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Thursday, August 5, 2010

He Made Me Smile

Date #9…tomorrow afternoon. I have plans in the evening with some cool girls so this guy had to take the afternoon slot. I will tell you about it after the fact because I don’t want to give anything away. Let me tell you about him for a minute though. I told you that I had been online again and waiting for something to happen there. I really am trying…promise! I’m trying to get these dates in any way possible, cause that’s the deal. Well, any decent and respectable way that is! So, I’ve been emailing this guy the last few days. He seemed normal enough. I do have a couple of concerns which have to do with my top ten. I will post those in a few. Despite this though, I think this is a good chance for practice for me and a good opportunity to just see what might happen or where this might go.

Previously, I have mentioned my discomfort with online dating. Have I made that clear yet? Haha! It just doesn’t seem to get any more comfortable with me. All day I have had this uneasy feeling. I get sort of sick thinking about it sometimes. Anyway, I’ve been worried about what to do with this guy. I knew that I did not want to continue writing him much longer without talking to him and meeting him, etc. So, today I gave him my phone number and tonight he called. Really quickly though, I have to finish the subject of my concerns before moving on to my phone call.

Not only is it unsettling for me to talk to a guy online without really knowing him, I also have a hard time concentrating on several. I have been writing a few guys actually (are ya proud??) this week and I finally just focused on this one because I liked him the best. I thought earlier that I wasn’t being very open minded though, and that I need to keep several doors open. Sometimes I honestly just struggle with having several guys talking to me because as I have just mentioned before, I just want ONE. It is so hard to explain my problem with that on here because who wouldn’t want 5 million guys giving her attention, right?? Now I just sound silly. Nonetheless, it’s just been weird for me. I think it’s partly due to my attachment for my friend which I need to sever. Anyway, I’m trying and I’m keeping my options open and as I was talking to him, something he said reminded me of The Bachelor/Bachelorette, so I just prettended that I was the Bachelorette and now I feel much better,  haha! I wrote another guy back today, despite his weird questions to me that seem endless. They kind of annoy me but other than that, he is a nice guy. So, who knows?

Okay, tonight though, Man #1 on my current online list, gave me a call. My phone kept cutting out eventually so I had to wander the street in front of my house for two hours while we chatted it up. He has a nice voice. Whew! The last online guy was out the window from the first second I heard his voice. Well, not to be judgmental, it’s just that he used that weird grandma voice cause he thought it would be funny, remember? But it wasn’t funny at all. It was disturbing! Anyway, this guy has a nice voice. Check.

Obviously we talked for quite a long time and I could tell I was making a good impression. Again, he was super nice and I like a lot of things about him so far, but some of his ideas and directions in life, may not be exactly where I’m headed. But still, I am willing to give it a shot for awhile to see if I feel any differently later. I’m trying to keep Alisa Goodwin Snell’s advice and give him a chance for a little while. We will see what happens. We planned to get together for tomorrow. Good, the waiting and fretting can be over with and finally, I will be making more progress toward my goal once again. The drought seems to be lifting.

Oh, you want to know why he made me smile? Okay then. Well, he was asking me if I had been in any relationships (I hate that question, can’t we just wait a little longer before asking it??) and of course I don’t have a great history there. This is always an awkward and touchy subject for me, I’m not gonna lie. He was nice about it though. But before I told him that he wondered (nicely) why I hadn’t gotten married yet. He said, “You are obviously a very pretty girl….” Oh wow, that was so nice to hear from a man! He hasn’t seen me in person yet though. BUT, I am generally not very photogenic either so maybe that’s a good thing. Anyway, it made me smile!

Finally, I mentioned my top ten things that I am looking for in a man quite some time ago. I said I would post it when I finished but then I lost my list! I finally found it recently however so I thought I would share. The top five are not negotiable! Here it is:

1. Puts God first in his life

2. Hard-working/driven

3. Family oriented

4. Respectful and gentlemanly

5. Good tempered.

6. Values education

7. Fun sense of humor

8. Likes travel and adventure

9. Into music and the arts

10. Attractive/Into health and fitness.

So, there you have it. That’s my husband in a list! Any thoughts?

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