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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Thought He'd Never Ask!

Remember Mr. Manly Pilot #19? Yeah, me too. Remember how last time I posted about him I had pretty much given all hope of ever seeing him again? Yes, that was the case. Then, a couple of days later I FINALLY heard from him again. Still, I was somewhat skeptical since it had been awhile. He apologized and told me that his grandma had fallen and broken part of her pelvis and part of her femur. Ouch! Between that and being gone for work he apparently hadn’t gotten back to me. He does live close to his grandma and his parents are currently on a mission in a far away country so he was the only family nearby to take care of her. That’s fine. I get that. Still, I felt somewhat shafted.

The same day that he decided to make an appearance in my life again, he also added me on Facebook and wrote me a good update about his life. Since then, I have heard from him in some form or another almost every day. We’ve chatted on Facebook several times for awhile and he’s written emails and commented on my wall, etc. He seems to be making a slight bit more effort. I also must added that the weekend he wrote again, he also told me that we should go get that dinner we talked about soon. He said that his schedule was crazy but if I would bear with him we could figure out a time. I agreed and have been waiting ever since. The other night we finally decided that next week would be best for both of us. So, I think we will go to dinner and then we are going to watch a movie at his house. I’m excited to see where he lives and mostly to see his face again. 

The phone does not seem to be his forte. However, he has actually texted me two nights in a row…amazing! One of those even contained a small text conversation! Seriously, that is big for him. I’ve told him before that it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he called but he hasn’t. I don’t know why. It makes me wonder though. At the same time he NEVER puts that he is online on the old FB but a couple of times I have messaged him while he was on and he went online so that we could chat. The last couple of nights were because we were texting first and it was easier to chat on there. Anyway, the point is that I’m trying to be pretty cautious because I don’t know what to think about all of this. Many signs point to him just not being that interested right? I sometimes feel like I am on his “B” list and I want to be on the “A” list. At the same time things have been pretty good lately. Sooo, I’m just trying to keep my options open while trying to figure him out at the same time. I hope next week goes well…

Since I’m keeping all doors open for the time being, there is another guy. We will call him the Yoga Man. Weird I know but there is a reason for all of my craziness. I met him online also. He contacted me first and we have slowly begun to chat. He seems really fun! In fact, there is a picture of him standing on one foot on one of those big red balls outside of Target. The caption reads something about his love of yoga. I commented that I thought it was a real yoga ball at first and that I was impressed. I also shared the good times my family and I have had competing against each other so see who could sit cross-legged on the ball for the longest time. He replied that we should have a yoga ball battle some time, or at least get some hot chocolate. I agreed. And I almost asked him if he had two balls. My bad. Thankfully I caught myself first.

Mr. Yoga Man then did not write or call me for a week! Finally, on Friday night he texted me and said he had been deathly ill all week! We had a good text conversation, he told me we should go snow boarding because he is a big fan and I’ve only been once, and that was that. It’s been a few days and again, I haven’t really heard from him. I’m sure he will make good on at least one of his offers soon though. 

Meanwhile, another guy from Nebraska just started writing me on the old internet dating site. He seems nice. Doesn’t really seem much like my type but I figured that he was in Nebraska so it would be okay to talk to him. He just asked if he could call me. I don’t really know how to reply. I guess I can give it a shot?? Why not right? The other guys are taking for granted my awesomeness and I kind of need someone who wants to be with me! And maybe they do, who knows. They’re guys and I still don’t understand their time frame of their way of thinking! That’s my big man update though! I’m going to a sweet party up North this weekend where there will be skiing, hotsprings, snow mobiling, games, movies, tons of people, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and much, much more. Can’t wait!


Krissa said...

oh this is a good update!!!
it sounds like mr. pilot is interested and is trying..especially when you know how he has a hard time with texting and stuff he is still trying.. so that is good...i cant wait for next week! i hope it goes well...and Mr Yoga sounds pretty cool too..
i totally know what you mean... i DO NOT understand guys minds sometimes... i dont even know where to begin with my guy... its frustrating.. but i have been emailing a guy online too and he asked for my number to chat...why cant guys just text..i am so not a phone talker.. haha... oh well..we will see...
it would be SO much easier if guys would just realize how darn awesome we are... right?!!? ugh... boys need to get there stuff together!!!!

Growing Up Skye said...

Your last post gave me a good laugh--though I'm sure it wasn't funny while it was all happening to you! But I'm glad there have been some good experiences with some normal guys, too! I hope you have a fun weekend. Oh, and the honest truth from someone who lives every day with a guy is that guys don't have a sense of time, just so you know! It's one of those differences between men and women--one of the annoying and frustrating differences! And that's just the way it goes!

Mariel said...

Ah, Teresa. You're the best! Sounds like you have plenty of action, you just need something to pan out, right?!? My little sister just started online dating, and it's been fun to get the scoop on all her little text conversations, and first dates. I think it's a great place to meet people! Kinda like the Nebraska guy, she is chatting with a guy in New Mexico. Bummer is that she thinks he is her favorite! I guess that's a downside, sometimes...distance. I love your attitude, very inspiring. I'm anxious to hear about your pilot date. :)

Livin it up said...

Thanks ladies! Tomorrow is the big day! :) Haha. I told him I was excited to see him. He said he was excited to see me too...with an exclamation point, haha! It's been getting better and better. I feel like I might even be somewhere close to that "A" list. We will see if I make the team yet. :)