People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gentleman #1

What started this crazy journey that I now find myself approaching?? Well, I went on a date last week with a really nice guy that I have had my sites set on for quite some time. This particular cutie is in my singles ward. Through months of encouragement from my friends, I finally got up the courage to ask him out. This was no easy feat for me and happened to be against my "no asking guys out" policy. I finally decided to throw that out the window however, and I told him that I thought he should hang out with me. He accepted and we planned for that Friday. Thursday morning though, he called me before I went to work, telling me that he got called into work for the weekend and asking if we could re-schedule. My hopes were pretty much shattered at that point because I knew there was no way that I could ask him again another time. To my surprise however, he asked me when would be a good time. We eventually settled on a day the next week.

I thought the date went really well. He was a real gentleman. He had offered to drive which I was secretly hoping he would! He came to my door to get me and continued his gentlemanly ways throughout the date, opening my doors for me and things like that. We had great converstation, we talked about everything, we laughed, we smiled, it seemed great! We went downtown to the California Pizza Kitchen, a favorite of mine. He had never been there but he loved it, or so he says. We shared a pizza, talked, and just enjoyed hanigin. It's a pretty busy place, full of people so the atmosphere is a lot of fun. Somehow we got on the subject of shopping...I think he asked if I had finished my Christmas shopping. Anyway, I told him that I like shopping for clothes and shoes (he asked!). He was kind of laughing at me and asked me how many pairs of shoes I had. He seemed impressed that it was under 25 but maybe I shouldn't have revealed that about me just yet?? On the other hand, I have known him for over a year and have been shooting with him, played football and volleyball with him, etc. It's not like all I ever do is go shopping or anything but that's who I am...I like it!

Well, after dinner, we headed over to the Clark Planetarium. It's kind of a cool place! We just looked around for awhile at the exhibits, played with the giant pinball machine, took some of the quizes, and browsed the gift shop looking at all the ridiculous but entertaining items for sale. Good times! Finally, it was time for our show to start. We saw, "Rock on Demand." Wow, just walking into the dome theater is pretty awesome. The screen is like the entire ceiling. It's a laser light show and this one starts with all of us in the audience voting for the songs we want to see from a pretty big list. They definitely had some great options, real classics in the world of Rock. As it turns out, the boy and I differed slightly in our opinions of some of these bands. He's not into the Beattles or U2?? Anyway, the show was pretty much amazing! It turned out to be quite spectacular. Afterward, I had no other plans and he didn't suggest anything else so, he took me home. He went the longest and slowest way home I might add and we continued to have great conversation and good times all the way home. It was a weeknight so I didn't think too much of getting home earlyish. Anyway, he walked me to my door, gave me a good hug and was on his way. I have not heard or seen from him since! He skipped the ward Christmas party and church the next day. I had emailed him the day after our date and I thought it was casual but just thanked him again for hangin out and told him I had a lot of fun. By Sunday, I was really starting to wonder where he was. I called him but he wasn't available and here we are, a week later and still...nothing!!

As usual, I was completely crushed! Well, I still am, but I decided to fight the feelings of hopelessness and self pity and pick myself up and try again. So, I'm here to do just that. To live my life and keep on trying, even in the face of constant rejection! There is someone out there for me, I know it! I have a lot to offer and someday, soon hopefully, someone will recognize this. So, here I am with challenge ahead of me with 39 guys to date. Wish me luck!!


Anonymous said...

your ticker up top says '1 man done' but I think it's supposed to say '1 man down'...

Livin it up said...

Oh thanks...I think that it will make more sense when it is 2. It would sound better as down though, I'll see if I can change it.