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Friday, December 23, 2011

Mr. Manly #19

Where to begin? That’s always the hard part. Should we start with the eyes? Yes, the eyes. Those beautiful pools of blue like lakes of glass, mesmerizing and hard to turn away from. Okay so he had nice eyes. Beautiful manly eyes! He was definitely not disappointing in the looks department. Anyway, I’m embarrassed (only slightly) to admit what the plan for the night was. The other day he asked me if I was free yesterday or today because he wanted to see the lights of temple square, a beautiful tradition here this time of year! I went recently but would have been happy to go with him if I had had time. Unfortunately however, I was performing in a choir that held two concerts last night, and two tonight. Don’t get me wrong, I was actually really excited about said performances, just wished that he had some time off at the same time as me. He has a crazy work schedule you see because he flies planes and has to travel the world daily, or at least the US and Canada. But anyway, back to the story at hand. 

As a result of Mr. Manly Pilot #19’s schedule, he would not have any more time off before Christmas. I’ve been kind of dying to meet him in person so that I can feel okay about liking him. It’s just easier to tell what a person is like in person. So, I had a few extra tickets to my concert tonight and I randomly invited him to come. Weird huh!! What a dork! For some reason I felt really comfortable doing that though. I feel like I know him pretty well…even though I really don’t! He seemed excited about it actually and offered to take me out for hot chocolate afterward…how nice! So, I met him in the lobby tonight, just before my concert. My other friend showed up around the same time and I gave her some tickets as well. I mention her because she had no idea who he was or what he was doing there. I just introduced them. After we parted she texted me and was like, “okay, he is hot…details please.” So, I’m not just saying that he was good looking…she is a way cool girl and hangs out in the popular crowd, haha. But besides his looks, he was really friendly, greeted me with a hug, though also a little shy. I felt bad because I had a lot of friends around at the time who are also like family to me. Actually Mr. Keeper from last year met him but wasn’t super friendly…surprise, surprise. I don’t really care though. 

Okay so, the concert went really well and afterward he seemed really pleased. He was quite complementary. I brought some jeans to change into because the shoes I was in and the nylons were not gonna fly any longer than they had to! So he came with me back to the secret room backstage where we kept all of our things. I grabbed my stuff and made him wait outside the bathroom while I changed. When I came out he was talking to this old man and I walked right out and kind of loudly and relieved sounding I said, “Ahh, I feel sooo much better!!” Then I realized as we were walking away that that is probably not the best thing to say when coming out of a BATHROOM!! Haha. No wonder the old man kind of laughed at me. I was talking about my clothing change! Still…we laughed about it which was good. 

We chatted it up on the forever long walk to his car in the snow! It was fairly easy to talk to him so the walk wasn’t so bad. We arrived at his car and he opened the door for me and turned on the heater while he scraped the windows. Then we headed out in search of a Starbucks for some nice hot chocolate but were unsuccessful at first. I remembered that there was one at “The Gateway” so we headed in that direction next. We arrived just as they closed. He decided that maybe we should go somewhere that was 24 hours, like IHOP. That I knew the location of and it was right on the way to my house so we left in that direction.
We talked about many things and it was just comfortable. The hot chocolate was extra sweet but needed on a cold night. I was glad to learn of his shared love for the wonderful drink! After drinking a whole lot of water and hot chocolate, my extra tiny bladder couldn’t take it anymore and I had to use the restroom. I was careful what I said when I came out this time though! The problem is that my bladder really is super small and I have issues that I am happy to share on this public website but not with him apparently. I don’t really know what my issues are other than that sometimes I literally have to pee like every 5 minutes. So, this situation was no exception. Almost immediately after arriving back at the table, I seriously had to go again. It was pretty painful! I didn’t want to admit it however so I just put my coat on and he asked if I was about ready to go. I answered in the affirmative and we headed out.

At my house we lingered in the car and I was beginning to think he wasn’t going to walk me to the door so I opened the car door and started to get out. Then he offered to walk me up and followed through with it as well. We lingered at my steps a bit but I kept moving closer to the door because I was really, really dying. Seriously, you have never known such pain! I had to pee like none other! It’s really all I could think about. Still didn’t want to admit it however but he finally gave me an awesome hug and headed for his car. We continued talked as he moved toward his car and I toward the door. There was talk of a future such occurrence and I reminded him jokingly that he still owed me a $7 dinner. Long story, maybe I will explain it sometime. Probably not though. Just know that it made sense to him and he laughed and took off. 

It was easy for me to be with Mr. Manly. I am not sure what I think yet but I am certainly willing to give him more time. In fact, I am really hoping for it. As I finish this post it has actually been a couple of days. He emailed this morning from Nebraska and I was a happy girl! It’s good to hear from someone again after the first initial meeting. Well, that is if you want to hear from them. I began to worry that he didn’t like me. I can see that he did…at least enough…and that things will continue to play out however they are supposed to. I’m excited to see just what that will be but for now, I’m good with the journey.


Mariel said...

Whoo! I love that story! He even emailed after?? Nice. I'm waiting for an update!

Livin it up said...

:) Yep! I hadn't heard from him in a few days until just now. He sent me a short note but was on his way to work again. Apparently he is flying all over the place today so he said he'd write more tomorrow. :/ Meanwhile, the other guy was supposed to call me last night but didn't. We were going to go out this week. Ugh, I hate waiting for guys. Good thing I have a life and a billion other things going on anyway! I'll keep you in the know though! :)

Growing Up Skye said...

He sounds like a good guy! I hope you get to go out again and at least get the chance to get to know him a little better! I'm looking forward to more updates, too!