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Thursday, December 29, 2011

#20: The Music Man

The best thing about this date is that now my numbers are even and soon I will have less men “to go” than “men done.” Once again, I don’t even know where to begin. Well, I met the Music Man at a game night a few weeks ago. He found out I teach music and was unusually excited about it since he himself writes and records music. He got my number, should he ever need a violinist to help him record. I was friendly and quite obliging that night. Two days later, he gave me a call. He wanted to say hi but also didn’t want too much time to pass before he asked me out. Since it was the week of Christmas and quite busy for the both of us, he promised to call me on Monday evening, Boxing Day, and set up a date for sometime this week.

Monday came and went and no word from any men. I was a little frustrated because I like it when people say they are going to do something and then they do it. I don’t know…I’m just weird that way. I was also getting quite scheduled up for the week so I wanted to make sure I had some options since I had already committed to going out with him. Anyway, Tuesday night he finally made the call. When the conversation was over I was glad the date was set up, that it was just a lunch date, and that the conversation was in fact over. He started talking shop on me and to be honest, I’m just not into that sort of talk. Sure, I’m a musician….but I never felt like I really fit with the musician crowd if ya know what I mean. Well, I always had cool friends but I just don’t get pleasure in sitting around talking about music theory which to be quite honest, was a painful subject for me in school. I couldn’t wait to be rid of it.

Well, the date was set for today in the noon hour. We chose a fabulous Thai restaurant that we had both been to previously so I was really excited for the food! When he arrived at me house only one minute late, he called me to let me know he was there. Nice. I went out to meet him where he at least got out to open my door.
Now normally I enjoy a good safe driver. He commented that many people call him an old man when it comes to driving. It really did take FOREVER to get to the pre-appointed destination. I was glad to finally arrive because for one, I really had to use the facility and for two, I was hungry! Thankfully these Asians know how to serve it up quick and the food was just as good as I remembered it to be last time I was there with a date. 

To be honest, I don’t think I was fair to the man. I just wasn’t feeling it and I couldn’t quite get my energy in a positive state to really be there. I was wishing it was someone else. And, most of the conversation consisted of things I found ridiculous. Enough with the theory already!! I love music! I enjoy making music through voice and instrument. I love listening to it in all forms! I don’t want to write it and I don’t want to analyze it. I was trying so hard not to yawn several times. Poor guy! He talked of hanging out with me in the future and I had such a hard time coming up with a neutral reply! 

At last, lunch finally ended and we headed home…only in the wrong direction. He turned the only way he could down State Street but he didn’t realize (or ignored) that he was going the wrong way for several blocks. He missed MANY opportunities for a U-turn…believe me! Finally he got us heading in the right direction on the ever so long journey home. 

On that long journey home he talked about how he likes to be calm. He’s not much for an adrenaline rush. Oh sad day! I like myself a good adrenaline rush from time to time! I think he was slightly horrified at my declaration of this and some of the experiences I’ve had. I need excitement in my life from time to time though!! It’s an amazing feeling to accomplish something you think you can’t do…or something that you are afraid of. They do wonders for who you are and what you feel you can do in your future. Everyone needs a good adrenaline rush from time to time! Okay, maybe not but I do and I don’t want to sit quietly through life moving slowly, speaking low, hiding out, and staying calm. I like freaking out from time to time. I like to switch it up and jump on the bed if I feel like it, skip down the street if I’m in the mood, sing out in the open, laugh a good belly laugh, run around, jump up and down, jump off cliffs, fly behind boats, climb mountains, etc. It’s a huge part of me. In fact, my best friend gave me a new motto for life the other day. It’s going to be, “defy yourself.” How great is that? Defy yourself Mr. Music Man…you might actually like it!:)

Is it any surprise that when he dropped me off he didn't walk me to the door? I was kind of relieved because door scenes are awkward enough at night in the dark, but in midday? Besides, I was ready to bolt the vehicle and pray for a long absence from this music man. 

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