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Thursday, September 27, 2012

That Time of the Month..

No...not THAT time! I can't believe you thought I'd post about that! It's actually my turn to post on the awesome blog, "Or So She Says," so feel free to check me out over there in the morning (Friday). I will be there on the fourth Friday of every month. This month I was needing a little self pep talk so I decided to give one to everyone. I guess I've just been a little down on myself lately after coming home from Europe and off of that high, to Mr. Man's awesome disappearance from my life and the usual struggles that come with dating. I've met a lot of great people and had some really fun times. I've also had to break a few hearts which is almost as hard as getting your own broken...and when you have both happening at the same time, wow! It's difficult! I've learned from this process however, that it is best just to be honest. I HATE it when guys just leave me hanging and one day decide they are done and I never hear from them again. I hate it especially when we've been dating for a few months and talking to each other every day. As a result, I never want to leave someone else hanging the same way so I am honest in the nicest way possible. It's so hard but I think it's been good for me at the same time, because I am opening up and being more bold and I'm also narrowing down what I can and cannot live without., so fun! A few weeks ago I ran a 5k to help a friend who can't have children. It was called "Footsteps for Fertility." One lucky couple won a drawing for a free IVF treatment. A speaker there who had had fertility issues said that it was important for all of the couples to come to a point where they realized that their spouse was enough. That no matter what happened, they had their spouse and that was enough. I was a little sad because I had neither but then I thought, no, those of us in my situation need to realize that "I" am enough. I have me and I am matter what happens. We all would much rather have someone and my friend would like a baby (well, me too) but life is better when we accept our circumstances and love ourselves no matter what. Read more about how to do that by clicking on the link above or on the sidebar to your left.

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