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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Numba Two!

No you sickos, this post is NOT about the bathroom! While it may have some references to such, it is actually about date number two with Mr. Manly the Pilot! We finally met once again in the flesh last night. He recently invited me out to his house to make dinner and watch a movie. After talking to him and getting to know him a little better over the last couple of months, I was excited to see his place of dwelling because you learn a lot about a person that way. My journey there seemed long and endless but I finally arrived and he was there to greet me at the door.

I knew that after working all day, I would be pretty hungry by the time I got to his place so I just prepared some chicken enchiladas in advance and threw them in his oven when I got there. That worked out nicely because we then had some time to just chill and see his house. He took me out to the garage to show me his most prized possessions first. There he keeps his sweet dirt bike. Wow, the thing was HUGE! Bigger than me for sure. That being the case, I probably shouldn’t have tried to get on it with my already sore body due to a beating I took snow boarding the other day, but that’s another post for another day. The point is that I may have pulled something and could hardly move the rest of the night but I didn’t cry in front of him. I put on my brave face, entered the bike from the other side, and then called it good. Good, good times.

After the garage we toured the living room with its two pianos! He played for me at my request and it was kind of cool, since I’m a musician and all. Then he took me down stairs, the location of the big screen where we would watch our movie, and also his bedroom with his computer and such. We watched a few motor-cross type of videos that he likes and then decided we should probably check on dinner. At some point the timer had apparently gone off. It did not seem like that long AT ALL so I was glad they hadn’t burnt or anything! The meal turned out pretty deliciously although, it probably wasn’t my best. I brought chips and some home-made guacamole. It was my first attempt and to be honest, it wasn’t a great one. I’ve definitely had better ideas. Seriously, I brought all sorts of onions and garlic. Nice. All of the smelly stuff all at once. Well, hopefully I didn’t send the wrong message.

When we were fully satisfied with our meal it seemed a good time to head back down stairs for the movie. We loaded it up and got comfy on the couch. It was kind of cold down there! Thankfully he was warm and sat real close. Still, I had to get some blankets soon. I get cold so easily these days. I wasn’t too worried about it though, that’s what guys are for right? To keep you warm? I don’t think he quite caught on to that unfortunately though. Anyway, we watched “Thor” because I had seen it recently and suggested it to him. I liked it. He liked it too. Before it started he asked me if he was going to be morally corrupted by watching this movie. He laughed of course and so did I. It is a really clean movie actually. One of the things I really liked about it.

Now, about that bathroom talk I promised. I believe that I have before mentioned my tiny, tiny bladder as if you care. Well, yesterday just happened to be another one of THOSE days. Before the movie started I had take care of that. Then only once during the movie…how nice. At that point I had a little pee fright because he was like barely on the other side of the door from me and I didn’t want him to hear me going but I knew he could. So then I was trying to be really quiet and it took forever. When I went to stand up I totally hit my head on a shelf and may have made a sound. Anyway, later after the movie was over I only had to go like one more time. Seriously, it’s embarrassing, that’s all. He didn’t have to go at all. Maybe he doesn’t have a bladder. Maybe he has a bag. Anyway, I definitely have one and it works more often than I’d like it to.

Well, I bet you are glad I shared that little gem of a paragraph. After the movie we hung out in his room a little more and finished our Moto 3 video, chatted it up, explored some other objects in the room, looked at some other things online, and then headed upstairs for some brownies and ice cream. He provided the dessert. It was great! We talked some more. I played piano for him and he guessed a lot of the songs I was playing. I was impressed! Then I decided it was time to head home. He offered to walk me to my car and he did. Outside it was perfectly still and beautiful. It had just rained and the world was quiet, clean, fresh, and peaceful. I put my stuff in the car, chatted with him a little more and then he gave me a good squeezer and I took off.

Before leaving his house he asked me a couple of times to text him when I got home so that he knew I made it safely. I thought that was super sweet. In fact, as I was driving home on the good old I-15, a huge deer decided to share my lane with me. Thankfully I saw it quite in advance and slowed considerably. I also changed lanes; it decided to follow. I swerved ever so slightly into the next lane where another car was coming but we didn’t hit or anything. Thankfully I did indeed make it home safely and was happy to report so to the man. He replied that it was awesome I made it safely and he would talk to me soon. I guess we will have to wait and see what exactly that means this time around. I think it went well though. 


Mariel said...

Sounds like a fun date to me! Keep up posted!

Livin it up said...

Will do my friend! And it was. :)

Anonymous said...

where's the hunk live? he sounds so adoreable. if it doesn't work out for you let me know ;)

Livin it up said...

On a good day he lives about 30 minutes from me. I passed two accidents before I ever hit the I-15 on the way there though...hence the forever long trip. Adorable is a good word for him. :) Keep reading and you and I will both find out how this plays out.

I have also finally secured a date with Mr. Yoga Man this coming week as well so everybody stay tuned!! :)

renodiva said...

So glad he finally smartened (is that a real word?)up and asked you out. Any chance you have a pic you can send me? I'd love to see;)

Growing Up Skye said...

I've totally been stalking your blog like several times a day lately to see if there was anything new yet, so yay! He sounds really cool so I hope he stays in touch with you. But I'm also interested in Mr. Yoga Man since Lance and I are yoga fanatics ourselves! I can't wait to read more and see what happens!

Livin it up said...

Heather-done. Tacy, thanks! I hope so too and I will let you know how it goes with the yoga man soon!