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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Better Days

Sorry about Friday. We all go through those moments though, right? I know I frequently do, but things are weird right now. There has been so much transition in my life lately and so much anticipation of transition, that it becomes overwhelming and I get discouraged. Let’s talk about that later though. For now, let’s focus on better days, like yesterday! What a fabulously fun day it was! So, I got up bright and early because I had plans to go shoot the tube! I met a couple of my guy friends and went off to meet the one I planned it with. He had texted me early in the morning to see if it was still a go and of course I responded with an enthusiastic, “yes!” He never responded however. My three other friends and I waited for him for quite some time. By this time I had texted my missing friend (who was actually experienced at shooting the tube) several times with no response. Finally, we decided to take matters into our own hands and go without him….and his raft.

(On the left is the tunnel wher eyou come out)

We eventually found our way to Tanner Park, near the mouth of Parley’s Canyon. From there, we followed a trail that eventually led us to the end of the aqua duct from which we would soon be spewing forth. There were about three or four fellow tube shooters already there. As it turns out, we had to walk through the tunnel/aqua duct, to the other end to begin. I let the boys go ahead while I finished putting on my swimming gear. By the time I was ready, they had already made it to the other end, leaving me to find my way through the dark tunnel on my own. I was scared! I wished I had a nice brave man to lead the way for me. I didn’t however, so I finally took a deep breath and began my journey up the tunnel. I could see the other end but it is pretty long and I was walking through about a foot of water in flip flops. I was scared I was going to fall and be swept back down the tube before reaching the other end. Thankfully I did not, but instead safely made it to my friends who were hard at work making a dam to slow the flow of water into the tube.

Before leaving the house, my dad made me take my life jacket. I decided to take it with me because I figured if I didn’t, something stupid would happen and my dad would be mad and I would regret it, etc. So, despite being the only one, I took it with me. While waiting for the dam to fill up and break, I was grateful for the life jacket. Since our other friend with the raft didn’t come, we were left with nothing to go down on, which is fin,e but I sat on my life jacket which was much better than nothing! As I stood there in anticipation I was about to pee my pants with nervous excitement!

The dam became so full that eventually someone had to break it. There were several of us lined up in the tunnel, just waiting to be swept down with the force of the water when it hit us. They broke the dam and the water hit us with such a powerful force and swept us down the tube (which is about the length of a football field I hear). It was sooo fun!! We laughed and screamed and at the end, I saw a huge white wall of water just as it swept over me, forcing me to swallow my daily allotment and take quite a bit up the nose as well! The tunnel was like a huge creature, just spewing us out into this little pond where people were letting their dogs play. For a second I thought I was going to drown, but no worries, it wasn’t that deep and I was out of the water in no time, gasping for air. I’m not sure if it was the water intake or the fact that it was like ice that left me breathless but it took me some time to recover my normal breathing!
(Imagine this full of rushing water throwing humans out of it!)

After having made it down, we were all elated! We laughed with excitement, shared our tales of adventure and decided to give it one more shot. The second time was even better. There were more people then and we all somehow connected as the water forced us together in a huge train. It was delightful though, and this time, I was prepared for the white wall of water and plugged my nose just before it hit! We survived again and headed home! That was the best free fun around for sure!!!
(The pond at the bottom...when it's calm cause no one is flying into it.)

As for the rest of the day, I had a great time helping my friend shop for missionary clothes, swimming with my family, working out at the gym, and then going to a party at my other friend’s house. Of course, he is really young and again, I sometimes feel really out of place at these events. Seriously, I looked around awhile and realized that since I used to teach high school, all of these people could have been my students because they really didn’t graduate all that long ago. Yikes! Anyway, it turned out to be really fun and I got to know a girl in my new ward a lot better so it worked out. But sadly, no dating prospects….I’m not weird like that. I do like younger guys but I draw a limit on when I started teaching. If they did not graduate before that, they are out!!

On that note however, I realized yesterday that I haven’t been putting as much into this project as I used to and that is probably the reason for my lack of success. I know what I need to do….I’m grateful for the slight focus change for awhile because I needed it and have honestly become quite a different person the last few months…but I’m ready to move on again, I think! More fun date stories soon!


Mariel said...

That sounds like something my husband NEEDS to do! You're brave, I'm not!

K, come on...I wanna hear about a date soon!

Livin it up said...

Yes he should...and you should too! So fun! Okay, okay...a date...soon! I've totally been a slacker lately and I know it. My negative attitude has definitely been a contributor to my lack of success I think. I'm thinking positively now!