! I love service!

As for the rest of the week, I guess another highlight was Thursday night. I think everything happened Thursday night…like a whole life time in one night. Let’s start late afternoon. I was innocently riding my bike around the neighborhood and found myself on a street up the hill where no houses reside. There is a huge cement plant and a bakery, but no residence. Anyway, there aren’t many people there. So, I was peddling along when a truck passed me and stopped. A man got out and I couldn’t see him but I was a bit nervous. He said my name pretty quickly though and then I saw that he was a member of our stake presidency. Whew! He told me that he had been trying to get a hold of me. Hmmm?? Anyway, he wanted to see if I would speak in stake conference next week. So, I said I would, he pulled his topic list out of the car, and I am all set for the Saturday night session. That was fun.

Just after that unusual biking experience, I decided to go shopping really quickly for some new dancing jeans to wear out that night. I found some winners and as I was heading home, found myself at a light that was flashing red. The traffic was heavy so everyone treated it as a 4 way stop (the other way was flashing yellow). Just before my turn, the people to my right were turning left in front of me. Across from them an old man on a 3 wheel motorcycle did not stop. He hit the turners right in front of me, flew about 10 feet into the air, and landed face down in a heap right in front of me. I was freaking out!!! I think that I successfully did not cry but I did pull over to make sure everything was okay. It was awful. He never moved from his position until the ambulance moved him onto the stretcher. He was making horrible retching noises. He wasn’t wearing a helmet. That’s all I am going to say. He was alive at the time…I don’t know about now but I am still completely horrified and disturbed by the whole thing! How awful!

Well, after that, I picked up my friend and went out to play Ultimate Frisbee with a group of young single adults. They play every Thursday apparently. My friend goes and always invites me so I decided to give it a try. At first I was hesitant but it turned out okay. Afterward, the annoying weird kid attached to me like a blood starved leach and did not leave me side until I was finally able to remove myself from the party. Despite his shock at find out how old I was, he still asked for my number. I was a little offended when he asked when I had been on my mission and upon my reply he immediately came back with a shocked, “whoa!” Yeah, he is a winner. Whatever, I was nice and gave him my number. Just after I left the parking lot, don’t think he didn’t call me because he totally did. My friend answered because I was driving.

Okay, before we left however, another guy overheard my conversation with the leach and realized that I grew up in Vegas. As it turned out, he also grew up in Vegas! So, we chatted and became fast friends. He immediately got out his phone and added me on his facebook. He was cute too…and only like a year and a half younger than me. So acceptable!

Well, after all of that fun, we went to get some food with some of the gang and then just my friend and I headed over to Country dancing. As soon as we walked in the door, this good looking guy said that he recognized my friend. We all chatted, I smiled, and he promised to dance with the both of us before the night was through. I immediately went into the bathroom, just to find out that I had a big old green something, right between my teeth! How embarrassing! Needless to say, hot man from the door, did not dance with me. I only danced a few dances, none of which are worth mentioning. My friend however, was vibing all over the place that night. She was giving out her number left and right and I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty entertaining to watch. So…that’s how it’s done?! I watched the master, learned, and I’m ready for another night out!

Speaking of going out though…guess who just started talking to me on facebook. I am right now chatting with Mr. Shoot the Tube and we are planning our excursion! Yay!! Plus, my number was handed out to the older gentleman this week who is supposed to call me for a date. Good things this week, I know it. I also had a really amazing moment this week with a guy, where time just stood still. It was awesome but I can’t describe it. Maybe someday I will tell you, but I can’t right now. Just know that I am still smiling!


Shanny said...

I love that The Leach called you right after you left. Classic leach behavior.

Sounds like things are picking up, keep up the good work!

Livin it up said...

Seriously huh! Yep, I might have a possible date tomorrow night and hopefully one Friday...we'll see how everything goes!