People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mr. Patient #40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe the day has finally arrived??! I wish there was a big flashy blinking sign to announce the title to this post. Maybe by the time it really counts when I have even bigger news I will learn how to accomplish that. For now however, I made it through 40 men! It took about 2 ½ years but I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of dating. I now date several times a week, which is what I was hoping to do in the beginning. Now however, I’m hoping to cut back a little. It’s great to be in practice but some things don’t really need practice anymore. I’ve met some really nice guys. I’ve met some real jerks. I’ve seen a little crazy, and sometimes not all the way there. And I’m sure at the same time, I’ve been just about all of those to the men I have met. It’s the dating game. 

While I was really hoping to meet Mr. Right in 40 guys, it just didn’t happen. I am well beyond 40 and still not seeing him in the foreseeable future. Guess what though? I’m still living and loving life!! Geez, I just spent a month in Europe!! How cool is it that I had the opportunity to do that? I felt very blessed and look forward to the many more opportunities that I will create in my life whether single, married, with child, or without. I am a beautiful, accomplished person and exactly who God wants me to be! Well, I could probably do a little better on the last one but I know that my marital status is not hopeless and left to chance. Things will still work out in their own time. Oh…and guess what! I just had a birthday so I am now the 33 year single female living it up in Utah! Life is good. 

Well, let me tell you about number 40, and 41-43. Remember when I said that sometimes you are surprised in a good way when you meet people in person? I always try to leave a little bit to chance when it comes to that. For example, Mr. Patient #40 was nowhere near the top of my list of men I wanted to meet from online. I wasn’t really attracted to him but I thought that he might have potential. Also, he was nice so I continued to humor him from time to time online. We’ve written back and forth for quite some time…not sure how long. Finally, we decided to meet up last week. He chose a restaurant for dinner and I agreed to meet him there at the appointed time.

This date took place fairly soon after my arrival back to the States and I was still catching up with people. This happened to be the case the night of my date with Mr. Patient and I ended up being a little late to the date…like 30 mins late! Yikes!! How rude of me! I felt SO bad because I am not usually a late person! If I were him I would have been so annoyed!! I let him know as I was coming though and he was very patient and kind. When I pulled up to the restaurant I was not amused however! It was in a super sketchy neighborhood and I wondered where they heck he was taking me! The place: Pat’s BBQ. I walked inside and found him patiently waiting. He had already decided what to order and I just took his suggestion so as not to waste time on the menu. 

When I first arrived I noticed that I was pleasantly surprised at Mr. Patient and gave myself a little pat on the back for giving the man a shot in person. This was definitely one of those cases…he wasn’t so bad after all. We sat out back on a picnic table which was uncomfortable but the atmosphere was actually kind of fun…once you got inside the restaurant. He chose the place because he had been there once before at the recommendation of Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I thought it was very cool that he brought me there! How fun that it had been on t.v. and recommended. It was pretty dang good too! So, if you decide to go, don’t be fooled by the neighborhood…give it a shot cause as we all know, looks can be deceiving sometimes.

I really enjoyed my time with Mr. Patient. He was nice, and pleasant to be with. It also turned out that we had something in common. We both served a mission for our church in Toronto, Ontario Canada. It was the same exact mission in fact, and we served in several of the same areas! That was a fun area of conversation. The evening turned out well and when we finished he gave me a hug and sent  me on my way.
The next day I still felt really bad for leaving some one waiting for me, especially a super nice, good guy! So, I texted him and apologized again and wished him a great day! He was very accepting and nice and said that we should get together again. I agreed but his schedule with work is pretty crazy over the next couple of weeks so I’m not sure when or if that is actually going to happen. Still, after my next few dates, it helps to think back on Mr. Patient with hope for the future and hope in men which I am quickly losing!

The next few dates aren’t really worth mentioning. We didn’t do much. I traveled to a small town for one and the guy was nice but it’s not going anywhere. I feel once again that most guys just want to make out. I thought that when I got online, do you remember? I was discouraged even then. Now, somehow I have found myself in that trap and I just don’t want to be in it anymore. I like kissing boys but it doesn’t really mean much if you don’t care about them. Also, that’s not the girl I want to be or the kind of man I want to marry so I have decided to be a lot more picky again and sort out the losers before meeting them! I had a text conversation with a guy today about it actually. I let him know up front that I am not interested in that at all. He said he was glad I had morals and I smiled because that’s the kind of girl I want to be known as! I’m sick this weekend and had to cancel a couple of dates but I might have a meet up tomorrow night that may surprise you!!

Thanks again for all of your support and awesome comments. I’m just gonna keep on going with this so please feel free to comment and follow me whether I know you or not! I love knowing that people are reading and I feel so supported by you! It helps keep me going!!


Growing Up Skye said...

Yep, keep writing, and I'll keep reading. I love it! And this month is kind of crazy, but how does October sound for a hike? If it's good for you, let's plan a day!

Anonymous said...

I'll still stalk, I mean follow you. These blog posts are so entertaining. I feel like I really get to know you. I want to get to know you better. Maybe someday I'll have the courage to stop being an anonymous poster and we can meet up for an unforgetable evening. TTFN.