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Sunday, December 27, 2009


In situations such as I find myself currently in, I like to step back and reflect on who I am and what it is that I have to offer in a relationship. It has always been a practice of mine to make goals for myself and to be constantly involved in moving forward with my life, no matter my circumstances. I have served a mission, received bachelors and masters degrees, found success as a teacher, bought a house, traveled to 25 states and tried a lot of new things. Despite all of these accomplishments, I now find myself wondering, what now?? What else can I do to feel like my life is full of purpose and meaning rather than sitting around waiting for marriage to find me? I have recently re-evaluated and made some new goals for myself. As I continue this journey, I will frequently evaluate my goals and set new ones where needed. Some of these goals are in relation to interests that I have and some are areas that I feel need developing to make myself more attractive to the male population!

First, and I know this is generic and probably everyone's goal but still, I have been working hard to lose weight and get in shape. This year I have lost 45 pounds which I feel great about. I love exercising and being able to move around a lot easier and participate in sports without feeling so self-conscious. I also love shopping for new clothes...yeah!! Okay, despite all that, I still have about 38 pounds until my goal weight. Yep, I let myself get pretty outta shape last year but I'm taking care of it. My new motto is: Skinny by Summer! Yeah, everyone says that looks shouldn't matter but ya know what, I certainly am attracted to a man that looks good so I can't blame him for checkin out the way I look either. He just has to be able to get past my hot self and apprectiate the deeper part of me as well. So yeah...lose weight and be healthy, goal #one!

Next, I am working on something that is more of an interest for myself. I am a musician, a violinist in fact, and it is my goal/dream to get into a certain orchestra. Now that I have finished my masters degree, I have a whole lot more time on my hands. So, the goal here is just to get in shape on my violin again and audition for the orchestra. Playing in it would be such an amazing experience, at least for a while!

Goal number three, learn more about sports! I recently played in a volleyball tournament with the boys from my ward and we were HORRIBLE! It was embarrasing, really. A couple weeks later, I played football with them and it was there that I vowed to become better at sports and learn more about what they are all about. This is definitely not an area of expertise for me. I didn't grow up in a family of athletes that's for sure. As a result, I know nothing! I love to participate from time to time though, so I will get better so that I can actually be an asset to the team rather than whatever it is I am right now!

Okay, last goal for now has to do with church. Next year we are studying the Old Testament in Sunday School and every time we do this, I say that it's the year I will actually read the whole Old Testament. Yeah, that hasn't happened yet. really is the year, I promise! You will be amazed at my progress as I update on here. I usually try to read it with the study manuals and it's pretty long so this year, I am going to just try and read it. Maybe some other day I will try to understand it better...if that's possible?? Just kidding, I will try but I really do want to be able to read the entire thing.

So, there you have goals for now. I will keep you posted on my progress and you can kick my booty into shape when I'm slacking. Making goals keeps my mind off of my lack of success at dating and helps me feel like I am becoming more of the person I want to be and in turn, a person that others will want to be around!

P.S...the boy still didn't show up to church weird and not like him! It's pretty much killing me cause I just want things back to normal. So glad for this blog and my goals to keep me distracted!!

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