People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bored Games

Yes, I know how to spell. My Master’s degree wasn’t completely in vain! Here’s the thing though. This project has made me more open. I promised, well in a way, to be more open-minded and not to turn opportunities away. Because of this, I often find myself saying yes to activities that I would normally be more hesitant to accept invitations for.

I had a great morning yesterday hiking with a few friends. The hike was beautiful and the company delightful. It’s so great to be able to laugh with people…or to just be extremely silly! We found a small cave and climbed inside. We heard some people nearby and decided to make noises like howling and such. It was fun for a second.

Anyway, on my way home I received a text from this guy I met at that mid-single’s lunch a couple of weeks ago. He asked what I was doing later on. At first I was freaking out inside and then I quickly calmed myself down and had a little conversation with myself. I said “Self, you cannot turn down a date. Number nine has been long awaiting you. You are a slacker and even though you are not interested in any way in this nice fellow, you need to accept if he asks you. After all, it would be good practice. And that’s all; it’s practice and you need it.!” Well, how could I say no after that little talk? So I was fully prepared to accept him when he texted me back and did not ask me out on a date, but invited me over to his house for one of his game nights. He does these often and has mentioned me maybe coming to one in the past. I thought about it and decided that it would be a great opportunity to meet and mingle with an older single crowd.

I enlisted the company of a friend nearing 30 and we planned for an interesting evening…not knowing what to expect in the least. My gamer friend was very frustrating. I almost didn’t go as he so rudely kept me waiting ALL day for an address and time for the event. Finally, a little after 9pm, my friend and I set out. Immediately upon our arrival, dread set in. The only people there were my guy friend/acquaintance, and his 2 friends who were married to each other. He had a closet packed with board games that he was excited for me to view. I only recognized one of them…thanks to my fabulous Provo friends who sometimes play games with me. Finally one other girl showed up and we played the game that I was familiar with. My friend was acquainted with none of them but quickly caught on to this one.

As it turns out, these people are pretty serious about their games. Whenever my friend and I would try to make a hint of fun or joking, they just looked at us kind of confused. They strategized and concentrated, squelching my personality and boring me to an almost early death. When the game finally ended, my friend asked if we could leave as she “had to get up early.” Thank goodness for her boldness. I felt trapped and was unsure how to get out of there. She saved the day and we made a quick escape, vowing silently to never return. These people lacked personality and a sense of humor. I was seriously worried that I might hold this guy’s cards the wrong way and he would be angry. Yikes. All night I had nightmares that he kept inviting me out. Now, I am freaked out and I like where I am at and I never want to go back. Don’t make me!!

Okay, I know that all older single’s are not that way but the more I try to get involved with them, the more I see that they seem to have something against dating. I will explain this further at a later time but it’s a little bit frustrating. It is so obvious to me why they are not married. Well, not all of them of course because I am there too. I’m not trying to generalize, I am talking about the group that I was with the other day. They are boring people!! Also, I don’t feel real comfortable going to church with them either because the wards are ridiculously huge. The ‘other’ girl last night goes to the ward I was thinking of attending next. There are four relief societies in her ward. I don’t want to feel like a number somewhere. I want to feel a part of a close knit group, like I do know. I want to feel needed and accepted. I want to get to know people and help them to feel needed and accepted as well. How does that happen in such a large setting? I just don’t feel good about it at this time. Maybe later…

NUMBER NINE?? Well, a member of the stake presidency stopped by the house earlier to ask my dad if I would be interested in being set up. That’s kind of funny. Apparently he knows a guy. He is way super older than me which freaks me out a little but I know that I have to be open minded there too….especially since I like someone who is probably freaked out by my old age. Anyway, I totally trust this guy so we’ll see if it happens. I’ve noticed however, that 99% of people that say they are going to hook me up, don’t. It is a rare occurrence. There might be another possibility abroad (in Southern Utah) in a few weeks as well. So, stay tuned my friends, it’s not over yet. I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeve and this old girl will get her 40 dates and a husband yet!


PrincessKatie said...

Gosh may be if you wouldn't have cheated on the game they woud,l have been nicer. Just kidding haha I think its awesome what your friend said. She rocks! Love the posts

now you need to keep up with my blog since I do with yours...

Livin it up said...

Listen, if cheating makes things slightly more gotta do what you gotta do! Just kidding, but seriously, it would have been more fun if someone HAD tried to cheat or something. Thanks for your comments!! I will look at your blog again, I actually do from time to time!