People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Monday, August 27, 2012

24 Hours: Three Dates

I’ve always wanted to go on at least two dates in one day. I don’t know why, I just want player status for a day or something. It always seemed like a fairly legit desire. Last week the opportunity finally presented itself. I had a date scheduled for Thursday evening with a slightly younger man that I met on the internet last week. Since I just returned home from an amazing month in Europe, where I consumed a life time’s worth of ice cream, he decided that he would take me out for gelato and ease the withdraws I was having upon my return.

Before heading out the door, or even getting ready for said date, I was online browsing for more men. The day I signed up for this particular dating website back in April there was a man that started up a chat with me. He wanted to see more pictures of me so he added me on facebook. I didn’t really hear much from him since then so I assumed he wasn’t very impressed. Also, after looking more closely at his profile, I wasn’t too interested either. Still, I see his facebook updates from time to time and wonder why he didn’t just delete me. You probably wonder the same about me right? Well, I thought many times about deleting him but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. So, the other night as I was browsing before my date, Mr. Confident started up a chat with me. He said, “You’re back!!” He had recently “liked” a few of my pictures on the old fb so I knew that he had been paying attention. He asked about my trip. We got to talking and I told him I had a date that night. He told me I should meet up with him after…so I did…because there was my opportunity!

So, first of all I quickly got ready and met up with Sweet Guy # 37 at a gelato establishment downtown.  As soon as I walked in, it took me right back to my gluttonous days in Austria where I consumed at least a cone a day. It looked delightful. As for my date well, he didn’t look quite as delightful. It was one of those situations where I was hoping that real life might improve his looks. I like to give people a chance if I think there is any hope because I am not the most photogenic person around! Anyway, I wasn’t super attracted to the man…or attracted at all…but he was really friendly and gentlemanly so we sat and ate our ice cream and chatted for awhile. It was a pleasant evening and the dessert was amazing, but I don’t think it will be repeated. 

As soon as I left the gelato shop, I texted Mr. Confident #38 to let him know I was on my way. He lived down in Provo so I had a little bit of a drive ahead of me. On the drive, another guy I had met online (but not in person yet) decided to give me a call. He was super nice and it was great to have company on the drive. We are planning a date soon. 

Back at Mr. Confident’s house, he had been putting his kids to bed and awaiting my arrival for a little movie night. While in London I missed my opportunity to kiss a random stranger so I decided that this was my night to make up for that as well as to finally get two dates in one day. Apparently it also wasn’t my best night for improving and being a good person. Still, sometimes you are over 30 and you just want a little lovin’! Also, sometimes you are a little upset over being rejected and…you want a little lovin’ as well as some validation. Silly, I know. I should be above that! Still, I went for it. We put on a movie, “Iron Man 2” which looked kind of interesting but I didn’t see the first one and I never finished that one. I wasn’t the most attracted to him either to be honest but that’s mostly because he was kind of small. I felt really big next to him which is never my favorite. He was good looking otherwise though. 

In person he was a lot nicer than I thought he was going to be. He was also fairly respectful which I totally appreciate since I was being dumb. In some ways I felt like I had known him for a long time though and I was also comforted slightly that his kiddos were there. It was kind of a lame night but fun at the same time, haha. I don’t think I will see him again but it was fun to have a second date in one night and to kiss a random stranger…even though I’ve kissed other guys on the first date, just not so quickly. At the same time, I know that if I am seriously pursuing for marriage purposes, I don’t want to be that girl and I want a guy who will want to get to know me a little first…

Moving on though! The date I was most excited about happened the next afternoon. While in Austria I had lost hope in ever hearing from Mr. Man again (still a VERY sore subject :-( ) so I decided to browse on. I found a guy who had checked me out that had served a mission in France. I decided to send him a message since I had just been there. His profile also said that he wasn’t looking for a serious relationship right now. He is divorced and also recently got out of a serious relationship. I was kind of glad because I was feeling WAY too hurt to even think about putting myself in that situation again! I guess that partly explains (though I shouldn’t make excuses) my current actions. Anyway, I wrote a friendly note thinking that if he wrote back, we would just be friends. He did write back and we continued to communicate quite frequently. He gave me his number and as soon as I got back to the USA we started texting. 

It seemed that Mr. Burned and I had a very similar sense of humor. I don’t know what got us going but we laughed a lot and had some very witty text messages going. It wasn’t long before I had him so hooked he just couldn’t wait to meet me. He told me that several times and that he thought I was pretty, etc. He didn’t want to think all of that either and he let me know. We talked about our current single situations and just decided to see what happened. 

Last Friday he decided to make the 2 ½ hour drive just to see me. We met up and went to see the movie, “The Bourne Legacy.” I was a little disappointed at our meeting. I honestly just wasn’t feeling the same connection. I know we both were guarded but still, he just doesn’t seem like someone that I would end up with at all. We both were a lot more quiet than usual…even when the movie wasn’t playing. The movie itself was long and it reminded me of Mr. Man which just made me sad! Afterward we walked around City Creek (the new mall in town) and then went our separate ways. He told me to let him know when I was coming up that way. He shook my hand before we left which in some ways was weird but kind of nice after the night before. 

Since the big date, I haven’t really heard much from any of these guys. Mr. Burned and I still play Words with Friends but he hardly responds if I text him. I guess he wasn’t feeling it either. I have a date tonight though, and two more scheduled for the week, and two more guys trying to schedule. Tonight will put me at 40 so I guess I didn’t find Mr. Right within 40 but you can’t say I didn’t try!! I am going to keep on going until I find that man and then give him a whole lot of crap for hiding out for so dang long and putting me through all of this!!!


Growing Up Skye said...

I loved this post! You are awesome.

Livin it up said...

Thanks Tacy! :)